AAA Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

AAA hiring process.
Knowing the AAA hiring process can help you to easily get employed at the organization.

AAA Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at AAA consists of various stages, including the job application and interview where you will be expected to successfully answer certain questions to be employed by the organization.

Please, continue reading to learn what you need to do to gain employment at AAA.

AAA Company Overview

The American Automobile Association, commonly called AAA, is an association of motor clubs all over North America.

It is a privately held non-profit organization, having more than 58 million members within U.S. and Canada.

AAA is headquartered at Heathrow, Florida, and it offers various services to its members, such as roadside assistance and more.

Moreover, AAA was founded in Chicago Illinois, in the year 1902. It came into existence as a result of insufficient highways and roads for automobiles.

AAA published its first road maps in 1905 and started printing hotel guides from 1917.

In 1920, AAA started a safety school patrol program, which helped to provide local schools with materials such as ID cards and badges to organize and train students into patrol force.

The AAA Hiring Process

AAA makes it possible for job seekers to secure a job in the organization by undergoing the hiring process, which entails the following:

1. Job Application Process

Applying for a job online through the AAA career portal is the first and most significant thing to do when looking for an employment offer from the company.

Similar to many other organizations, applying for a role requires you to fill and submit an online application form to the Recruitment team via AAA careers site.

In the process of filling the online application form, you will be asked to upload your resume/CV.

You might need to answer some questions as well.

Alternatively, AAA also accepts job applications through colleges or universities. But an online application is highly recommended.

2. Phone Interview

A telephone interview typically comes up after AAA recruiters have received an application and then find the resume suitable for the job.

The interview is usually mild, but the interviewer has to find you appealing and appropriate for the job before you can have a possibility of proceeding to the other parts of the hiring process.

The interviewer will asked a few questions regarding your resume and expertise, and your knowledge about the role you are applying for.

It is advised to go through your resume and read up about AAA before this interview occurs.

Also, make sure you take the phone interview in a very quiet and comfortable place where the interview can get your undivided attention.

3. In-person Interview

After you must have succeeded in the initial phone interview, the recruiters will send you an invitation to come for in-person interview, which will be with the hiring manager(s).

This interview is conducted to evaluate your previous work experiences, team work abilities, and ability to work for AAA, and education background.

Countless questions will be asked during the interview.

Not just your answers, but the manner in which you answer the questions will determine your success.

Aside from questions about the role, several behavioral questions will be asked as well (especially for customer care roles).

To help get you mind prepared for the AAA interview, here are possible questions you may encounter:

  • I’d like you to tell me/us about your former work experience, and why you’ve chosen not to work there any longer?
  • When it comes to your career, what are the goals you desire to achieve?
  • Tell me/us why you are the best individuals to take this role?
  • Have you ever disapproved a customer? And why?
  • Sometimes, very complex issues tend to arise while you work. How do you intend to tack this?

Interviews at AAA can most times make you wrack your nerve. Regardless of the role you are being interviewed for, early and intensive preparation matters a lot.

Below are a few helpful tips to help you succeed at the interview:

  • When you are being interviewed, try as much as possible to stay calm and relaxed all through.
  • Your answers should be authentic, direct, and concise.
  • During the interview, you can confidently but politely ask the interviewer to rephrase or repeat the question so you can understand its meaning or context in order to answer it correctly.
  • Aside from just answering questions, you may be asked to perform an exercise, which will exhibit how skillful you are in the role. This happens especially in a panel interview.

4. Hearing from AAA after the Interview

Expect a very quick response from the AAA recruiters once you have been interviewed in person.

In less than three days, you should get an email or probably a phone call from one of the hiring team members, communicating your interview results to you, as well as the possibility of getting employed.

5. Orientation

At The American Automobile Association, all newly employed individuals must undergo an orientation program and maybe a little training before they can start performing their assigned duties properly.

The orientation lasts for a few days and requires you to watch videos, do some paperwork, and get trained by a senior personnel in the same career line as yours.

It is very compulsory to take part in the AAA orientation so you can get vital information about the workplace, benefits, pay, and equipment, as well as dress code.

Moreover, you will also familiarize yourself with co-workers. Failing to participate in the orientation can terminate your employment offer.

AAA Jobs and Careers

Here are some of the available jobs you can apply for at AAA:

  • Business operations manager: This employee manages daily accounting functions and maintains the database and integrity of members. He/she is also responsible for coordinating monthly or yearly financial statements, as well as cost reporting.
  • Travel agent: This role is mainly responsible for working with clients, handling every area of travel planning. He/she also has a responsibility in providing domestic/international airfare, cruise, hotel, and car, as well as tour reservations.
  • Mechanic: This employee is responsible for identifying mechanical issues by utilizing diagnostic equipment that is computerized. He/she takes care of vehicle engines by testing and lubricating them often. A mechanic also has a responsibility in repairing or replacing worn components, including brake pads and wheel bearings.
  • Dispatcher: This position is responsible for receiving road services request information coming from the road service counselors. He/she utilizes various communication channels (such as telephone, radio, and digital/computer data link) to dispatch calls to facilities.
  • Roadside technical: This role provides safe roadside resolutions for The American Automobile Association members while making sure positive member experiences in a flatbed or tow vehicle. He/she also offers a slight mechanical assistance in a bid to get the vehicle of a member on-the-go, rather than tow.

What to Expect Working at AAA

AAA is a great organization to work for. The working environment is usually nice, and there are friendly and helpful co-workers to network with.

The management is supportive, making sure that certain work duties are facilitated. There is always room to advance your career and every staff is paid a very good wage.

However, at AAA, don’t expect to be given long breaks at work, since breaks are usually short and many employees don’t find it pleasant.


The goal of this company is to hire a candidate whose qualifications and experiences are in accordance with the job opening.

The recruiters always make sure that people’s applications are received and reviewed within a short time-frame.

Just in case your job application doesn’t get a quick response, probably as a result of so many other applications, log into your candidate portal (which you must have created while applying for the job) and check the progress or status of your application.