Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii
The salary earned by pharmacists in Hawaii depends on the city they live.

The pharmacist salary in Hawaii is about $130,570 yearly and $62.80 hourly.

Pharmacists in Hawaii are tasked with counseling patients on their medications; communicating with prescribers and insurance companies, ensuring patient safety, and also managing pharmacy staff.

Pharmacists Salary in Hawaii Cities

Here are the salaries pharmacists earn across the cities of Hawaii:

 CitySalary (hourly)Salary (Yearly)
1.East Honolulu$70.67$146,999
2.Ewa Beach$71.15$147,998
3.Ewa Gentry$71.12147,931
5.Hawaiian Paradise Park$70.67$146,999
9.Kailua CDP$70.67$146,999
12.Kaneohe Base$71.15$147,998
19.Mililani Mauka$71.02$147,731
20.Mililani Town$71.02$147,731
22.Ocean Pointe$70.67$146,999
23.Pearl City$71.15$147,998
24..Royal Kunia$71.02$147,731
25.Schofield Barracks$71.15$147,998
26.Urban Honolulu$71.15$147,998
32.Waimea CDP$68.75$143,020
Pharmacists’ salaries across the cities of Hawaii

Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii

Cities in Hawaii pay varying amounts of salaries to their pharmacy staff in the State. The ten cities that pay the most are:

 CitySalary (Hourly)Salary (Yearly)
1.Ewa Beach$71.15$147,998
3.Kaneohe Base$71.15$147,998
5Pearl City$71.15$147,998
6:Schofield Barracks$71.15$147,998
7:Urban Honolulu$71.15$147,998
8.Ewa Gentry$71.12147,931
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Hawaii

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii

Employers are always on the lookout for the skills that’ll be of great help to their companies and when they see pharmacists that possess these skills, they won’t hesitate to have them well rewarded

Employers are willing to pay as high as $160,000 to pharmacists that are really skilled in certain areas of specialization.

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii

Experience is a game changer in the field of pharmacy as most employers always look to employ more experienced pharmacists whom they can trust more.

A pharmacist that has just one year of experience could earn a total compensation (includes bonuses, tips, and overtime pay) of about $137,821 on average while another with an experience of ten years or above  may earn about $170,495 every year.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Hawaii

Pharmacists are always on the lookout to go to places where the pay is more lucrative. Here are ten companies that offer just that:

 CompanySalary (Yearly)Salary (Hourly)
1Stanford Health Care$177,694$85.43
2UCLA Health$160,992$77.40
3Dignity Health$154,648$74.35
5MedWatchers Inc$144,060$69.26
6Costco Wholesale$141,356$67.96
7Riverside Health System$139,547$67.09
8Parkland Health & Hospital System$139,048$66.85
9Swedish Medical Center$134,284$64.56
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Hawaii

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Pharmacists in Hawaii

  • Manager, Pharmacy Operations: Salary is about $164,000 yearly.
  • Pharmacologist: Salary is about $152,000 per year.
  • Hospital Pharmacist: Salary is about $145,000
  • Inpatient Pharmacist – Salary is about $144,000 yearly.
  • Pharmaceutical Physician: Salary is about $143,000 yearly.
  • Pharmacist in Charge: Salary is about $130,000 yearly.
  • Clinical Staff Pharmacist: Salary is about $130,000 yearly.
  • Relief Pharmacist: Salary is about $119,000 yearly.
  • Hospital Staff Pharmacist: Salary is about $116,000 yearly.
  • Pharmacist Retail: Salary is about $115,000 yearly.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Hawaii

Pharmacists in the State of Hawaii enjoy tons of benefits and they include:

  • Relocation Benefits: When a pharmacist is hired and needs to work in a new location, or is transferred to a new location, the company aids in the money spent to get a place close to the workplace.
  • Vacation Time: Some pharmacists are given time off to enjoy with their families and friends after some months of diligent work.
  • Professional Development: Some employers reimburse the fees that pharmacists that work for them pay in order to develop thematic further.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacist Earn in Hawaii

Job titles that are similar to pharmacy in Hawaii include:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinators conduct medical research and clinical drug trials. They earn about $91,510 every year.

  • Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians are professionals that support scientists who are in pursuit of research by preparing a laboratory for use, performing routine functions needed for investigations and experiments, and also recording and analyzing information.

Their average earning is $54,180 per year.

  • Research Scientist

Research scientists work in drug trials and are responsible for the preparation of medications that are provided for test subjects whilst also overseeing their proper dispensing.

They earn about $91,510 on average.

Pharmacist Salary and Job Outlook in Hawaii

In Hawaii, according to the BLS, there is a projection of about 3.5% growth in employment rate for pharmacists in the next decade and about 300 jobs will be created yearly.

The salary increase for pharmacists is also projected to be about 1.5% in the next ten years.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacist in Hawaii

In Hawaii, a pharmacist can get extra pay by holding workshops and academic seminars

Another way to earn more is by offering counseling services on the side to people that need it.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Hawaii

Additional career opportunities available to pharmacists in Hawaii include:

  • Health outcomes pharmacist

Health outcomes pharmacists plan and also implement the various clinical pharmacy patient care programs which include medication therapy management programs and immunization services.

The salary for these professionals is about $115,375 yearly.

  • Pharmacy specialist

Pharmacy specialists are charged with assembling and maintaining the medical histories of patients, reviewing them in order to evaluate the self-care needs of the patients.

The pharmacy specialist salary is about $112,282 yearly.

  • Staff pharmacist

The staff pharmacist’s job is to draw analysis and interpret reports, monitor and implement safety controls, and also conduct operational and quality assurance reviews. 

The staff pharmacist’s salary is about $55.16 per hour.


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