Top 15 Collection Manager Skills to Stay Top of Your Career

By | July 18, 2023
Collection Manager Skills
You can increase your effectiveness on the job as a collection manager by having certain skills and qualities.

This post provides complete information on the collection manager skills and qualities you need to be effective and excel in your job and career.

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For the purpose of preservation of culture, traditions and arts, museums and other institutions are established.

The purpose of these establishments is to give people opportunity to relate with past and existing cultural arts which portray traditions and events of the past.

These arts are kept in the museum and other art exhibition centers.

The arts are preserved for more people to have access to them. In doing this a manager is hired to ensure that these arts are kept in good condition.

Who is a Collection Manager?

A collection manager is one that is hired with the duty of preserving objects in the cultural institutions such as museums and other art exhibition centers.

Top 15 Collection Manager Skills to Stay Top of Your Career

Here are important skills and qualities to have as a collection manager to be effective in your job and career:

  1. High proficiency in mathematics
  2. Good IT knowledge
  3. Knowledge of relevant company laws
  4. Bilingual
  5. Customer relationship
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Managerial skills
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. Supervisory skills
  10. Relationship building
  11. Creativity
  12. Knowledge of culture and art industry
  13. Research skills
  14. Passionate about arts
  15. IT knowledge.
  1. High proficiency in mathematics

Truth be told, there is hardly any field you can talk of that mathematics will not be needed as long as there is something to account for and there is something to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

For a collection manager and record purposes, you will need to be good in mathematics if you are to keep good record or stock of the collections you have in your possession.

This will demand simple mathematics to say the least.

Other operations you will need to do in the workplace will also need your proficiency in mathematics to be topnotch.

This is because, for record purposes, you just have to make mathematics your friend regardless of how much you might have hated it as a kid when growing up.

  1. Good IT knowledge

The fact is that IT applies to every job description, field, and industry.

It makes jobs easier and more efficient and accurate for issues that demand a lot of accuracy in the process.

That is why the digital industry is heavily involved in most processes these days.

Through your IT knowledge, you expose yourself to quick and flexible information that comes through information dissemination through IT gadgets, such as smartphones and other devices that have digital capacities.

Also, for record purposes and efficiency in your job, you should be able to have adequate knowledge of some Microsoft software applications.

Such software tools include the Microsoft Word recent versions, Excel, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint, just to name a few.

  1. Knowledge of relevant company laws

Organizations are expected to be operating within the dictate and propositions of the relevant authorities of the land.

This is because, the government sees those laws as what could guarantee safe running of businesses in the land.

This means that you as a collection manager should be able to know these laws and know how they affect your organization and ensure within your powers to let the operations of the organization be in line with the relevant rules and regulations of the land.

Failure to know the rules and regulations or totally flouting those rules and regulations can result to severe sanctions by the government of the day and this will have serious on the continuity of the organization.

  1. Bilingual

Collections are attractive and can draw attentions from people of different languages and races.

This is why you have to know at least two international languages as a collection manager, which should help you cope with the prospect of meeting with customers from different places with different languages.

Nothing is as frustrating to a customer as having to struggle to make your speech by reason of language barrier.

That is why it is needful that you learn some languages, especially if you desire to expand the organization beyond the shores of the place you are.

So learn this language and most importantly learn the culture of those languages.

Language is a basic form of culture. So it will be nice if you learn language and cultures at the same time.

You need it to succeed as a collection manager. It is far more important than you think.

  1. Customer relationship

The relationship that exists between the collection manager and the customers is vital to the growth of the organization the manager works for.

It is in the interest of the company/organization to have a manager who knows how to establish a working relationship with the customers.

The customers are a strong pillar that holds the existence of every business venture.

That is why it is important that as a collection manager, you need to be skilled and schooled in customer relationship.

When relating with customers, avoid neglecting their suggestions and their complaints.

Remember that the feedback should be what guides you into becoming a great manager and thereby taking the organization to a higher height in the business world.

  1. Excellent communication skills

One of the ways to maintain a healthy relationship between the organization and the customers is to have excellent communication skills.

Customers don’t joke with communications as long as the information is timely and meaningful.

So, if you desire to keep up with customers, don’t leave them in the dark about what the organization plans for them.

It gets them excited and more committed to your organization.

Also, maintaining a good line of communication within the department or organization as a whole is important.

It is not safe for you to be bad in the area of communication if you really desire to achieve much in your job and career.

You need to learn the art of communication and try to be good at it.

  1. Managerial skills

A manager is a leader and as such should be a positive influence in the organization where he/she works.

In being the collection manager, it means that there are things and people you oversee their activities and how they are faring regarding their job descriptions.

You should be skilled enough to exert control in the organization you work for and ensure that activities go on as planned and as anticipated.

It is a sign that you are conversant with your job and also prepared for greater responsibilities.

With that said, it is also good for you to know that managerial skills work hand in hand with administrative skills because you are meant to define the line of events and activities and also help to make sure that those activities are followed up as planned.

  1. Interpersonal skills

This is for the purpose of flexibility in your relationship with people both in the workplace and outside the workplace.

Relating with people and getting the best out of them is never easily and demands a lot of mental and emotional intelligence.

That is why you will need interpersonal skills for you to be able to work with people and get the best out of them.

You need to be emotionally and mentally intelligent to be able to work with a team since you know there will be differences in thought patterns and sometimes clash of ego.

Also, interpersonal skills can also connote some habits or lifestyles you cultivate to help you get the best out of yourself too.

In fact, this is more important than looking for the best in other people.

Sometimes, we can be the biggest problem we face not the people we interact with on daily basis.

  1. Supervisory skills

Supervision is also part of your job description as a collection manager.

You have to be able to monitor and supervise the activities of people and the nature and changes in the collections under your responsibility.

This is an important quality for a collection manager to have.

First are the people that have been placed under your control.

The job has nothing to do with your personal interest but supervising others to ensure that what is required of them is what they give.

If you don’t supervise people sometimes, they are likely to give less than their best.

Also talking about the collections in your care, you have to monitor changes and do constant maintenance to ensure the original qualities of the collections are relatively intact.

  1. Relationship building

Building relationships in the business world is a common practice that almost everybody is aware of.

So, this is not a form of telling you something new but a way of reminding you of what you ought to know and also tell you why you should value relationship building.

The wisdom behind getting more customers in this job and maintaining them is hinged on our ability to build relationships with the individual customers of the organization.

You should be friendly with them and give them a sense of belonging and let them know they are valued by the organization.

Also, with the people you work with, you ought to also develop and maintain a good relationship with them.

Though you might be doing them a favor by doing that but that is not the whole truth.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is your ability to produce something out of nothing practically.

There is always the notion that transformation is birthed at the point of creativity.

This is so true because the changes we see today are products of people’s creativity.

So, in your job as a collection manager, you have to be creative with your thinking and your analysis.

Meaning that whatever you think of is not to find reasons to do worse than yesterday, but reasons to find a solution to any debasing challenge you might be facing in your job.

Your organization needs your creativity on daily basis.

This is why you should be a good analyst and learn to ask the right questions and make a good ideology out of it.

This will help you become an agent of transformation in your organization.

  1. Knowledge of culture and art industry

The essence of those collections is for people to be reminded of what the years were like and also a reminded of some cultures and arts of the past.

People always want to be afforded the opportunity to know a lot about the past.

One of the ways people learn the culture and arts of different regions of the world is through art exhibitions and collections, which depict what they want.

So in the process questions and enquiries will be made by the customers.

Answering them and giving them beneficial responses is dependent on how much you know about culture and art.

This is to say you need to be adept with the knowledge associated with the industry for you to be able to serve the customers well.

  1. Research skills

One of the ways to know what is currently obtainable in the industry is through personal and structured research.

Research is a great way of gaining knowledge or updating the knowledge you already have.

This is why you have to be good at research as a collection manager.

Your research should be born out of love and passion for the industry and also the desire to acquire latest information from the industry.

There is no way you can know more about the industry if you don’t make concerted effort to find out what’s happening in the industry.

So, if you want to improve your managerial skills in the industry, you should be eager to make researches that are either directly or indirectly related to your industry.

  1. Passionate about arts

You should be passionate about what you are doing and that starts with your passion about arts.

When you are passionate about arts, it becomes easier to transfer that excitement and passion into the minds of your customers.

This results in making them have fun and at the same time learning about cultures and arts.

But the opposite becomes the case if for any reason you don’t have passion for the art industry.

It becomes boring to you.

The job itself might even look like a burden to you, thereby making you not to give your best in the job given to you.

  1. IT knowledge

You might ask how important IT knowledge is to you as a collection manager.

Yes, it is important to you and your organization because through it you will be able to reach out to more people who are interested in art and culture.

By this we mean having an online presence which will help reach out to potential customers.

Having your organization not being online is a blunder in the 21st century.

So, it is expected that your organization makes its presence known on the internet.

If this happens, then you should be able to know your IT skills and apply them in your workplace.

Remember you are the manager and may need this skill more than any other person in the organization.

You should be skilled at handling the computer, the internet, and the social media generally to enhance the presence and profitability of your organization.

Collection Manager Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV for the collection manager position, you can apply the skills and qualities highlighted above in making the Skills section of the resume/CV.

With a Skills section that shows that you have the skills and qualities to be effective in performing the duties and responsibilities of a collection manager, you can be sure that your resume/CV will receive the needed attention from the recruiter/employer.


Arts are collections that teach about past and present cultures and traditions and also remind us about events of the past. Arts teach a lot especially the younger generations.

Arts are meant to be preserved for future purposes. This is the reason managers are hired to ensure that these arts are preserved in the best conditions.

But to be effective in his/her work, the collection manager needs the skills and qualities discussed in this post.