Walmart Sales Associate Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Walmart Sales Associates job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Walmart Sales Associates give customers a pleasant experience in the store. Image source:

This post presents in-depth information on the job description of a Walmart sales associate, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Walmart Sales Associate Do?

At Walmart, the sales associate is someone charged with the responsibility of welcoming customers and helping them with locating merchandize within the store.

The merchandize is arranged based on categories, which is well understood by the sales associate.

The job description of the sales associate entails helping customers to check price of items, and properly arranging products in shelves by categorizing them to make for easy access and display.

The sales associate depicts the seriousness of the Walmart management in giving the customer the best shopping experience.

Walmart needs sale associates and a sizable number of them to improve on the customer service and help make the accessories of the Walmart store easily accessible.

The sales associate’s role also involves helping customers to locate the product category they desire and to make a good choice in selecting the products that meet their need.

He/she interfaces with customers daily and performs a lot of tasks which include answering questions regarding the store products, services, and policies.

Due to their closeness to products and shelves, sales associates at Walmart take responsibility for restocking the shelves when they are out of products and pass the information for the need to restock to the appropriate department when they cannot do it themselves.

Walmart sales associates’ work descriptions also include helping customers to check products prices, moving products to cashier’s department and also to the customer’s vehicle.

His/her duties also include returning carts to the frontend of the store after use to ensure they are available for use by other customers.

It is expected of the associate to be apprised with updates on items within the Walmart; updates on type of merchandize, uses, price, product category, product instructions, and arrangement of products. This is to enable the associate to be able to answer customers’ inquiries and give them quality service.

It is expected of the sales associate to go round the store periodically, introducing him or herself and finding out from customers if they needed any assistance with locating items, and following through to offering help.

It is the responsibility of the sales associate to make customers feel comfortable. To do this effectively, he/she should be one who is not easily offended, but has the ability to forgive customers’ sometimes annoying attitude.

The associate must also be able to multitask.

In summary, the ideal person for this role at Walmart must be friendly, accommodating, and have a positive demeanor and a good written and oral communication skills.

Walmart Sales Associate Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Sales associates perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities geared towards increasing sales for their stores.

To work at Walmart as a sales associate, here is an example of the kind of job description you will be expected to work with:

  • Make provision for a quality customer service delivery
  • Give prompt response to the calls of customers
  • Provide understanding of the nature of the store
  • Provide effective help to customers when needed
  • Operate cash register when the urgency arises
  • Take appropriate procedures in attending to claims of customers
  • Apprised with product updates and products information so as to offer good response to customers’ questions
  • Handle proper labeling and pricing of merchandize
  • Ensure the store is clean
  • Ensure displaced products are returned to the right department and shelf
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations on safety
  • Safeguard all displays and merchandize
  • Fill back stocks from the store or warehouse when the shelves are out of stock
  • Make customers feel appreciated and valued
  • Abreast with safety and security measures of keeping the store safe
  • Ensure proper sanitation of the work environment
  • Offer assistance to customers in locating products of their choice
  • Understand the nature and the importance of each product to explain its use to customers
  • Take part in routine meetings of staffs
  • Offer assistance with unloading of merchandize and uploading of stocks.

Walmart Sales Associate Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To be effective as a sales associate at Walmart, the following skills, and other qualities are important to have. They are also the major attributes Walmart look for when screening applicants for the position:

  • Good human relation skills
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to keep work place environment neat
  • Smart, modest and attractive dressing style
  • Good work ethics
  • Ability to do simple calculations
  • Good listening ability
  • Ability to multi task without losing concentration
  • Ability to set products according to seasons and demands
  • Pre-employment tests: You may be expected to take a test to be hired for this role at Walmart. Find out job assessment tests that you may be required to take and how to make top scores in them.