Retail Store Sales Associate Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Retail Store Sales Associate job description, duties, tasks, responsibilities
Retail Store Sales Associates perform various duties, including assisting customers in finding what they need.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a retail store sales associate, to help you learn of their tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

What Does a Retail Store Sales Associate Do?

A retail store sales associate is a visible force in any retail store. He/she is an individual who helps customers to make correct choices for products they are interested in.

The job description of a retail store sales associate is typically to assist customers in making purchases by illustrating, demonstrating, and suggesting products.

He/she is also expected to ensure that shelves are stocked and the sales floor is kept tidy.

They also utilize the cash register in ringing up transactions. This may encompass making use of calculators, credit card machines and bar code scanners.

Whenever they are not helping customers, they may organize product presentations, stock shelves, and update product records.

The major role of an individual employed as a retail store sales associate is to engage in selling.

The applicant for this position must therefore be customer focused, should possess sufficient knowledge of the company’s products, and be sales oriented.

The sales associate is usually the first person a customer encounters on entering the store.

He/she is obligated to create and maintain lasting relationship with the client so as to attain targeted sales goals, and stand for the store in a positive way while guaranteeing recurring business.

He/she will also be in charge of helping customers with their choices and where to locate them.

He/she will need to offer information about a particular product in question.

In some companies, retail store sales associates are required to utilize cash registers as soon as sales are made.

The functions of anyone appointed in this position also involves organizing inventory, pricing products, and stocking shelves whenever a new products are made available, or whenever the price of any product changes.

Sales associates at retail stores are expected to possess much attributes of patience as they will regularly encounter difficult customers.

The most accomplished store sales associates are courteous and amiable, and have an outgoing disposition.

They are also expected to understand the specifics of the product they are offering for sale.

Retail Store Sales Associate Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A sales associate in a retail store will usually carry out the duties, tasks, and responsibilities shown in the job description sample below.

  • Greet customers and acknowledge their needs and requests.
  • Engage customers in discussion on quality, type and number of product desired for purchase.
  • Suggest merchandise choice on the basis of a particular customer’s needs.
  • Offer advice to customers on how to make use of and care for a product.
  • Offer advice to customers with regards to services or specific products available.
  • Give detailed explanation on benefits of utilizing a particular product.
  • Acknowledge and give answers to customers concerns and inquiries.
  • Demonstrate how a product works as applicable.
  • Make reference to discounts and prices as well as trade-in allowances, delivery dates, credit terms and warranties.
  • Organize sales, contract and receive payment via check; credit card or cash payment.

Retail Store Sales Associate Job Description for Resume

The above job description example can be useful in preparing a resume for seeking a vacant sales associate position in a retail store.

Retail Store Sales Associate Requirements: Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

A lot of entry level retail store sales associate positions will not require a degree, but it will be mandatory for an ideal applicant to possess the following qualities:

  • At least a high school diploma or a prerequisite with a year’s experience in retail store management.
  • Dedication to the belief that individuals are entitled to respect, dignity, opportunity, and maximum community inclusion.
  • Exceptional skills in utilizing a cash register and closing out methods.
  • Ability to carry others along and must be able to relate properly with them.
  • Must be self-motivated, accurate, courteous, trustworthy, and well mannered.