20 Best Work from Home IT Jobs You Can Make a Career In

Work from Home IT Jobs
You can find lucrative and exciting IT jobs you can do from home.

20 Best Work from Home IT Jobs You Can Make a Career In

This post provides some of the best IT jobs you can do from home and build a profitable career.

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IT professionals help organizations with their digital infrastructure and help out with troubleshooting.

Now more than ever, information technology is in high demand, to help companies keep up with technological advancement and security procedures.

You could consider a career in IT if you’re interested in grooming your problem-solving and programming skills.

20 Best Work from Home IT Jobs You Can Make a Career In

Here are some of the best work-from-home jobs in the information technology field for you to consider:

  1. Technical Support Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Data Engineering Manager
  4. Documentation and UX Writer
  5. Cybersecurity Technical Writer
  6. Engineering Manager
  7. Community Support Engineer
  8. Security Manager
  9. Implementation Strategist
  10. Principal Technical Mentor
  11. Content Engineer
  12. WordPress Support
  13. Information Security Engineer
  14. Technical Support Specialist
  15. Network Engineer
  16. Front End Developer
  17. Full-stack Engineer
  18. Infrastructure Engineer
  19. Rails Engineer
  20. Web Application Developer.
  1. Technical Support Engineer

The job of a technical support engineer is to directly communicate with customers through the support center.

It involves working on improving processes, conducting touch points regularly with product and service teams, and helping both existing and new customers get acquainted with the company’s product.

You will require great communication skills, both in speaking and writing to work in the technical support engineering role.

  1. Data Scientist

The data scientist is responsible for engaging with key stakeholders and product managers across various departments to measure, track, and identify KPIs, designing and executing experiments for data-driven decisions.

You should be good with data analytics and have experience with designing experiments.

  1. Data Engineering Manager

The data engineering manager hires, coaches, and manages the team. He/she implements the best data warehousing practices; defines the team’s success criteria, direction, and implementation, and priorities.

  1. Documentation and UX Writer

This job involves handling the product language in a way that comes across as thoughtful and friendly to users; managing help system content and creating application labels.

You should be an excellent communicator and have some experience with information organization to be hired for this job.

  1. Cybersecurity Technical Writer

This job involves writing, editing, and reviewing the approval and publication concerning policy; and developing policies related to cybersecurity, directives, and process documentation, and standards.

A Bachelor’s degree along with a few years of experience is requiredto work as a cybersecurity technical writer.

  1. Engineering Manager

The engineering manager handles communication and collaboration with other managers in engineering and product management, helping out with the planning and execution of the agile process.

To be hired for this position, you will need a few years of experience in engineering management.

  1. Community Support Engineer

This involves helping users out with company products, creating support articles to address potential or existing customer questions, solving the problems of customers, and generally creating an unforgettable experience for the customers.

  1. Security Manager

The security manager’s job is to strategize, plan, and improve security technologies and processes. They deliver penetration assignments and vulnerability audits, and create and maintain security policies and standards.

  1. Implementation Strategist

The implementation strategist helps customers to complete implementations by ensuring they smash their goals; they lead customers through great and successful launches.

  1. Principal Technical Mentor

This job involves taking responsibility for teaching students, helping struggling students through their challenges, and contributing to and maintaining resources for instruction staff for supporting students.

  1. Content Engineer

The content engineer configures and integrates DML Components into the application environments, optimizes authoring experience, and supports structured authoring, as well as educates clients on how valuable intelligent content is.

You will need to have some experience working with XML, CCMS, and XSD to succeed on the content engineering job.

  1. WordPress Support

This job involves working on WordPress projects, supporting customers, helping out with WordPress questions, and being available in WordPress forums.

You should be familiar with WordPress.

  1. Information Security Engineer

The information security manager handles users, data, systems, and computer networks.

They create and implement security measures to protect sensitive systems and data from cyber-attacks and infiltration.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and experience in a relevant security field.

  1. Technical Support Specialist

This position involves helping customers out, solving product-based bugs and problems, and managing all customer inquiries.

All of this is done in a helpful, respectful, and friendly manner.

  1. Network Engineer

The network engineer collaborates with the team to design and implement network architecture, build new locations or improve existing infrastructure.

The network engineer also improves service quality and troubleshoots production issues.

  1. Front End Developer

This position involves working in an agile team that is cross-functional, refactoring the angular to react, and collaborate with the product design team to maintain and improve products.

  1. Full-stack Engineer

The full-stack engineer helps in the expansion of company platforms. Requirements include strong communication skills and impressive ability to follow-through.

  1. Infrastructure Engineer

The infrastructure engineer designs, implements, and maintains supporting systems; assesses risks and vulnerabilities, develops platform infrastructure, and educates users on standard methodologies and related policies.

  1. Rails Engineer

The rails engineer works along with other engineers to develop API services and endpoints; writes code, develops tests, and debugs and communicates architecture decisions to other developers.

  1. Web Application Developer

The web application developer works on different projects, builds APIs and architects backend tools. They are also responsible for breaking down business goals into smaller technical tasks.

You should have some experience with architecting solutions and development, be highly analytical, and have a knack for learning new technology.


IT solutions is a high demand and lucrative career path that allows you not just to earn a good income, but also to learn new techniques and try out new technologies.

We hope that this list helps your decision making and that you can find something you are good at, and truly love.

If you have no prior IT experience, you may need to go get a degree or other relevant training and then build your experience.