Sam’s Club Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Sam’s Club hiring process.
To get a job at Sam’s Club requires passing through a hiring process.

Sam’s Club Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Sam’s Club involves various stages, including job application and interview processes you will have to complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Sam’s Club recruitment process and improve your chances of being hired by the Company.

Sam’s Club Company Overview

Sam’s club, officially named Sam’s West, Inc., is a United States chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs which are operated and owned by the well-known retailer – Walmart Inc.

It was founded in the year 1983, and was named after the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton.

As of January 2019, Sam’s West, Inc. had more than 57 billion USD dollars. And as result of this, it was ranked second among other warehouse clubs in terms of sales volume.

As of July 2019, Sam’s Club has 599 membership warehouse clubs in 44 American states under their operation.

Furthermore, in 1987 Sam’s Club first acquisition was made, and this was the purchase of West Monroe, Louisiana-based supersaver Wholesale warehouse club; due to this purchase, the chain expanded by having more than 20 locations.

Currently, Sam’s Club remains one of the largest organizations across the globe and has employed thousands of job seekers.

The Sam’s Club Hiring Process

To be employed at Sam’s Club, you will need to first apply for a job, and then experience the company’s hiring process, which consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application

A job application needs to be submitted to the hiring team at Sam’s club before you can get an entry into the hiring process.

You can submit an application by visiting Sam’s Club official website, or go to their career portal.

There, you will be given access to search and effortlessly choose the job that is preferred by you.

After deciding on the position you wish to apply for, just click on the “job title”, after which you will be taken to a new page where you fill an application and submit afterwards.

Some of your personal details and your resume will be requested when filling the form.

Ensure you provide the information in order to complete the application process.

An applicant must be at least 16 years to apply for a job at Sam’s club, some positions even require a minimum of 18 years to apply.

2. Interview Process

The next stage after an online application is an in-person interview, which normally takes several weeks before you can get an invitation for it.

Applicants can only reach this stage if their resume meets the requirements of the job they chose to apply for.

For this in-person interview, you will have to answer varieties of questions that will all be asked by the hiring manager or Human Resources personnel.

Some of the Sam’s Club interview questions include:

  • Can you tell me about the previous work experiences that you’ve had?
  • What do you know about Sam’s club?
  • What is the appropriate way to handle a customer who is upset?
  • How long do you wish to work for Sam’s club?
  • Can you give me a solid reason why I should employ you?

Before the interview date, you have to be well prepared and ready enough to counter the interviewer’s questions.

Here are some tips than can help you during the interview:

  • Be ready for your interview by reading up on your job position, watching how an employee interacts with guest, so you can have a knowledge of what the interview entails.
  • One of the major things that can disqualify you as n interviewee is arriving at the interview late. This will clearly show that you usually get to work late. Avoid attending an interview late.
  • When attending an interview, you need to appear professional, presentable, and well-groomed. Your attire can demonstrate these. Dress appropriately for the interview.

3. Hearing from Sam’s Club after an Interview

Applicants who have completed their interview with the hiring manager will get a response from the Human Resources department within a few weeks.

Some candidates can be employed immediately after the interview, probably due to their exceptional interview performances, or job positions that they chose.

4. Drug Test and Background Checks

Sam’s Club usually conducts drug tests and background checks for prospective employees, which will last for at least two working days.

For the background checks, Sam’s Club is ready to go back five to seven years into your history, in order to ensure you don’t have any criminal records or involvement in illegal practices.

The drug test occurs before the background check. It is typically requested immediately after you have been interview.

You can be drug tested at an off-site facility or somewhere else that’s appropriate.

If your results announce you drug-free, then you can start working. Otherwise, that should be the end of your journey seeking for a job at Sam’s Club.

5. Orientation

An orientation is being conducted in virtually all companies and Sam’s Club is not excluded.

Newly employed candidates experience orientation during the first few days of working at Sam’s Club.

The orientation is very compulsory since it gives employees a complete knowledge of the company’s policies, history, and typical regulations that must be adhered to.

Some positions might require you to get acquainted with some selected staffs and the work environment.

Sam’s Club Jobs and Careers

Sam’s Club has many job openings for job seekers, but here are some job positions that are often applied for:

• Stocker, receiving, and backroom associate: This employee is mainly responsible for ensuring that every customer is able to find the items on the shopping list. He or she is also responsible for unloading trucks, moving inventory around, and stocking shelves so that products can be found by consumers effortlessly.

  • Sales associate: This employee is assigned to work on the floor, assisting customers in finding what they wish to purchase in various departments. A sales associate also cleans his or her section and make sure it’s presentable.
  • Janitorial or cart attendant: This employee is in charge of keeping shopping carts stocked and cleaning the parking. Keeping the shopping facility clean and safe is included in a janitorial/cart attendant’s typical duties.
  • Department manager: This personnel provides leadership to sales associates in their departments and teaches these employees (especially new hires) how to adapt to Sam’s Club culture.
  • Front end and cashier: This employee work in a fast-paced environment where they need to thrive in performing different tasks, including cleaning their workspace, bagging items/products properly, and ringing up orders.

What to Expect Working at Sam’s Club

As an employee at Sam’s Club, you will encounter countless opportunities to grow in your career.

You will be able to build several connections, and it won’t be difficult to get help from a co-worker when needed.

The management prioritizes employees, and most times listens to the complaints made by workers.

If you are a long term worker, there are benefits you will have access to.

However, employees are sometimes treated differently by supervisors, which makes some feel not been treated fairly.

Some previous staffs of Sam’s Club feel the company is not great when it comes to wages and job security.


The careers at Sam’s Club are built around the organization’s goal to offer help to its members to live better.

The company currently has about 20,000 hourly employees and you can become one of them, which is very possible.

You only have to succeed in each part of the hiring process, by meeting with the requirements of the recruitment team.