Real Estate Agent Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Real estate agent job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
The real estate agent job entails finding and listing properties for sale.

Real Estate Agent Job Description Example

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

A real estate agent acts as the middleman between sellers and buyers of a real estate property, yet the agent either represents the seller or the buyer.

The real estate agent job description entails helping in deciding the going rate of a real estate property when compared to a similar property recently bought or sold.

They also offer advice to clients on prices, legal prerequisites, current market conditions, mortgages, and related matters.

Real estate agents conduct sales promotion and adverts of properties in different media through newspapers and online listing services.

They go along with buyers to the homes that are up for purchase or rent and offer advice as regards the suitability and features of the property.

Their role also involves helping with necessary documentation, such as closing statements, deeds, leases, and purchase agreements that spell out the nature of transaction between the seller and the buyer.

Real estate agents help protect the interest of different stakeholders associated with each transaction, such as lenders, home inspectors, and escrow companies, making sure the terms and conditions are fully satisfied.

They have dialogue with clients in a bid to ascertain the kind of property they want

Their work description also entails making sure that every transaction comes to a logical end by guiding client in the use of the closing statement; they supervise signing of documents and fund disbursement.

They organize a list of properties and match them with the taste and financial resources of clients.

They are also responsible for reaching out to property owners and making them aware of their services in a bid to get their property listed.

They advertise to customers and prospects about their products and services.

Real estate agents also conduct a title search to confirm if a property owner has a clear title.

They keep up with current affairs in their trade by attending conferences, seminars association meetings, and staying informed by reading trade journals and relevant literature.

Real estate agents also schedule appointment between buyers and sellers when terms need to be negotiated.

They inspect properties and advise owners on maintenance needs necessary to make the property attractive enough for sale

They also organize training sessions for equipping sales representatives to optimise sales outcome.

They identify underdeveloped locations that are ripe for development due to correct evaluation of local market conditions.

Real estate agents can make proposals to customers and prospects. They pitch their products or services to clients.

They make clients and prospect aware of new offerings and new constructions – explaining the benefits and features.

They also help check mortgage options and advise on what is best as regards terms and rates.

The have and maintain networks of professionals associated with the real estate business, such as mortgage lenders, attorneys, and contractors. This network proves useful for clients whenever necessary.

Real Estate Agent Job Description Example/Template

The outline below are the responsibilities, duties, and tasks that sum up the job description of a real estate agent, it is a good enough template that an employer can deploy for employee selection:

  • Represents a party in real estate deals
  • Organize and run adverts
  • Put documents/contracts together
  • Accompany buyers for purchase
  • Value properties
  • Protect stakeholders’ interest
  • Advice buyers based on needs
  • Confirm title search
  • Find and make property listings
  • Schedule business appointments
  • Advice home owners
  • Train staff for effectiveness
  • Locate viable unexploited locations ripe for development
  • Provide mortgage advise
  • Develop useful professional network.

Real Estate Agent Resume Preparation

Are you presently a real estate agent or have you worked that job before? When you set out to make a résumé for the job of a real estate agent, the sample job description provided above can be immensely useful in outlining the tasks and duties you carried out.

This helps to influence an employer in considering you for the job.

Requirements – Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills – for Real Estate Agent Job

Here are some of the major qualities employers expect a good real estate agent to possess:

Interest in houses and architecture: native interest in the subject of housing and architecture is one quality that separates a professional from a mediocre. When a real estate agent has a compelling interest in the business of properties, it tends to shine through in everything they do. He/she commands above average knowledge and creativity at the job. People can sense that he/she is the right person to work with.

Self-motivated entrepreneur: a good real estate agent must be a self-motivated person; a self -motivated real estate agent can plan and follow through on the plan. He/she displays a sense of initiative, a useful quality for achieving success.

Organized individual with attention to details: a good real estate agent must know how to prepare relevant documents for real estate transactions. He/she must also know how to organize information in a way that matches the needs of prospects/clients.

Honesty and tenacity: there is no question that some real estate agents can falsify information in a bid to make a sale, but in the long term this is bad for business. Customers are dissatisfied and they will go some length in expressing their anger. In the era of social media, this can have a serious impact on such business.

Honesty in transactions is a vital ingredient if one wants to be relevant in business.

Knowledge of technology: a good real estate agent must be comfortable with the use of technology in this age of social media and the internet. Most persons are better reached with these tools than through any other medium.

Real Estate Agent Skills for Resume

Again, when putting a resume together as a real estate agent, it is important you highlight your set of skills. It informs prospective employers that you are suitable for the job.

The skills and qualities given above to succeed as a real estate agent can be applied in crafting a good skills section for your resume.


Learning what it takes to perform well at the job of a real estate agent is the first requirement to doing the job well.

Also, employers will find the real estate sample work description helpful in getting the best hands for the job.

Hope you found our real estate agent job description beneficial? What would you like to add? Please do drop your comments?