Target Fulfillment Team Leader Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 16, 2023
Target Fulfillment Team Leader Job Description
Target fulfillment team leaders set clear objectives and expectations for the team members to meet. Image source: walshgroup.

This post explores the Target fulfillment team leader job description, covering the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also covers the major requirements of the position that individuals must meet to be hired for the fulfillment team leader’s role at Target or other similar companies.

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What Does the Target Fulfillment Team Leader Do?

The Target fulfillment team leader job description entails modeling, teaching, and coaching expectations in order to meet service standards.

It involves using workload planning tools to accomplish all scheduled workload while ensuring that all orders are completed in order to satisfy delivery and service requirements.

A Target fulfillment team leader examines all fulfillment reports to identify gaps and devise a strategy to fix them.

They drive fulfillment targets, comprehend one’s function in assisting sales growth, and comprehend how departments and team contribute to and effect total store profitability.

Fulfillment team leaders create a schedule strategy with ETL that is based on the monthly and weekly fulfillment business workload.

They ensure that operations, processes, accuracy, and efficiency align and work seamlessly.

In addition, the team leader picks, packs, and ships fulfillment activities to ensure efficient delivery to company’s guests.

They develop a guest-centric staff by evaluating and recommending applicants for available roles.

It is also their duty to set clear objectives and expectations for the team, and hold team members responsible to those expectations.

The Target fulfillment team leader is in charge of team onboarding and learning.

It is also their responsibility to lead and teach the team to ensure that all fulfillment procedures are accurate and efficient.

Team leaders fill knowledge and skill gaps through training and experience.

The Target fulfillment team leader’s duties also include creating a timetable that satisfies both the demands of the guests and the needs of the company.

This includes early morning, evening, overnight shifts and weekends.

The Target fulfillment team leader work description also entails following all safe and secure training and practices as a key carrier, if appropriate.

Target Fulfillment Team Leader Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the Target fulfillment team leader job description include:

  • Identifying what needs to be done in order to achieve the target
  • Ensuring that the right people are involved and have the skills required to complete the work
  • Establishing clear objectives and milestones
  • Setting up the appropriate systems and procedures to manage the project effectively
  • Monitoring progress against the plan and identifying any problems as they arise
  • Reporting on the project’s status on a regular basis
  • Providing performance feedback to team members
  • Ensure project work goes smoothly to a successful completion
  • Assessing whether it is time to review or change the plan
  • Taking responsibility for resolving any issues arising during the project
  • Managing the relationship with other stakeholders
  • Reviewing the quality of the deliverables produced by the project team
  • Communicating clearly and effectively with those who need to know about the project so that they can understand the situation and take action if necessary
  • Following up on any outstanding matters
  • Keeping track of changes made to the plan
  • Maintaining records of decisions taken and actions taken
  • Preparing reports for senior management
  • Supporting the implementation of the project
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the project
  • Planning and scheduling work
  • Assigning resources
  • Monitoring progress
  • Reporting results

More Target Fulfillment Team Leader Job Description

  • Ensuring compliance with policies and procedures
  • Managing risk
  • Communicating effectively with other teams, stakeholders and external parties
  • Providing leadership and coaching to others within the team
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Responsible for assigning tasks to most competent team members
  • Maintaining an effective working environment
  • Ensuring that targets are set appropriately
  • Plan and schedule work
  • Assign resources
  • Monitor progress
  • Report results
  • Ensure compliance with policies and procedures (including quality control)
  • Manage risk
  • Communicate effectively with other teams, stake holders, and external parties
  • Provide coaching and leadership to team members to achieve set goals
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Make sure that the right people do the right jobs at the correct time
  • Maintain an effective working environment
  • Set appropriate targets.

Target Fulfillment Team Leader Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously or are currently working as a fulfillment team leader at Target and are making a new resume or CV, you can show your work experience in your resume’s Professional Experience section.

You can create an effective Professional Experience section for your resume by applying the sample Target fulfillment team leader job description provided above.

You can increase your chances of being hired for the new job that you are seeking by highlighting the duties and responsibilities you have performed or are performing working as a fulfillment team leader at Target in your resume’s Professional Experience section.

This is because the recruiter/employer will more likely believe you will be effective on the new job seeing how successful you are working as a fulfillment team leader, especially if the new position requires someone with some fulfillment team leader work experience at Target or other like companies.

Target Fulfillment Team Leader Requirements: Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are interested in seeking employment with Target as a fulfillment team leader, then the following are major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired:

  • Strong vocally and written communication skills
  • Must have excellent organizational skills
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities
  • Must be self-motivated

The Target fulfillment team leader must be able to:

  • multi task
  • prioritize and handle many tasks at the same time
  • operate well under pressure
  • manage many assignments at the same time
  • adapt quickly to changing priorities and deadlines
  • establish and maintain positive relationships with co-workers and supervisors
  • perform physical activities such as lifting up to 50 lbs., bending, stooping, kneeling, standing, walking, climbing stairs, reaching overhead, twisting or turning
  • withstand standing for long periods of time.

Target Fulfillment Team Leader Salary

Estimated total compensation for a fulfillment team leader working in Target or other similar companies in the United States is $48,884 annually.

The salary range can go as high as $141,000 per year depending on performance and experience.


Individuals interested in the fulfillment team leader career with Target or other companies in its industry will find this post helpful in learning about what the fulfillment team leader does, and so will be able to decide if that is the job they want to do.

This post is also useful to recruiters/employers in the same industry as Target in creating a detailed and effective job description for the fulfillment team leader’s role, for use in the recruitment process of their companies.