Sanderson Farms Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 16, 2023
Sanderson Farms Hiring Process
The Sanderson Farms hiring process enables the Company to find and hire the best candidates into vacant positions. Image source: wattagnet.

This post provides exhaustive information on the Sanderson Farms hiring process, including what you need to know about careers and employment at the Company to enable you make an informed decision about working at the Sanderson Farms.

If you are seeking to work at Sanderson Farms, you will be expected to successfully complete a recruitment process that involves the job application and interview phases before you are employed.

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Sanderson Farms Hiring Process

The Sanderson Farms hiring process consists of various stages, including:

Job Application Process

The first step of the Sanderson Farms hiring process is to apply for the position that you are seeking online.

The applicant must fill out an online application form and submit it via email or fax.

If you are applying by mail, then you will need to send your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you want to work for Sanderson Farms.

The company will review all applications before they decide who to interview.

Available Jobs at Sanderson Farms

Available jobs at Sanderson Farms include:

  • Senior Production Manager
  • Assistant Plant Manager
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Production Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Processing Technician

There are many other positions that can be found on their website. You should visit the link below to find more information about these vacancies.

Sanderson Farms Interview Process

After the candidates have applied online, they will receive a phone call from one of the recruiters.

They will ask them questions regarding their experience, previous positions held, education level, etc.

Once the recruiter has gathered enough information, he/she will schedule an appointment for the candidate to meet with the manager of the department where the vacancy exists.

During these meetings, the candidate will be given more detailed information about the job and its requirements.

Afterward, the candidate will be interviewed by other members of the team.

Passing Sanderson Farms Interviews

Some tips you can apply for passing the Sanderson Farms job interview include:

  • Be prepared for the interview

Read up on the company’s history and culture so that you can answer any questions asked during the interview.

  • Know what you are going to say during the interview

Practice answering questions beforehand so that you won’t stumble over your words when you actually get into the interview room.

  • Dress appropriately for the interview

You should wear clothes you are comfortable in, which helps boost confidence. You should also bring copies of your resume and cover letters.

  • Don’t forget to smile

This may seem like common sense but it’s important to show enthusiasm and confidence.

Hearing from Sanderson Farms after the Interview

If the candidate is selected, he/she may be invited to attend a training program that lasts several days.

At the end of the training period, the candidate will be offered a job at Sanderson Farms.

Once the candidate has been hired, he/she will sign an employment contract. The terms of the contract depend on the type of position that the employee holds.

For example, if the employee is working as a production assistant, then the contract will contain clauses such as salary, vacation days, sick leave, health insurance, etc.

However, if the employee is a senior production manager, then the contract will include clauses such as bonus pay, stock options, retirement plan, etc.

Major Sanderson Farms Careers and Jobs

Here are some major careers and jobs available at Sanderson Farms:

  • Senior Production Manager

Description: This role involves managing the production line and ensuring that the quality standards are met.

This includes scheduling shifts, assigning workers to tasks, monitoring performance, and resolving issues.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, food science, or related field; five years of experience in plant management; knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word; ability to communicate effectively; good interpersonal skills; ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously; and strong organizational skills.

Salary range: $50K – $70K per year.

  • Assistant Plant Manager

Description: This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as three years of experience in the agricultural industry.

Candidates must be able to perform the following duties: supervise and coordinate activities of employees, maintain records, prepare reports, and handle correspondence.

Requirements: Three years of relevant experience in the agricultural industry; excellent communication skills; ability to work independently; and computer literacy.

Salary range: $30K – $45K per year.

  • Quality Control Supervisor

Description: The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure that all products produced by Sanderson Farms meet the required quality standards.

This includes inspecting incoming raw materials, packaging, and finished goods.

In addition, the supervisor ensures that all equipment used in the manufacturing process meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Requirements: A high school diploma or GED certificate; two years of relevant experience in quality control; knowledge of MS Office applications; and basic math skills.

Salary range: $35K – $55K per year.

More Sanderson Farms Careers and Jobs

  • Operations Manager

Description: As an operations manager, you will oversee the daily operations of the facility.

Your responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance of the equipment and facilities, maintaining inventory levels, and planning for future growth.

Requirements: Five years of relevant experience in a similar position; a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance; and a thorough understanding of MS Office applications.

Salary range: $65K – $85K per year.

  • Food Safety Coordinator

Description: You will serve as a liaison between the company and local health departments on matters pertaining to food safety.

This includes communicating with the department about any potential hazards, conducting inspections at the facility, and developing strategies to prevent contamination.

Requirements: A master’s degree in public health or other related field; one year of experience working directly with food safety regulations; and knowledge of MS Office applications.

Salary range: $60K – $80K per year.

What to Expect Working at Sanderson Farms

The company offers competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

Benefits include paid time off, medical coverage, life insurance, 401(k) plan, tuition reimbursement, and more.

What some Employees Dislike about Working at Sanderson Farms

Most people enjoy their jobs at Sanderson Farms because they get to do what they love every day.

However, there are a few things that can make your job less enjoyable. Some of these include long hours, low pay, and difficult co-workers.

Sanderson Farms Company Profile

Sanderson Farms operates in 17 communities across five states, employing over 17,000 people and employing over 1,000 contract farmers from North Carolina to Texas.

D.R. Sanderson, Sr. started the enterprise in 1947. The corporation merged with Miss Goldy’s Chicken Company in 1961. It became a publicly traded firm in 1987.

The Corporation generated more than $3.5 billion in 2020, processing more than 4.8 billion pounds of beef.

In 2021, the firm was projected to employ around 17,000 individuals.

Sanderson Farms’ Collins, Missouri, facility was selected the AFIA 2021 Integrator Feed Facility of the Year (FFY).

It was also mentioned that the factory is built to adapt to shifting demands and needs.

The factory, which produces over 400,000 tons of chicken feed per year, received the same honor in 2018. 


If you want to work for a company where you can be proud of your accomplishments, then you can consider applying for a job at Sanderson Farms.

Not only does the company offer great compensation, but it also provides its workers with many perks, including free housing, generous vacation days, and even tuition assistance.

So, go ahead to apply the information provided on this page to successfully complete the Sanderson Farms hiring process and be at a better chance of being employed.