Chiropractic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Chiropractic Medical Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Chiropractic Medical Assistant perform both clinical and administrative functions
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Chiropractic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Chiropractic Medical Assistant Do?

A chiropractic medical assistant is an individual who carries out both clinical and administrative duties in a chiropractic office for smooth flow of operations towards the achievement of organizational goals.

The job description of a medical assistant in a chiropractic office involves rendering outstanding patient care services by helping out with therapies.

He/she will also assist in examining patients, as well as sensitizing the public on chiropractic procedure.
The role the medical assistant in a chiropractic clinic also involves persuading patients to comply with acceptable standards in the clinic during their care plan visits.

Other duties he/she may perform include helping to promote his/her clinic’s services to the public to increase its clientele. One way he/she can achieve this is by giving new clients a memorable experience on their first visit.

Chiropractic medical assistants work directly under doctors. They are responsible for scheduling clients’ appointments. They will be in constant communication with clients, keeping them updated on their appointments.

If there is need for cancellation or rescheduling of previously fixed appointments with clients, the medical assistant will promptly relay the information to the clients for them to be aware of the change.

The assistant’s tasks also include informing the doctor of all scheduled appointments with patients, as well as alerting him/her of patients’ arrival.

If there are cases of emergency, the assistant will quickly create room for the doctor to attend to the patient even without prior appointment.

The job of the medical assistant in a chiropractic clinic is one that brings the individual to lots of direct contact with people each day.

He/she is expected to receive clients to the clinic and provide answers to their questions.

He/she will also inform visitors to the clinic the various treatment services it offers and the applicable charges.

In their interactions with visitors, medical assistants must strive to leave a good impression of their clinics in the minds of visitors so as to increase their chances of converting them to clients in the future.

The assistant’s work also includes keeping the doctor informed about patients’ cares and concerns regarding their treatment in the clinic.

Chiropractic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description for the role of medical assistant in a chiropractic clinic.
It highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of most chiropractic medical assistants.

  • Get information of patients’ medical history and demographics from them and enter it into the clinic’s file, as well as in its computer system as part of record keeping measures
  • Verify information provided by patients to be sure it is accurate and authentic
  • Process patients’ payment after treatment or consultation has been completed, making billing charts available to them, and verifying payment facilities like credit cards and checks; issue receipts and put payment documents in appropriate file(s) as evidence
  • Make documents of patients’ clinical activities available to relevant departments in the organization by scanning, faxing, or emailing it to them
  • Work with staff from other departments in providing excellent service to clients
  • Assist in organizing office events like trainings, seminars, and anniversaries, participating actively for the success of such events
  • Keep the office clean to ensure patients’ comfort in accordance with clinic hygienic practices. This includes supervising fumigation of the environment to get rid of harmful insects and reptiles
  • Work with insurance firms to verify patients’ claims; facilitate patients’ benefits by providing their records in the clinic to the insurance agency
  • Explain medication procedures to patients and educate them on the need to take their drugs religiously as prescribed by the doctor for quick recovery
  • Facilitate collection of over the counter funds
  • Lead patients to the various departments in the clinic in the course of their treatment, to make it less stressful for them
  • Contact patients for collection of test results, including lab test and x-ray results
  • Keep inventory and patients’ records safe and confidential
  • Resume work early and get the office ready for daily operations

Making a resume for the job of chiropractic medical assistant:

To produce a resume for the job of medical assistant working in a chiropractic clinic, you will need to create the various parts of the resume with the right information.

The work history section, which is one of the vital parts of the resume, can be created using the duties and responsibilities of the occupation highlighted in the sample job description provided above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Chiropractic Medical Assistant Position

To improve your chances of being hired to work as a medical assistant in a chiropractic office, you will need to develop the following qualities, including skills and abilities, which most employers usually look for when employing new hands:

  • Strong ability to follow instructions diligently in administering medications to patients following the doctor’s directive
  • Ability to work harmoniously with a team, and to maintain cordial relationship with other members of staff in achieving organizational goals
  • Excellent communication skills to confidently interact with clients by either in written or spoken means
  • Ability to engage in multiple tasks at a time, which is helpful in completing more assignments daily
  • Strong ability to work under pressure in a high paced environment