What Jobs can you get with a Computer Science Degree?

By | September 7, 2023
What Jobs can you get with a Computer Science Degree?
With a computer science degree, you can get various job options, including games develop and programmer to build a career on.

This post provides detailed information on some of the best jobs you can get with a computer science, including the duties they commonly perform.

Thinking of taking a computer science course and wondering, ‘what jobs can you get with a computer science degree?

This post provides a clear answer to the question by detailing what you will be able to do with the different computer science degrees – Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s.

Whatever degree you plan to have, you will sure be able to get exciting and good paying computer science jobs that you can build a career on.

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Why Computer Science Degree?

In our world today, computer science has made great attempts to simplify the way we communicate, work, learn, and carry out our day-to-day activities.

Before the advent of computer and computing technology, we all led very ‘manual’ lives from waiting for days to receive handwritten letter of pleasantries, to musing over ledger pages, to tending to a bank client.

But presently, a lot of our daily activities have become automated and much easier; vital information in the form of images, text, and audio are now sent OTA in a flash.

Mobile devices now help us plan out our day, and we can go hiking doing away with compass and maps as we now have Google Earth.

Computer science and technology in various other ways have impacted the way we live and think, which is why some believe computer science is the wave of the future.

Computer scientists have continued to remain relevant in not just the I.T field but virtually in every thinkable business organization where they perform tasks of web designing, computer programming, hardware installation/repair, and graphics design, to mention but a few.

They possess valuable transferable skills like the ability to solve problems and to plan.

They have creative/artistic skills and general professional skills of communication.

The job outlook for computer scientists has changed over time from being perceived as uninteresting geeks to being adored as cool geniuses who are highly paid for having fun with tech stuff.

Computer and information technology jobs are currently among top-paying careers in the U.S with an annual median salary projected at $81,430 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

No wonder computer science degree is highly sought after in colleges and universities.

According to The Telegraph, a computer science degree ranks 5th most popular college degree in the U.K; it also takes the 37th place as one of the most popular college degrees in the U.S as published by Matchcollege.

What can you do with a Computer Science Associate’s Degree?

To pursue a career in information technology field, you can cop a 2-year Associate’s degree in computer science as a preparation for further Bachelor’s degree studies, or to secure career positions as:

  • Computer Network Technician: Their duties involve the setting up, building, and troubleshooting of client’s computer network. They are hired by companies to ensure stable internet connection by installation and configuration of network equipment. They also help to resolve connectivity and network performance issues. See detailed computer network technician job description.
  • Computer Programmer: They specialize in the coding of computer programs. They write new programs as well as update already existing ones; they identify program bugs and errors and try to fix them in order to ensure efficient program use.
  • Computer Support Specialist: Their duties involve providing technical support and recommendations to clients/companies. They are the point of call when computer issues arise. They attempt to identify the cause of a problem and then try to fix them or give recommendations on how to do so.

The annual median salary of computer science Associate’s degree holders is in the range of $33,448-$59,001 for females and $38,779-$85,095 for males, according to Payscale.

What can you do with a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree?

Going for Bachelor’s degree studies in computer science presents a platform for better job prospects as well as higher earnings.

With a Bachelor’s degree, a computer science major can secure job positions as:

  • Games Developer: They are given to creating concepts and designs for game play. They model game characters, integrate game audio with the visual, program a game and carry out testing to ensure a game program is bug free and user friendly.
  • Web Designer: They specialize in creating webpages and general design of a website. They identify the needs of a client and use various graphic and programming tools to create a site layout, design graphical and visual effect of a site, and ensure search engine optimization and general performance of a website.
  • Network Engineer: Their duties involve developing, designing, and maintenance of communication networks in an organization. They install network systems, troubleshoot them, and optimize the performance of computer networks. See detailed computer network engineer job description.
  • Systems Developer: They specialize in ensuring the optimal performance of computer systems. They carry out tests on computer software and hardware to identify faults; they write and rewrite programs, correct blotches in software, and monitor the efficiency of computer systems.
  • SEO Specialist: They create a strategy to increase website traffic as well as its page ranking. They create captivating web content for clients, subscribe for web adverts, and affiliate with other websites to promote web recognition. They also proffer recommendations to clients for web optimization.

Payscale estimates the annual median salary of computer science baccalaureates to be $102,410 and $109,591 for female and male earners respectively.

What can you do with a Computer Science Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

Advanced degrees in computer science offer greater career opportunities and provide a higher earning power.

With Master’s/Doctorate degree, a computer science graduate can qualify for job positions such as:

  • Animation Engineer: They specialize in the design of moving-images for games and videos. They utilize various software and tools to create visual illustrations and models.
  • Software Engineer: They are experts in the coding, testing, and release of software programs. They also specialize in the resolution of software problems as well as maintenance of existing programs.
  • Computer/Information Research Scientist: they carry out computation research to develop theories that resolve computing issues. They develop new computer languages and try to improve the use of computers in solving complex and simple tasks.

Computer science Master’s degree holders are estimated to earn on average as much as $123,397 while Doctorate degree holder’s on the other hand can earn up to $160,000 annually.


A computer science degree no doubt provides several job options that you can choose from and develop a lucrative career in.