10 Best Accounting Clerk Skills to Develop for Improved Performance

By | October 10, 2023
Accounting Clerk Skills
As an accounting clerk looking to become better in his/her job, you will need to develop certain skills and qualities.

10 Best Accounting Clerk Skills to Develop for Improved Performance

Before accounting clerks can perform their duties successfully and become best on the job, they need to possess a handful of required skills and qualities.

Whether the clerk is assisting with other accounting projects in the office, entering and balancing accounts receivable and payable on a daily basis, tracking deposits made to bank, handling deposit transfers, tracking tax payments, compiling information for tax filing, assembling financial data for audits, or performing any other accounting clerk duties, they need to get the skills that will enable them to handle all these numerous responsibilities that face them on a daily basis effectively.

Here they are:

Top 10 Skills and Qualities Accounting Clerks Need to be Good on the Job

1. Attention to Detail

Having an eye for detail is a soft skill that every accounting clerk needs. It will make you to have special consideration in your role.

Numerous tasks, including matching invoices to purchase orders or vouchers, data entry, and reconciling bank statements with the general ledger; maintaining accounting records and filing documents, as well as assisting with the processing of accounts payable and accounts receivable, cannot be successfully done without being detail-oriented.

This skill will make you to be careful about detail and thorough in completing your work, ensuring accuracy and avoiding errors of any sort that can multiply and lead to big consequences.

If you naturally don’t have the skill to pay close attention to detail, you can follow a guide to build up this quality.

Try making calendar lists, limiting disruptions, setting reminders, and taking on one assignment at a time.

2. Communication Skills

It is necessary to interact well with people around you, and also develop the ability to interpret jargon and complicated accounting ideas to be easily understood by clients.

The ability to communicate information orally and in the form of presentations or written reports is a must-have, and the knowledge of how to provide clear and understandable instructions to staff in general is also essential.

It is of little value to produce information that no one can understand or make use of. If possible, it’s best to bring to light any specific skills, such as the ability to break a complex set of financial statements into a simple-to-understand PowerPoint presentation, along with any experience with positions that naturally require the ability to communicate.

Strong communication skills enable accounting clerks to perform tasks effectively with the team and guide their efforts within the department. This skill is crucial in listening, delegating, meeting management, and more.

3. Leadership

Leadership skills give you the ability and the willingness to lead, take charge, direct, offer opinions, oversee the performance of other workers at their department, and delegate various missions to your team.

Leadership skills also help you to provide training to staff and ensure that all workers are aware of new laws and regulations.

During presentation of information in high-capacity meetings, you need to prove your competence in taking charge of the room, facilitating a meeting and communicating in plain words. Learn to also listen and speak when necessary, and avoid being arrogant.

You need to use passionate motivation to drive yourself and others forward, and effectively communicate your abilities to enhance efficiency and productivity while working with clients, individuals, and with a team.

4. Integrity

To demonstrate a sense of integrity, you need to take steps to increase the transparency of your work, and maintain confidentiality while having the company’s best interests in mind.

Don’t be afraid to make known any inconsistency or irregularity that could compromise the company’s integrity.

For you to be trusted by your superiors and fellow workers, you should demonstrate high standards of honesty.

Integrity and trustworthiness are very hard to build, so you must take them serious in order to get good response from clients.

5. Time Management

Accounting clerks must develop the ability to manage many tasks at once, and for them to achieve this they must show their capability to manage their time as well as that of others.

Because accounting clerks are busy people who might be dragged in many directions at the same time, they need to have good time management skills to effectively manage their time for a better result.

If you had attended a part time job while in school, think about how you can possibly use that experience to manage your time productively.

6. Teamwork

Accounting clerks actually work in teams and have in-person meetings regularly with clients and other decision makers.

Therefore, they are required to willingly give out what they know, show sensitivity to the needs of others and support the goals of their team.

They need to demonstrate the ability to work with various types of characters.

Teamwork skills will make you to cooperate well with members of a company’s team, provide them with financial information that is relevant to their operational requests; work with departmental heads and make sure that all departments keep within their agreed budget.

7. Creativity

The creativity skill enables you to make use of your brain to think of how to come up with fresh ideas and creative strategies to solve problems that confront clients.

You need to get yourself organized and structured, free your mind and think out of the box for solutions that can benefit clients.

While being creative, you also need to adhere to moral principles and look for more than one way to solve problems.

It means applying alternative thinking to develop new ideas needed for solving critical issues.

8. Learning

It’s important to continue your education whether it’s your career goal to become an accounting clerk or you just wish to advance to another position one day.

You have to demonstrate to employers your interest to continue in your career. If your organization offers seminars, courses or other training opportunities, you can take advantage of them to get knowledge.

Moreover, you can move your career to another dimension by understanding the need for new information required for solving problems and making decisions both at present and in future.

9. Customer Service

You need to know the standards and procedures required for providing excellent customer services such as assessment of customer needs, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

There is no way you can avoid coming in contact with clients on a daily basis, so you need to be courteous with them. Find out what needs they have and show them respect while addressing them.

Your focus as an accounting clerk should be firmly fixed on the needs of the people who look for your services, not on your own needs.

You need to gather, control, and process information that are crucial to your customers, and make them to know how much you care for them and are able to help them when they are confused.

10. Problem Solving

Solving complex issues is part of what accounting clerk job demands. You need to be able to identify complex problems and analyze related information to evaluate options and implement solutions.

Employers rely on employees who will get through in challenging times. So you need to take action that will lead to finding solutions regardless of the situation or fault.

Accounting Clerk Skills for Resume

if you are writing a resume for an accounting clerk position, you can effectively describe your skills to the recruiter in the core competence section of your resume by using the skills presented above.


You can become the best accounting clerk in your department and also a highly sought after professional in your industry if you take the effort to develop the skills and qualities presented in this post.

You can also work on developing these skills even as someone looking to get into the career in the future, so that when you eventually become a qualified accounting clerk, you will be able to perform your duties excellently.