Pharmacist Salary in Florida and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Florida
The Florida pharmacists’ salaries rose by 4% in 2020 and are expected to continue to rise into the coming years. Image source: floridaspharmacy.

The pharmacist salary in Florida is $121,510 yearly.

Pharmacists have amazing jobs in Florida with eye-catching salaries. They earn up to $121,510 annually and up to $58.40 hourly.

In Florida, they are responsible for completing the operational requirements of the pharmacy, which includes the verification order entries, maintenance of records of controlled substances, charges, and removal of expired and/or damaged drugs from the inventory of the pharmacy.

Pharmacist Salary in Florida Cities

The salaries earn by pharmacists in Florida cities are shown below:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
2.Boca Raton$75.66$157,393
3.Boynton Beach$75.66$157,393
5.Cape Coral$71.34$148,398
7.Coral Springs$74.50$154,977
9.Daytona Beach$69.69$144,969
10.Deerfield Beach$75.66$157,393
13.Fort Lauderdale$74.50$154,977
14.Fort Myers$71.34$148,398
25.Lehigh Acres$71.19$148,079
28.Miami Beach$74.69$155,361
29.Miami Gardens$74.11$154,163
31.North Port$71.99$149,756
33..Palm Bay$70.08$145,768
34.Palm Coast$69.23$144,011
35.Pembroke Pines$74.02$153,971
38.Pompano Beach$74.50$154,977
39.Port St. Lucie$72.42$150,623
41.Spring Hill$72.53$150,867
42.St. Petersburg$72.53$150,867
47.The Villages$72.52$150,859
48.Town ‘n’ Country$69.58$144,746
50.West Palm Beach$74.95$155,907
Pharmacists’ salaries across the cities of Florida

Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Florida

The cities in Florida also reward pharmacists very well, they appreciate the work that pharmacists put in and reward them accordingly.

Here are the ten highest paying cities for pharmacists in Florida:

 CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
2.Boca Raton$75.66$157,393
3.Boynton Beach$75.66$157,393
4.Deerfield Beach$75.66$157,393
5.West Palm Beach$74.95$155,907
6.Miami Beach$74.69$155,361
8.Pompano Beach$74.50$154,977
9.Coral Springs$74.50$154,977
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Florida

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Florida

When two or more pharmacists are looking to get a job in Florida, skills would always be a distinguishing factor.

It’s the same when it comes to salaries.

A pharmacist in Florida who wants to earn more without developing skills is making a failed wish.

Skills are looked out for by virtually every employer in Florida and this factor cannot be neglected for any reason.

It’s imperative that pharmacists learn mkri, develop their skills, and earn more certifications if they want to make higher salaries.

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Florida

A pharmacist in Florida usually starts out with a salary of about $46.86 per hour. The longer they work, the greater their earnings.

After working for about 20 years, the pharmacist salary would have risen to become about $57.97 hourly.

Working for a longer time is usually beneficial to any pharmacist in terms of salary earned.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Florida

Any pharmacist would love to work in a place where payment is really very attractive.

Here are the top ten highest paying companies in Florida:

 CompanySalary YearlySalary Hourly
1.Stanford Health Care$177,694$85.43
2.UCLA Health$160,992$77.40
3.Dignity Health$154,648$74.35
5.MedWatchers Inc$144,060$69.26
6.Costco Wholesale$141,356$67.71
7.Riverside Health System$139,547$67.09
8.Parkland Health & Hospital System$139,048$66.85
9.Adventist Health$136,156$65.46
10.Curant Health$130,374$62.68
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Florida

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Pharmacists in Florida

For a pharmacist in Florida, there are very high paying jobs that you may want to get your hands on. They include:

  • Clinical Pharmacist: Salary is about $123,000 yearly.
  • Director of Pharmacy – Sarasota: Salary is about $137,280 yearly.
  • Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Per Diem: Salary is about $132,000 each year.
  • Hospital Director of Pharmacy: Salary is about $129,000 yearly.
  • Clinical Staff Pharmacist: Salary is about $128,000 yearly.
  • Pharmacy Operations & Compliance Coordinator: Salary is about $120,000 yearly.
  • Clinical Specialty Pharmacist: Salary is about $118,000.
  • Part Time Pharmacist – Salary is about $118,000 yearly.
  • Clinical Pharmacist – Full Time – Varied: Salary is about $122,000.
  • Director of Pharmacy: Salary is about $173,000 yearly.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Florida

Juicy bonuses are available to pharmacists working in Florida. These bonuses serve as motivations for the pharmacists to work harder and also to stay loyal to the companies that employed them. They include:

  • Paid sick time

In some companies in Florida, pharmacists are given time off from work due to sickness, especially If it’s a serious one and are still paid during that time.

  • Paid training

Pharmacists working in Florida are in some companies taken to other places, cities or even countries for further training and these trainings are funded by the companies.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

This is an employee benefit through which an employer offers to pay for a predetermined amount of continuing education credits or college coursework to be applied toward a degree on behalf of the pharmacist.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacist Earn in Florida

Related jobs to pharmacy in Florida that a pharmacist might want to look into include:

  • Medical science liaison

They work all through a product’s lifecycle, aid in ensuring the effective utilization of products and function as scientific peers and resources within the medical community.. Their salary is about $66,167 per year in Florida.

  • Clinical research coordinator

They collect data which have been obtained from research, code and analyze them. They also manage the budgets that have been set aside for research.

Their average earning in Florida is $68,881 per year.

  • Pharmaceutical research technician

Pharmaceutical research technicians are responsible for the provision of technical support to the operations of the research pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

They earn about $40,248 on average yearly in Florida.

Pharmacist Salary and Job Outlook in Florida

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida has a very promising employment growth rate for pharmacists, which is at 2.21%.

This rate is about 5% greater than the national employment growth rate. There are about 990 positions for pharmacists available in the state of Florida.

Salaries are also projected to be on a rise. In 2020, the salary of Florida pharmacists had gone up by 4.48% from what it was in 2019 and has continued to increase so far.

How to Increase Your Pay as a Pharmacist in Florida

One way to increase your pay as a pharmacist is to further your education to get a Master’s degree or a PhD too. This will place you on a higher salary scale.

Another way to increase your salary as a pharmacist in Florida is to offer consulting services.

As a consultant, you’ll be highly regarded in the field and more people will pay to seek counsel from you. 

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Florida

Career opportunities for pharmacists in Florida include:

  • Oncology Pharmacy

An oncology pharmacist is responsible for the care of cancer patients at all phases of treatment; from assessment, diagnosis, down to the treatment decisions, symptom management, medication management and also supportive care.

They earn about $128,375 per annum in Florida.

  • Community/Retail Pharmacist

Toxicology pharmacists monitor and evaluate the adverse reactions of drugs and pharmacist interventions.

They also compile and report statistical information, and are involved in the development of quality assurance plans to assess proper use of drugs. They earn about $101,951 per annum.

  • Geriatric Pharmacy

Geriatric pharmacists play a consulting role and are specialized in the dispensing of medication and the counseling of older patients about those dispensed medications.

They earn about $109,381 yearly in Florida.


This post has provided exhaustive information to enable you make informed decisions about working in Florida as a pharmacist.

You have learnt about the salaries and benefits pharmacists get in the State of Florida, and the cities that pay the most salaries to pharmacists.

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