Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada and How to increase your Pay

By | July 14, 2023
Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada
The cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Nevada include Mesquite, Incline Village, and Moapa Valley. Image source: success.

The pharmacy technician salary in Nevada is $35,745 annually.

Mesquite, Incline Village, and Moapa Valley are some of the best paying cities while the highest paying companies are Kaiser Permanente, Avella Specialty Pharmacy, and Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center.

This post also covers employment benefits, salaries paid in related fields, and tips to increasing your salary as a pharmacy technician in Nevada.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada Cities

Here is salary information for pharmacy technicians across cities in Nevada:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Las Vegas$18.13$35,511
4.North Las Vegas$19.10$37,424
5.Spring Valley$14.09$27,595
7.Sunrise Manor$19.40$38,000
10.Carson City$18.13$35,510
14.Summerlin South$19.32$37,855
15.Sun Valley$16.42$32,164
19.Boulder City$13.05$25,569
20.Spanish Springs$16.36$32,046
21.Spring Creek$16.53$32,375
23.Gardnerville Ranchos$19.06$37,332
24.Cold Springs$16.47$32,259
25.Incline Village$22.02$43,260
29.Moapa Valley$21.06$41,256
30.Indian Hills$19.47$38,682
Salaries of pharmacy technicians across cities of Nevada.

Cities with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada

Here are some of the best paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Nevada:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
2.Incline Village$22.02$43,260
3.Moapa Valley$21.06$41,256
8.Indian Hills$19.47$38,682
10.Sunrise Manor$19.40$38,000
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Nevada.

Skill-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada

The salary of a pharm tech in Nevada can be influenced by certain skills, which include:

  • Root Cause Analysis; +58.93%.
  • Aseptic Technique; +21.64%
  • Infusion Experience; +17.70%
  • Medical Terminology; +17.42%
  • Hospital Experience; +12.54%.

Experience-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada

The amount of experience that a pharmacy technician has on the job can impact their salary take home in Nevada.

An entry-level pharmacy technician with less than a year of experience earns around $34,271, but those with 10 or more years of experience earn approximately $42,545.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Nevada

Here are top 10 paying companies for pharmacy technicians in the State of Nevada:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Kaiser Permanente$30.37$59,502
2.Avella Specialty Pharmacy$28.73$56,282
3.Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center$28.58$55,993
4.specialty rx$27.90$54,655
5.US Department of Veterans Affairs$23.15$45,363
6.U.S. Army$22.51$44,107
7.Smith’s Food and Drug$21.72$42,555
8.Virginia Mason Franciscan Health$21.36$41,852
9.UT Southwestern Medical Center$21.29$41,702
10.Dignity Health$21.19$41,509
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Nevada.

10 Highest Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Nevada

Here are the top paying pharmacy technician jobs in Nevada:

  1. Pharmacy Technician Supervisor; $65,460
  2. Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician; $24,876
  3. Certified Pharmacy Technician; $56,741
  4. Pharmacy Technician Intern; $32,542
  5. Senior Pharmacy Technician; $44,419
  6. Walgreens Pharmacy Technician; $29,377
  7. Pharmacy Technician II; $70,734
  8. Specialty Pharmacy Technician; $52,256
  9. Hospital Pharmacy Technician; $43,364
  10. Pharmacy Technician Team Leader; $64,400.

More Benefits for Pharmacy Technicians in Nevada

The following are some additional benefits that pharmacy technicians in Nevada may receive from their employers:

  1. Drug Allowance

Drug Allowance is an incentive that comes with a job. This incentive is generally given when a pharmacy technician is hired.

The amount of this incentive varies from job to job and it can even vary by the department that the pharm tech works in.

Drug Allowance essentially means that if a pharmacy technician gets a certain type of medication or drug, they can choose to get that drug free of charge at the pharmacy, and they would not have to pay for it themselves.

2. 401k Plan

A 401k Plan is a retirement savings plan that employers offer to their employees.

They come with a number of benefits and they are tax-deferred plans, which allow people to save money and pay taxes at a later date.

Due to this feature, 401k Plans can greatly increase the amount of money that can be saved each year by someone and it also helps grow retirement funds over time.

3. Medical/Dental /Vision Insurance

A Medical/Dental /Vision Insurance is a benefit that is provided to employees of an organization by their employers.

This is a form of health insurance and it covers medical expenses that come with illnesses and injuries, and vision expenses that come with eye conditions or diseases.

4. Vacation Pay

Vacation pay is another form of compensation that can be offered to pharmacy technicians in Nevada by their employers.

It is basically an extra amount of money that is given to employees as a benefit by their employers every year.

Vacation pay can come in the form of time off or money and typically comes with certain conditions attached to it.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacy Technician Earn in Nevada

Here are earnings of job titles that are related to pharmacy technician in Nevada:

  • Medical assistant; $40,656
  • Laboratory technician; $74,050
  • Healthcare assistant; $45,201
  • Medical receptionist; $36,337
  • Patient care technician; $55,395.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Outlook in Nevada

The employment prospects for pharmacy technicians in Nevada are good, with the BLS forecasting a growth rate of 15.30%, which is higher than average.

Predictions show that there will be an increase in jobs from 2,810 (2020) to 3,240 (2030).

In Nevada, 160 jobs are expected to be available annually for pharmacy technicians.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacy Technician in Nevada

You can improve your salary in several ways as a pharm tech in Nevada, including:

  1. Try to gain experience and work your way up the ladder.

Experience is one factor that can greatly increase pharmacy technicians’ salary in Nevada.

Applying for jobs that are more suited to your skill level will greatly increase your chances of getting the job and it will also increase your chances of earning a higher salary.

2. Attend seminars, training classes and conferences related to Pharmacology with the intent of improving your knowledge and skill levels.

Attending seminars, training classes, and conferences related to Pharmacology is an excellent way to improve your knowledge and skills in  work as a pharmacy technician.

These types of events can also be a great way to network with people that are in the same field as you, and can also serve as a source of information on how to take your career further in terms of salary and otherwise.

3. Be willing to relocate.

If necessary, a pharmacist or pharmacy technician should be willing to relocate to get the job they want and earn a higher salary.

Generally speaking, jobs that pay better and have more benefits are commonly located in different cities and regions, so one must be willing to move in order to get the job they want.

4. Take online classes

Taking online classes, e-learning courses, and training programs will help you learn new skills and improve your knowledge level in an area where there is a demand for them.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Nevada

Here are various career opportunities that someone with pharmacy technician background can access in Nevada:

  1. Patient Care Technician

A patient care technician is a person who works in a department of a hospital (such as emergency room, intensive care unit and so forth) or in an outpatient or ambulatory care setting (such as hemodialysis center and so forth) and is directly responsible for the patients’ well-being and comfort.

2. Patient Services Representative

A patient services representative works at a hospital or clinic to supervise personnel and coordinate hospital/clinic activities for patients, families, and visitors.

3. Health Unit Coordinator

A health unit coordinator plans, implements, and monitors the daily running of a health unit for a hospital or other healthcare service.

4. Medical Records Technician

A medical records technician is responsible for the maintenance and organization of patient information, typically in hospitals or other healthcare facilities.


The job market for Pharmacy technicians in Nevada is healthy. The best way to increase your salary in this field is to gain experience, which comes with time and exposure.

Also, attending seminars and conferences related to your field will help you improve your skills and knowledge, and to find out the latest trends in your field.

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