Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager Job Description Sample

By | September 1, 2023
Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Technical and Compliance Accounting Managers carry out observation and evaluation of a company’s regulatory environment. Image source:

Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager Job Description Sample

What Does a Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager Do?

The role of a technical and compliance accounting manager involves providing assistance in the administration of business, with total compliance obligations and regulatory management of risks.

He/she will observe and evaluate the regulatory environment and organize plans to look into any effects on the company.

The technical and compliance accounting manager job description entails executing control framework for procedures connected with regulatory prerequisites.

He/she monitors and evaluates the regulatory environment to recognize possible effects on the company’s business and suggests solutions to the gaps.

He/she is responsible for all accounting and conventional compliance matters, including quarterly or monthly monetary close cycles.

This unique position will give account to the superior officer in charge and will organize the periodic supervision of analysts whenever a project need arises.

The person in this position will offer overview on all sub ledger and general ledger accounting activities.

He/she will evaluate account harmonization and last authorization of journal entries.

The individual will function as a professional in the technical accounting field and will interact and impact counterparts in the organization to guarantee successful accounting close procedures and finalization of specialized projects as required.

The manager in charge of technical accounting and compliance must be endowed with the ability to function well in a fast paced, team oriented, and client focused environment.

The position will require a candidate with sound judgment to make the right decisions, and must be one who is capable of meeting instituted deadlines.

He/she should have a sense of accountability and be able to efficiently organize processes and resources so as to accomplish targets and attain deadlines.

Sample Job Description for the Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager Position

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a manager heading a technical and compliance accounting unit are diverse and multidimensional, some of which may include the following listed in the sample job description for the post below:

  • Carry out evaluation of risks as necessary and cooperate with other stakeholders on regulatory issues
  • Enhance and maintain organization’s handbook on compliance to exhibit adherence to requirements
  • Acknowledge any survey or query applicable to regulatory compliance and financial market framework
  • Assist in development of communication materials, external and internal examiners
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to render support and renew credit market listings
  • Offer assistance with risk evaluation process and conventional compliance issues
  • Oversee or organize ad hoc analysis and reporting
  • Tutor and handle personnel to meet objectives and deliver outstanding assistance to business partners
  • Function independently with less supervision on a daily basis
  • Determine work plan, methodology and approach within designated area of expertise
  • Be actively involved in raising issues and interests with management and stakeholders with regards to accounting and business risks compliance procedures and to formulate designs for resolution
  • Accumulate responses from stakeholders and carry out research on best practices
  • Design desk processes and procedures as required

Writing a Resume for the Position:

Preparing a resume for the position of technical and compliance accounting manager can be effectively done using the content of the job description example above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Technical and Compliance Accounting Manager

A technical and compliance accounting manager will require the following aptitude and qualifications to succeed on the job:

  • At least a university degree in fields, including finance, economics, business administration, and other related field of study
  • Superlative understanding of accounting close prerequisites in reporting and compliance prerequisites is necessary
  • A total of eight plus years of required experience for a medium or large sized organization
  • Outstanding experience in market credit services and compliance management of risks, as well as trade processing
  • Excellent working knowledge of framework of financial market infrastructure