PSB Exam: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
PSB Exam
You will be required to take the PSB Exam if you are seeking to get into a health career.

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) exam is designed purposely for students enrolling in academic programs for health careers.

The test consists of a series of tests that assess the knowledge, approach, and abilities thought of as vital for successful performance in a health program.

PSB started as a single test, but now it has developed into separate tests for specific fields and general reading comprehension.

Since 1955, PSB has been training and conducting entrance exams for health services.

Academic Aptitude, Vocational Adjustment, Reading Science, Natural Science, and Spelling are all included in the PSB Exam for Allied Health Professions and Nursing.

Each of the testing batteries developed by PSB consists of specific tests that assist to predict success in specific programs, and help in choosing the right career choices, with training included.

The first three PSB exams are made up of five sections – each measuring preparedness and aptitude for the particular fields they are designed for.

The questions and time of these tests differ significantly according to the category of test. The institution requiring the PSB exam determines the fees and acceptable scores.

20 Important Facts about PSB Exam you need to Know

Here are important facts and tips about the PSB exam that you need to know to excel in it:

  1. What is PSB Exam?

PSB exams provide a detailed idea about a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience to indicate how successful they will be on their course and their future career.

Any person applying for a healthcare program needs to take the PSB exam before being offered admission into the college or university.

Where you will shine in and where to probably struggle will be detected with the PSB exam.

Students benefit from training programs where additional support can be given to those who struggle with specific areas.

The PSB exam helps assess basic academic skills like reading, numeracy, literacy, and the knowledge of sciences and personality traits.

  1. What are the Three Types of PSB Exams

The three types of PSB exams will evaluate academic aptitude, science topics, and spelling, as well as contains a job questionnaire.

Each of them has the same similarity with some slight differences in sub-tests, questions asked, and time constraints.

The three types of PSB exams are the Health Occupational Aptitude Examination (PSB-HO), Registered Nursing School Aptitude Examination (PSB-RN), and The Aptitude for Practical Nursing Examination (PSB-PN).

  1. What is the Format of PSB Exams?

PSB exams are administered in both paper and digital editions in individual and group formats.

The results of the exam are given in graphic formats that are easy to understand. These graphic formats provide measurements of aptitude and willingness for the programs they are designed for.

In addition, PSB offers collected listings of exam takers’ results for the users of the exam. There is an online exam preparation that PSB provides.

  1. How can I get PSB Certified from my Home or Office?

Your PSB exam can easily be taken from home via OnVUE online proctoring, where a live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation.

It’s a wonderful experience taking your PSB exam from the comfort of your home or office.

  1. PSB Exam Registration and Scheduling

To register for your exam, you must visit PSB online website at You will do that with an eligibility code your school provides for you.

Pearson VUE will send an email about the authorization to your exam, which will invite you to schedule your exam date, time, and venue.

But that will not be possible until your registration and payment have been confirmed by PSB.

For those who have their school as the only venue option for their PSB testing, other locations may be provided for them if the school permits for that on a one-person basis.

A confirmation email including the exam date, time, and venue will be sent to you once your exam has been scheduled through Pearson VUE.

Your first and last name in your PSB profile should look exactly the same as your valid photo identification.

You will not be allowed into the Pearson VUE test center if the names don’t match exactly.

  1. Tips for Success in PSB Exam Day?

Here are useful tips you can apply to help you excel on the PSB exam day:

  • Enter the test center on time before the scheduled time your exam should start
  • Submit your ID
  • Provide a digital signature and take a photo as part of the admission process
  • You are not allowed to use any personal belonging in the exam hall
  • You may be allowed to walk into the exam with a pen and a scratch paper
  • A calculator is not allowed to be used for this test.
  1. PSB On-campus testing

PSB provides limited on-campus testing done on an appointment basis if you don’t have access to complete testing remotely.

The basic academic knowledge required to be successful in the healthcare field is assessed by the PSB exam. You need to complete all program prerequisite courses before taking this test.

You may be required to take the Psychological Services Bureau Examination if you are applying to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program, Health Professions, and Paramedic programs at Elgin Community College.

  1. PSB On-campus Exam Fees

To test and provide an ECC student ID number and a valid email address for testing, you must have an appointment and also apply to the college in order to obtain an ECC student ID.

You will receive a welcome letter email with your ECC ID number once your application is processed. PSB exam is administered on-campus and remotely. The PSB on-campus test fee is $60.

  1. How to Schedule an On-campus PSB Exam Appointment

You need to follow this link: for testing days, times, and registration in order to schedule an on-campus PSB exam appointment

ECC will provide PSB with your contact information the week of your scheduled test. An email containing your contact information will be sent to you with the subject ‘PSB Test Pre-Registration’.

You will be required to complete the steps as directed in the email. Your test will be delayed if you fail to complete this step.

After you must have completed your pre-registration, an email from will be sent to you within one business day.

This email comes with your PSB ID, instructions, a link to their website, and other information required to properly create your account.

For a successful registration or testing, a cell phone isn’t allowed to be used. Testing will be delayed if you fail to complete this step.

Bring your Pearson VUE account login information with you on the test day.

  1. PSB Remote Testing Fee and How to Schedule a Remote PSB Exam

It can cost you $85 to get a PSB remote test, and testing must take place on a PC or MAC.

Mobile devices like notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones do not contain the resources to provide the PSB exam. The remote option email for registration is

With demonstrated need through the ECC Foundation during Summer and Fall 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, financial support may be rendered to you for the PSB exam for students.

You can apply for assistance if the test price becomes an obstacle to your educational goals.

  1. PSB Exam Preparation Tips

Here are some tips you can apply to help you in your PSB preparation:

  • Narrow your studies toward the sections covered in the exam

The main focus of the PSB exam will be on natural science, arithmetic, and spelling. Therefore, ensure that you include these areas in your study.

Look for reading comprehensions online and use them as part of your studies if you are taking the Registered Nursing or Health Occupations exams.

  • Take some time to think about the section called the Vocational Adjustment Index

The section is an important part of the PSB exam and it’s designed to see if you are suitable for the healthcare role that you are applying for.

You should be honest answering each question, but ensure you spend time considering the personality traits and skills needed for the healthcare profession and how you can use those skills in your answers.

  • Arrive at the exam venue early

Enrollment or interviews may take much of your time and even lead to late completion. But when you arrive early you will have much to cover within a short period.

  • Make proper arrangements prior to your exam day

Some people may want to start packing their luggage on the day of the exam when they are about to leave. That’s a wrong and poor arrangement.

A list of items to take with you may be given to you for a healthcare program and interview, and you need to get things ready before leaving.

Hurrying out can make you forget your photo ID, pencil, pen, or other things required for the exam.

The requirements of the PSB exam will come along with the letter or email sent to you that contains the exam date and time.

  • Answer the questions with strategies

Develop a strategy to use in answering the questions. You can start with the easier questions to save time before going to the harder ones that may take time to complete.

Don’t panic if you don’t know an answer. Only think deeply, but if you can’t get it immediately, you may leave it to come back to it later.

  1. Practice Tests will Help you Pass the PSB Exam

Practice tests accurately simulate the speed, content, and scoring pattern of the main exam.

With Exam Edge’s practice tests, you can predict your performance on the PSB real exam. The practice tests will give you an accurate picture of your current ability and areas you need to work on.

Practice tests are better as a flashcard or simple guide because it will make you identify the areas you need to give more attention to during your preparation, instead of just memorizing the correct answers.

  1. What should I know about my PSB Exam Day?

There are some things you need to know about your PSB exam, and they include:

  • The PSB exam time limit is 2.5 hours
  • You are required to bring a valid photo ID along with you
  • You won’t be allowed to walk into the exam room with study aids like a calculator or textbook.
  1. How can my PSB Exam Results be received?

After completing the PSB exam, it will take you two business days to receive your results. Not only you, but the appropriate Health Professions program director will receive a copy of your results, too.

Retaking the PSB exam will help you improve your scores. But we suggest that you don’t retake the exam immediately.

We recommend that you give yourself about four weeks to prepare before retaking the PSB exam. PSB scores don’t expire.

It will cost you $60 to retake the PSB exam on-campus and $85 for remote, regardless of whether you are retaking just one section or the whole exam.

You will not be allowed another attempt at the PSB exam until July 9 the following year if you take the exam on July 9 (1st attempt) and then retake another portion on August 9 (2nd attempt).

The scores from your 2nd and 3rd attempts of the PSB exam would be used in the admission decision if you took the exam on February 5, 2014 (1st attempt), April 17, 2014 (2nd attempt), and February 12, 2015 (3rd attempt).

  1. Where can I Prepare for the PSB Exam?

Practice is a sure way to scoring higher on the PSB exam. There are many websites where you can prepare for this exam.
JobTestPrep offers a complete Prep Package to help improve your assessment. For ten years now, JobTestPrep and WikiJob have been in perfect collaboration and they both have received much positive feedback from users.

Another place where you can also prepare for the PSB exam is TestPrep-Online. It has in-depth test content and format to improve test results, and currently working on study guides and practice tests to completely prepare users for PSB exams.

  1. How can the PSB Exam Results be used?

You must score in the 25 percentile or better in each section of the PSB exam in order to be considered for admission to Massage Therapy, Paramedics, Radiography, Surgical Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Histotechnology, or Nursing.

The competition is high for entry into these programs in health professions.

You must score in the 12 percentile or better in each section of the PSB exam in order to be considered for admission to Sterile Processing, Sterile Processing & Distribution, Basic Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy, Dental Assisting, or Emergency Medical Technician.

Admission to these programs for Health careers is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. What are PSB Exams used for?

Throughout the United States, PSB exams have been used as entrance exams for healthcare training, university, and college programs.

The exam includes a lot of possible ways to identify if a student is a right fit for the program they are applying for.

PSB exams are designed to discover the students’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to a career in healthcare.

This helps employers to evaluate candidates and actually find out if they will be able to complete their chosen programs or if another career path could be more suitable for them.

  1. How is the PSB exam scored?

PSB exams are taken on a computer and their results are readily prepared and completed. The institution will receive a complete copy of the results.

The standard timeframe for the return of results is 24 hours using the paper version. Ensure to check with the exam center first.

Your score holds much weight with nursing schools and healthcare programs as it shows just how able you are performing in a healthcare career.

Two scores such as a raw score and a percentile rank are provided when candidates receive their results.

  1. The Raw Score and Percentile Rank (PR)

The number of questions that were answered correctly, which may also be offered as a percentage, is the raw score.

A breakdown of each candidate’s performance will be given on each section and sub-test to decide which areas they can do better and where they may need to develop.

A Percentile Rank (PR) is the second score. It’s a percentile figure that ranks all candidates on one scale.

To determine if the candidate has scored better than 75%, a percentile score of 75 is required.

However, 25% is a better score.

The results might be included in the training and will prove how every candidate learns and digests information best.

  1. What do I Expect when Taking the PSB Exam?

The PSB exam is conducted within the healthcare facility an individual has applied to join.

The test has both paper and computer versions. The exam may be administered as part of an entrance course assessment or an interview.

You should check the requirements with the college or university of your choice. Each of the courses has a different way to approach candidates.

Candidates are not allowed to take any personal items into the test except a pencil and scrap paper.

You may take food and drink with you, but a calculating device isn’t acceptable.

For extra information, you may check with the administrators or check any paperwork you receive. While some facilities might provide a pencil and paper, others may not.

Remember to take a photo ID, as mentioned earlier, to be used for course registration if there is a need to do so.

PSB Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample Psychological Services Bureau exam practice questions and answers that you can work with in your preparation for the PSB exam:

Question 1

Which of the following characteristics are most important for the day-to-day functioning of a

A. Clarity of speech
B. Range of motion
C. Adaptability
D. Friendliness

Answer: A, C, and D.

Question 2

How well you think and learn can be assessed using Academic Aptitude. The types of questions you will be expected to answer in this part of the exam are demonstrated by the following samples.

A. Bad
B. Evil
C. Wicked
D. Good
E. Naughty

Which of the above set of words is most different in meaning from the other words?

The correct answer is good

The word ‘Good’ is the correct answer

Question 3

Spelling evaluates how well you can spell and what you know about the different rules of grammar as they are reflected in the spelling of certain words. A word with three different spellings is included in each line below. From each line, choose the word that is spelled correctly.

A. Acheive
B. Achieve
C. Achive

‘Achieve’ is the answer with the correct spelling. Therefore, the correct answer is B.


PSB exam assesses the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses for working in the healthcare profession.

It is administered either on a computer or paper, and you need to take the test before applying to your chosen college.

An interview may be added as part of the process, and a serious focus should be kept on your score.

So, you need to achieve a high PSB score to significantly increase your chances of working in the health industry.