Software Engineer Salary in Alaska and How to Earn More

Software Engineer Salary in Alaska and How to Earn More.
The state of Alaska has good potential to attract more software companies in the near future, which increases the chances for increase in salary for software engineers.

Software Engineer Salary in Alaska and How to Earn More

The software engineer salary in Alaska is between $83,148 and $ 105,000 yearly.

The State of Alaska is ranked number 22nd on the all-time scale of top paying States for software engineers in the United States, with the lowest 10% earning approximately $54,000 yearly and the highest 10% earns in the region of $100,000 yearly.

Software Engineer Salary across Cities of Alaska

Across the State, Alaska has a slow growth rate in the software world, hence it’s ranking on the National level, 22nd, which compared to others is not within the top ten most sought after Software engineer States.

However, things are likely to improve with the city of Anchorage leading and attracting more companies and job seekers to her locality.

Highest Paying Alaska Cities for Software Engineers

Like all States and cities across the United States, certain places are better suited for some kinds of job than others due to factors that are peculiar to such locations and the State of Alaska is known exemption.

Below is a table showing the best cities that pay software engineers high in Alaska:

                 CityYearly Salary($)
North Pole86,243
Best paying cities in Alaska for software engineers

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skills in Alaska

Skills in every profession is a prerequisite to getting high pay and earning more, a software engineer in Alaska is not left out.

To be a top earner, a software engineer in Alaska must strive to attain lofty heights of skills that the industry requires.

Such skills aside having a good degree are a big notch in the ladder of moving up the salary scale as a software engineer in Alaska.

Here are the top paying skills the software engineering industry thrives on in Alaska:

  • Scala

This still remains the top notch skill in the industry with yearly earnings of +24.30% more in salary for people with such skills under their belt, with an add on of $13,122 gross.

  • OS Kernels

Next in line to the top is the OS Kernels skill which has an earning power of +17.55% more yearly income to the possessor of such skill takes home plus salary $9,482.

  • Big Data

The software engineer with such skill has the ability to earn +17.35% yearly, just having such skill with a $9,305 take home plus salary.

  • Microservices

Software engineers with this additional skill earn +16.13% of yearly income which is $8,710 as salary, which isn’t bad.

  • Machine Learning

This is another top level earning skill in the market and the Software engineer with this skill is guaranteed of +11.71% yearly income, which adds on to $6,031.

Despite not paying high, software engineers in Alaska enjoy low cost of living, thereby making them satisfied job wise.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in Alaska

The software engineering experience matters a lot in the industry in helping to move up the scale and ladder of top earners.

Without work experience, a software engineer will stay on the low earning bracket of the ladder.

Here is a description of how the software engineer earns according to their years of experience on the job in the State of Alaska:

  • Less than a year: Earnings are typically low, $88,650 yearly.
  • 1 -2 years of experience can get you a salary of $91,079.
  • With 3 -5 years of experience, you can take home a salary of $95,000 yearly.
  • 6 -9 years can get you $104,300 yearly salary.
  • With 10 years and above experience, you can earn the most with approximately $119,300 as yearly take home pay.

10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in Alaska

Many software engineering companies are based and scattered across the State of Alaska, but not all pay the same amount.

While some pay high, others pay relatively according to the national average.

Here is a table highlighting the top paying corporations where software engineers earn the most in the State of Alaska:

      CompanySalary Yearly($)
Juniper Networks145,273
Best paying companies for software engineers in Alaska

More Benefits for Software Engineers in Alaska

Like all jobs, benefits are what attract workers to the industry and the companies; a software engineering job is no different.

It has lots of benefits attached to it, which is given over the course of yearly, quarterly, or on retirement basis.

Some engineers even get shares attached to their end of appointment benefits which are compounded as the service year runs by.

Here are some of the additional benefits a software engineer can enjoy in Alaska:

  • Common benefits. This can amount to $4000 yearly and it includes the following in no particular order of importance: Stocks (yearly dividends), food provisions, visa travel program, and referrals.
  • Health benefits: These comprise of viz Vision 50%, Dental 63% with Medical bills 75%.

What Related Job Titles to Software Engineers Earn in Alaska

Some job titles are related to that of software engineers and they sometimes earn more or lower than software engineers.

Again skills and number of years on the job play a major part here. Some of these related jobs are listed below:

  • Full Stack Developer earns a yearly salary of $102,036.
  • Backend Developer earns in the region of $99,866.
  • Frontend Developer takes home $94,100 yearly as salary.
  • Application Developer earns a yearly pay of $89,089.
  • Software Developer takes home $81,346 yearly as their salary
  • Developer earns the least with $39,497 as take home yearly.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Software Engineer in Alaska

As a software engineer in Alaska, there are various ways to help boost your salary and income.

A good degree is paramount in getting a higher pay, but other factors also contribute in no small measure to help the engineer achieve the dream of a large pay check.

Here are some factors that contribute to getting a hefty pay monthly/yearly as a software engineer in Alaska:

  • Getting a good education: This is the major thing in getting a high salary in any profession. The more you get qualified on your career path, the higher your chances of getting well paid at the end of the month.
  • Acquiring the much needed skills: Getting started on your education alone is not enough for an increase in your salary. You need to add skills to your portfolio of certifications in order to stand tall.
  • Seek out the big companies: In your job search, look for companies that pay the most in Alaska, and with the two points above under your belt, you are sure of getting a good increase in your salary.
  • Move to the cities where the money is: Yes, you need to move to where the money is. Staying in remote areas and dreaming of Increase in your pay is living a pipe dream; the reality is that you need to move to the big city.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in Alaska

Alaska software engineers have a vast majority of career opportunities to help advance their job and earning power.

Software engineers are needed in nearly all major industries globally, also in the financial, manufacturing, and all allied products.

A breakdown of more careers that software engineers can get into in Alaska is listed below, along with their estimated yearly percentage earnings:

  • Computer and information scientist earns approximately $107,000 yearly.
  • Electrical engineer earns $101,000 yearly.
  • Biomedical engineer earns $97,000 yearly.
  • Industrial engineer takes home $94,000 yearly.

These career paths are open for software engineers to explore along with the banking, agro, and allied industries.


The State of Alaska has potential with its ranking to move up the ladder and become a top ten state for software engineers.

With its 10% earners taking home as much as $102,000 – 105,000, one can only hope that the State attracts more software related companies and is on the right track on that journey.

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