Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine and How to increase it

By | July 14, 2023
Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Maine include: Bangor, Brewer, and Lewiston. Image source: maineadulted.coursestorm.

The pharmacy technician salary in Maine is $35,255.

The best paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Maine are Bangor, Brewer, and Lewiston while the top paying companies are Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Express Scripts, and US Department of Veterans Affairs.

This article also contains tips for salary increase, job outlook, and the employee benefits enjoyed by pharmacy technicians in Maine.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine Cities

Here is a table showing salary information for pharmacy technician in the largest cities in Maine:

 CitiesSalary HourlySalary Yearly
4.South Portland$17.21$33,717
25.Cape Elizabeth$17.89$35,049
27Old Orchard Beach$15.67$30,695
29.Presque Isle$15.16$29,706
Salaries of pharmacy technicians across cities of Maine.

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine

Here are some of the best paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Maine:

 CitiesSalary HourlySalary Yearly
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Maine.

Skill-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine

As far as tasks are concerned, pharmacy technicians cannot be paid the same amount since some tasks are more difficult than others.

The skills needed for those contribute more to the salary package.

Here are ways some of these skills influence the salary of pharmacy technicians in Maine:

  • Infusion Experience; +17.70%
  • Medical Terminology; +17.42%
  • Hospital Experience; +12.54%
  • Root Cause Analysis; +58.93%
  • Aseptic Technique; +21.64%.

Experience-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine

Experience is a sign of commitment and dedication to a particular job. It is also one of the leading factors when it comes to determining salary.

As a pharmacy technician in Maine, you will make $33,802 if you are less than one year on the job while you can get around $41,963 if your experience is 10 or more.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Maine

Here are top 10 companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Maine:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Avella Specialty Pharmacy$28.26$55,357
2.Express Scripts$25.62$50,188
3.US Department of Veterans Affairs$25.24$49,441
4.Catalent Pharma Solutions$21.77$42,643
6.AIDS Healthcare Foundation$20.95$41,051
7.Costco Wholesale$20.86$40,869
8.Cleveland Clinic$20.77$40,682
9.Option Care Health$20.44$40,054
10.Polaris Pharmacy Services$20.35$39,860
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Maine.

10 Highest Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Maine

Here are the top paying pharmacy technician jobs in Maine:

1. Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician; $42,700

2. Certified Pharmacy Technician; $84,743

3. Specialty Pharmacy Technician; $49,281

4. Hospital Pharmacy Technician; $41,849

5. Senior Pharmacy Technician; $46,575

6. Pharmacy Technician Supervisor; $61,741

7. Walmart Pharmacy Technician; $39,520

8. CVS Pharmacy Technician; $41,600

9. Walgreens Pharmacy Technician; $39,520

10. Pharmacy Technician Team Leader; $63,200.

More Benefits for Pharmacy Technicians in Maine

Pharmacy technicians in Maine gain these benefits from participating in their employer policy:

  1. Vision and dental insurance

The vision and dental insurance is a two-way street: not only do they help the employees but they also help their families with their vision and dental insurance needs.

2. 401(k) plan

The 401(k) plan is a type of retirement savings plan in which you can save money for your retirement and get a company contribution.

It is a sound way to set some money aside for your future.

3. Paid time off and vacation leave

This is just about any paid time off that you can use for vacation days, sick days, or personal days.

They are helpful to take a week off after a long vacation so you can get back on your feet.

4. Employee assistance program

An employee assistance program is offered by companies to employees and their family members when they need help with personal or work-related problems.

EAP Counselors provide information, counseling, or referrals to employees and family members on a variety of personal or work-related issues.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacy Technician Earn in Maine

Here are the earnings of related jobs to pharmacy technician in Maine:

  • Medical assistant; $45,696
  • Medical receptionist; $39,434
  • Laboratory technician; $142,868
  • Healthcare assistant; $41,868
  • Patient care technician; $53,394.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Outlook in Maine

There is negative job growth for pharmacy technicians in Maine at a rate of -3.13%. The overall job growth is expected to decrease from 1,280 (2020) to 1,240 (2030) while annual expected job openings is just 40.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacy Technician in Maine

If you are looking to increase your salary as a pharmacy technician in Maine, then here are ways you can go about it:

  1. Professional development program

In order to increase your salary as a pharmacy technician in Maine, you need to enhance your skills.

A professional development program will not only help you learn new and more challenging tasks but you will enhance your career by learning new things, which will be beneficial for the future.

2. Pay augmenting skills

These are some of the skills that you need to put into use in order to increase your pay as a pharmacy technician in Maine.

When you master these skills, you will earn more money and also increase your career opportunities.

3. Increase the number of hours worked

In order to increase the number of hours that you work as a pharmacy technician, you need to develop some new ideas and implement this in your daily job.

By doing this, you will be able to introduce an extra time into your daily work activities which will lead to more pay as a pharmacy technician in Maine.

4. Take part in seminars and conferences

Those who have taken part in seminars and conferences have seen an increase in pay as a pharmacy technician.

By attending seminars and conferences, you not only learn new skills but you also get to know new people in the industry and make them aware of what you are doing in your career.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Maine

If you are looking for more career opportunities for pharmacy technician in Maine, then here is a list of some additional occupations that you can explore:

  1. Medical Lab Technician

A medical lab technician is a skilled professional who prepares samples for analysis in a medical laboratory.

They are responsible for the testing, analyzing and reporting on these samples.

Medical lab technicians require at least an Associate’s degree in a medical field or science and one year of medical lab tech training.

2. Medical Records Technician

A medical records technician is responsible for maintaining the health records of patients and is vital to the smooth running of any healthcare facility.

Medical records technicians receive ongoing education to keep abreast of healthcare trends and procedures, such as EMR systems.

3. Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, you will be in charge of recording patient medical histories, administering medications and treatments as directed by doctors or other healthcare professionals.

The job also involves primary care tasks, such as providing nutrition advice to patients, assisting patients in the recovery room, and helping minor surgeries.

4. Orderly (Medical Assistant)

The term ‘orderly’ is often used interchangeably with ‘medical assistant’ and refers to a person who performs routine clinical tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Orderlies often work the night shift and are tasked with keeping records and reports up-to-date, administering medications and cleaning up medical facilities.


The pharmacy technician in Maine is a valuable resource in the healthcare system, they are the people behind the scenes who stock the medication and help patients along with their medications.

Pharmacy technician can be a rewarding job, with growth and opportunities for advancement and salary increase.

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