Residential Sales Representative Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 3, 2023
Residential Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Residential Sales Representatives sell company’s products to customers within a particular location. Image source:

This post provides exhaustive information on the residential sales representative job description to help you learn what they do.

What Does a Residential Sales Representative Do?

The residential sales representative is in charge of selling a company’s products/services to customers within a particular area or location.

The job description of a residential sales representative involves designing effective strategies for generating leads, creating the plan of action to take, and executing it.

His/her role in his/her company also entails developing attractive promotional campaigns that are used to draw new customers to the company’s products, while giving existing customers reasons to keep patronizing their products.

The sales representative is expected to make unlimited sales.

To achieve this, he/she is constantly on the lookout for new customers by showcasing his/her company’s products/services in home shows and exhibitions which he/she participates in, with the aim of increasing sales.

As a sales expert, the representative understands that the amount of sales made in a residential area is a reflection of consumers’ needs there.

In line with this, he/she would first evaluate customers’ needs in a location before making supplies available in that area for the consumers there to purchase.

Other duties a residential sales representative usually performs include attending to customer complaints about company goods and services, and looking for the best way of resolving them to guaranty customer satisfaction.

The task of meeting targets is an important aspect of the sales rep’s job description.

He/she usually works under deadline to meet sales targets in a bid to exceed sales goals and generate high revenue.

Sales representatives are also their companies’ ambassadors and are expected to maintain good conduct at all times so as to present a good image of their companies to the public.

They are to accord people who make inquiries about their company’s products with the highest regards.

It is also the duty of the sales representative to maintain cordial relationships with customers so as to be able to interact with them freely whenever there is a new development concerning his/her company’s products and services.

A company’s sales rep for a particular residential area must be a goal getter to succeed.

He/she is also responsible for producing effective strategies for the implementation of marketing campaigns within a given timeframe, and ensuring that professional standards of marketing are adhered to.

Residential Sales Representative Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job description provided below is an example of the list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that individuals who work as residential sales representatives are expected to carry out in most companies.

  • Improve on the sales of products and services and adhere to assigned sales quota and outlined guidelines
  • Approach prospective clients and showcase the best products and services offered by the organization to them
  • Highlight unique and special features of company’s products or services to clients, giving them reasons the products/services are better than their competitors’
  • Seek appointments with clients to showcase company products and services; and follow up on clients who show interest
  • Process sales data for record keeping and accurate balancing of sales account
  • Interact with clients and build a professional network that could yield good sales results in the long run, and also bring good recommendations
  • Initiate promotions to give customers incentives and bonuses as a form of appreciation for their patronage
  • Take company’s products and services to the doorstep of clients when necessary to make the buying experience easier and convenient for them
  • Give detailed description of products/services to customers, as well as the various ways they can be used to obtain maximum satisfaction
  • Assist with direct sales in specific communities as directed by management.

Residential Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

To prepare a resume for the post of the residential sales rep, information about the functions of the post is needed to create the job history section of it.

This information is provided in the job description sample given above.

The job history or professional experience (as it is also called) section of the resume is an important part of the resume that seeks to convince the employer that the applicant is competent and can do the job well.

Residential Sales Representative Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

The representative covering residential sales is expected to develop the following attributes to succeed on the job:

  • Being a goal-oriented individual with the ability to meet sales deadlines
  • Possess good marketing skills for increasing customer base and sales
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to pass information to customers effectively
  • Possess strong persuasive skills for acquiring more customers and making more sales
  • Possess strong confidence to speak to people of various educational and cultural backgrounds
  • Possess strong skill for managing time and getting more tasks done before deadline is reached
  • Highly self motivated, with the ability to maintain optimism at all times.