Top 25 Licensed Practice Nurse Resume Objective Examples and Tips for Writing It

By | November 2, 2023
Licensed Practice Nurse Resume Objective
You can enhance the effectiveness of your Licensed Practice Nurse resume by starting it with a compelling objective statement.

When writing a Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) resume or CV, it is important to begin it with a compelling objective statement that highlights nursing expertise, administrative skills, and other relevant qualities, experience, etc.

Having a powerful objective in your Licensed Practice Nurse resume or CV can boost your chances of getting the recruiter/employer read your all parts of your resume to learn what you are bringing to the LPN job.

The Licensed Practice Nurse is a type of nursing position that requires strong clinical skills, compassion, attention to detail, and the ability to work as part of a healthcare team.

Your resume objective should quickly communicate how your background makes you an ideal candidate.

In this post, we explain how to write a powerful LPN resume objective and provide great examples to help inspire your own statement.

Whether you have years of experience or are new to the field of practice nursing, read on for tips and sample objectives to help you highlight your top abilities and motivation for the job in your resume or CV.

How to Write a Winning Licensed Practice Nurse Resume Objective Statement

Here are valuable tips you can apply in creating an effective resume objective for a Licensed Practice Nurse position:

  • Learn more about the LPN Job

Research the Licensed Practice Nurse job description and highlight skills or qualifications that match. Hiring managers want to see relevant experiences upfront.

  • Focus and highlight your strength

Focus on your nursing strengths and specialties like geriatric care, pediatric care, wound care etc. backed by certifications.

  • Emphasize core LPN duties

Show core Licensed Practice Nurse duties you have successfully carried out, like administering medications, recording patient status, updating charts, and collaborating with RNs and doctors.

  • Show passion for helping people

Mention your passion for patient care, bedside manner, and communication abilities and compassion. These soft skills are critical.

  • Create objectives for specific LPN roles

Tailor your objective to the specific facility or role like clinic, hospital, assisted living, home health or pediatrics.

  • Keep your Licensed Practice Nurse objective concise

You can state your objective in 2-3 lines or 50 words maximum. Summarize your top qualifications clearly and concisely.

  • Apply active language

Use active language like “dedicated LPN with 5 years of experience” rather than passive language like “LPN experience for 5 years”.

Following the above tips will help you create a strong Licensed Practice Nurse objective that grabs attention and makes the hiring manager want to keep reading.

Now, here are great examples of resume objective statements for Licensed Practice Nurse positions that you can learn from in making a compelling objective for your LPN resume or CV:  

Top 25 Licensed Practice Nurse Resume Objective Examples

  1. Dedicated LPN with 5 years of experience providing compassionate care seeks a full-time position at ABC Hospital applying bedside manner, nursing expertise, and administrative skills to care for patients.
  2. Highly-motivated Licensed Practice Nurse with 10 years of geriatric care experience as well as wound care certification is eager to join Sunset Assisted Living Facility and enhance residents’ wellbeing.
  3. Healthcare practitioner desires to use clinical expertise, critical thinking, and passion for patient advocacy as LPN at Central Pediatrics Clinic nurturing sick children back to health.
  4. Compassionate LPN committed to highest standards of care delivery desires a part time home health LPN position with CarePlus Services utilizing kind nature and nursing skills.
  5. Enthusiastic new LPN graduate with research skills and glowing recommendations seeks a full time position at Cedar Springs Clinic to apply classroom knowledge and contribute to patient care.
  6. Dedicated Licensed Practice Nurse with experience in acute care settings desires to use excellent communication and patient care skills to fill the open LPN position at Mercy West Hospital.
  7. Highly-motivated LPN with 5 years long-term care experience including dementia care certified in IV administration seeks a full-time LPN role at Shady Pines Assisted Living.
  8. Healthcare professional desires to fulfill LPN duties including patient care, administering medication, and recording information at Downey Pediatric Clinic serving children and families with care and compassion.
  9. Experienced Licensed Practice Nurse certified in phlebotomy and EKG with proven patient care abilities seeks a part-time position at Heartland Clinic to join a quality care-giving team.
  10. Friendly LPN passionate about patient advocacy and preventative care desires LPN job in the ABC School District applying kindness and clinical expertise.
  11. Dedicated LPN with 10 years of experience including 5 years pediatric intensive care is eager to join Children’s Hospital staff using specialized skills and knowledge.
  12. Motivated Licensed Practice Nurse with experience as a float LPN adept at adapting seeks a full-time position with Opportunity Home Health providing empathetic in-home care.
  13. Healthcare professional seeks LPN position at Southside Medical Clinic to utilize excellent venipuncture, medication administration, and charting abilities.
  14. Highly-organized Licensed Practice Nurse with wound care skills and experience tracking patient progress seeks full-time work at Davis Wound Care eager to aid healing through diligent care.
  15. Compassionate licensed LPN desires a position at Smiling Faces Dental providing patient care, monitoring vital signs and supporting doctors through procedures.
  16. Experienced LPN with pulmonary care knowledge desires LPN position at Bay Area Pulmonary Clinic assisting practitioners and caring for patients.
  17. Dedicated Licensed Practice Nurse is eager to join ABC Community Hospital use strong decision making, critical thinking, and caregiving abilities to impact patient outcomes.
  18. Motivated LPN seeks part-time work at Caring Hands Hospice to apply compassion, clinical expertise, and dedication to comfort patients and families.
  19. Organized multi-tasking Licensed Practice Nurse with healthcare administrative experience and Excel abilities desires a full-time LPN role at Florida Oaks Clinic.
  20. Healthcare practitioner seeks to apply bedside manner, caregiving skills, and technical knowledge as an LPN at Sunset Hospital working collaboratively with nurses and doctors.
  21. Skilled Licensed Practice Nurse with 5 years long-term care experience desires LPN opening at Creekside Assisted Living dedicated to enriching seniors’ lives through patient-centered care.
  22. Team-oriented Licensed Practice Nurse with assessment skills honed over 3 years seeks an LPN position with Home Health Inc. providing safe and effective care in patient homes.
  23. Reliable LPN certified in IV therapy seeks a full-time clinic job at Simmons and Rossner Pediatrics administering treatment to help children thrive.
  24. Licensed Practice Nurse desires to use strong organization, patient care, and critical thinking skills gained through 2 years of medical surgery experience at Green Valley Hospital.
  25. Passionate LPN seeks work in a private practice like Oakridge Internal Medicine Associates applying clinical expertise to improve patient wellbeing.

Licensed Practice Nurse Skills, Qualifications and Certification for Resume Objective

Here are important skills, qualifications, certifications, etc. that are important for success as a Licensed Practice Nurse, which you can apply in creating your resume objective:

  1. Education and Licensing
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) diploma or certification
  • Current state LPN license in good standing.

2. Clinical Experience

  • Previous LPN work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.
  • Specialized experience like geriatrics, pediatrics, oncology.

3. Communication Abilities

  • Compassionate bedside manner
  • Team collaboration skills
  • Documentation and charting skills.

4. Technical Skills

  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Recording vital signs
  • Proficiency in EMR and computer charting.

5. Organization and Critical Thinking

  • Care coordination and time management
  • Assessing patient condition
  • Attention to detail.

6. Certifications

  • BLS/CPR certification
  • Wound care, IV therapy, EKG certifications
  • Healthcare admin certificates.

Highlighting the above qualifications, skills, experience, etc. in your Licensed Practice Nurse resume objective will showcase your ability to handle core LPN responsibilities at a variety of healthcare facilities.


An effective resume objective is essential for Licensed Practice Nurses to catch the attention of recruiters and highlight their most relevant qualifications.

As shown through the tips and examples provided on this page, the objective should emphasize nursing skills, experience, and passion for patient care.

It should also align with the specific LPN role and facility.

Keep it concise, use active language, incorporate keywords from the job description, and focus on your specialties.

With a tailored resume objective, certified Practice Nurses can get their application noticed and secure more job interviews.

Highlight your commitment to compassionate care and team collaboration.

With the right introduction, you can land the perfect nursing opportunity and continue making a difference through this rewarding career.