Photographer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 6, 2023
Photographer Job Description
A good photographer knows exactly the kind of image and specifications the client really wants.

This post provides detailed information on the photographer job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the photographer role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Photographer Do?

Photographers are artists who by means of a camera capture people, objects, or moments for commercial or creative purposes.

The photographer job description entails using various photographic equipment and software to capture and produce images for artistic, journalistic, or business reasons.

In performing their duties, photographers contact clients with photography needs. They discuss with clients to identify their image requirements and specifications.

They also proffer to clients recommendations necessary to achieve desired image.

Photographers usually conduct research to obtain information useful in preparing for a shoot.

They assemble and set up a range of technical tools and equipment such as cameras, lenses, camera stand, lighting equipment, and studio backdrop.

Their role also involves arranging still life objects, props, and products to highlight a photographic concept.

As part of their responsibilities, photographers collaborate with other artistic specialists such as graphic designers, gallery managers, and art directors to develop and implement action plans for a project.

Their work description also involves maintaining up-to-date knowledge of recent techniques in digital and film photography, as well as evaluating industry trends and adjusting accordingly to changes.

Usually, photographers take pictures of subjects using cameras, and oversee the processing of images in digital or print format.

They also retouch and edit photos to meet the expectations and requirements of clients.

In fulfilling their role, photographers produce framed images of various sizes according to client request.

They often use chemicals to develop images from a negative when using traditional photography technique.

Photographer description also entails covering documentaries, music videos and television programs.

As part of their duties, they direct and correctly position participants during a photo shoot, and also select/install filters and screen on cameras to produce desired effects.

To get into the photographer career requires at least a high school diploma and vocational training in a technical school or by a professional photographer.

Some of the qualities you need to have to be good photographer include computer skill, customer service, and artistic qualities.

Photographer Job Description Example/Template

The role of a photographer entails carrying out various functions; the job description example provided below highlights major tasks, duties, and responsibilities photographers commonly perform:

  • Operate traditional film or digital cameras to capture images of subjects
  • Attach to cameras a range of photographic accessories such as filters, flash attachments, tripod stand and lenses as required
  • Adjust camera apertures, shutter speed and camera focus to control parameters such as lighting, field depth and motion
  • Set up artificial lighting using flashes, reflectors and other lighting equipment
  • Use specialized computer software to enhance and edit digital images
  • Produce image prints using chemicals to develop a negative
  • Convert image data between digital and analog format using scanners and printers
  • Inspect photographic equipment prior to use to ensure they function efficiently
  • Select and assemble materials required for a photo shoot such as still life objects and background properties
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of photo production personnel
  • Take pictures of families, objects, animals or individuals in a studio or at choice location
  • Apply specialized photographic technique such as sensitometry, photogrammetry or macrophotography
  • Carry out research to develop new photographic procedures and materials
  • Frame, laminate or lacquer photographs to obtain a desired finish
  • Secure photo copyrights by licensing the use of photographs through stock photo agencies
  • Determine the technical requirements of a project such as light levels, distances, and exposure.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Photographer Role

If you are looking to work as a photographer, there are certain requirements you will be expected to meet by employers, including the following:

  • Education and Training: A photographer job does not require much formal education; with minimum of a high school diploma you can go on to become a photographer by enrolling in a vocational school that offers photography classes. Photographers are required to have a collection of images which highlight their skills and style. This collection of artistic pieces is what clients and art directors use to assess photographers before they are hired or contracted
  • Computer skill: Photographers are proficient in using computer technology to edit, process, and print images
  • Customer service: They are able to understand the needs of clients thus they work to produce photos that meet such needs
  • Artistic Quality: They are able to manipulate parameters such as light, shades, distance, and colors to create the desired effect.


If you need a description for the photographer job for use in hiring someone for the role, the sample work description contained in this post can help you to quickly and conveniently make one.

All you need to do is to modify the duties and responsibilities of the position highlighted in the job description if necessary to match the goal you want to achieve, and you are sure of creating a detailed description that can get you the best photographer available.

This post also helps individuals who are interested in becoming a photographer to learn about the career and be prepared for the responsibilities of the job.