Project Team Leader Job Description Sample

Project Team Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Project Team Leaders provide leadership to team members in generating and developing a good plan for the project at hand. Image source:

Project Team Leader Job Description Sample

The project team leader is the front runner of the project. He/she liaises with other team members in generating and developing a good project plan that is capable of achieving progression criteria with the use of proven methods in the shortest time possible without much expense.

As a leader, his/her job description includes working with other key members on the project to come up with the goals, objective and aims of the project.

With these at hand, the project leader works judiciously in line with organizational goals to give other team members direction on areas to focus on.

Project team leaders exhibit good judgment in making decisions that are related to the project.

In doing this, they recognize the importance of other team members and carry them along in all decisions and policies made. In the long run, the project leader takes responsibility for all actions caused by decisions taken.

As an expert in the field, the leader understands both the technical, financial and professional angles of the project and has the role to direct team members on the best approaches to take.

In order to hold the front stage, the leader of the project team exhibits great influence by working with departmental team leaders, stake holders and line managers to ensure that they are in agreement on project strategies.

He/she is responsible for coming up with agenda for project meetings and facilitate subsequent follow-up on all issues raised and discussed in the meeting to ensure that they are carried out to the latter.

Sample Project Team Leader Job Description

The sample job description below for the project team leader contains key duties, tasks, and responsibilities which the individual holding the position is usually expected to execute.

  • Give clear directions and instructions to both team members and stakeholders with regards to external factors, to enable them carryout their duties effectively
  • Clarify the duties, roles and functions of team members between both prospective competing team members and their superiors
  • Create and implement project plan and execution
  • Encourage contributions and input from team members and other key stake holders on the project and acknowledge efforts made by team members and reward them accordingly
  • Give clear and unbiased assessment of the movement and nature of projects in relations to production cost and expenses
  • Determine the appropriate time to make advancement on projects and move on to further stages. Also, acknowledge when certain strategies aren’t effective and implement change of plans
  • Carryout constant evaluation and adjustment within a specific period of time to ensure that both internal and external factors do not suffer
  • Maintain direct and open interaction with line managers to make sure all resources needed for the project are available and also consider the negotiation of amendments to project plans to achieve best offers

The project team leader job description example above can also be useful in writing an effective resume for the position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Position of Project Team Leader

Here are key skills, knowledge and other requirements expected of the project team leader:

  • Exhibit good leadership skills by carrying everyone along without bias
  • Be highly focused in order to stick to the objectives and goals of the company without giving in to undue distractions and challenges
  • Exhibit good motivational skills to bring out the best in team members
  • Good crises management skills to handle pressure from project challenges
  • Good temperament to deal with team members’ shortcomings.

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