Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming and How to increase your Pay

By | July 15, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming
The cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Wyoming include Fox Farm-College, North Rock Springs, and Thermopolis.

The pharmacist salary in Wyoming is averagely $120,401 a year.

A pharmacist in Wyoming is someone who has the power to prescribe medications to patients while also serving as a member of the healthcare team.

They typically work in hospitals and clinics that provide services to patients and take care of those with chronic diseases, like diabetes or heart disease.

In order for people to take medication, it must be prescribed by a licensed pharmacist, so they’ll need some education first.

Pharmacists Salary in Wyoming Cities

Salary information for pharmacists across cities in Wyoming:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
5.Rock Springs$53.01$116,841
8.Green River$57.94$127,717
19.South Greeley$52.05$114,743
22.Fox Farm-College$72.61$160,044
25.F E Warren AFB$54.57$120,279
26.Bar Nunn$51.07$112,571
28.North Rock Springs$66.67$146,970
Pharmacists’ salaries across the cities of Wyoming

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming

Top 10 paying cities for pharmacists in Wyoming:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Fox Farm-College$72.61$160,044
2.North Rock Springs$66.67$146,970
4.Green River$57.94$127,717
10.F E Warren AFB$54.57$120,279
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Wyoming

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming

A pharmacist in Wyoming with industry-relevant skills and certifications will make more money than their counterparts with none of these. Some of these skills include:

  1. Conflict Management Skills
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Leadership Skills
  4. Management Skills
  5. Listening Skills.

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming

Experience is extremely important when it comes to determining your earnings as a pharmacist in Wyoming.

Most companies will pay a premium for industry veterans as they know that they have the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job.

A pharmacist with less than one year of experience earns around $107,759, where the one with 10 years of experience or more will earn around $133,306 in Wyoming.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Wyoming

The top 10 paying companies for pharmacists in Wyoming include:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.UCLA Health$78.62$173,301
2.Dignity Health$75.48$166,381
4.Raley’s / Bel Air / Nob Hill$70.88$156,240
5.Costco Wholesale$67.66$155,097
6.Riverside Health System$67.09$149,148
7.eTeam Inc$66.18$147,888
9.Adventist Health$65.46$141,502
10.MedWatchers Inc$64.19$139,463
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Wyoming

10 Highest Paying Pharmacist Jobs in Wyoming

Some of the highest paying jobs for pharmacists in Wyoming include:

  • Clinical Staff Pharmacist; $131,168
  • Travel Pharmacist; $129,310
  • Clinical Pharmacist Specialist; $128,693
  • Neonatal Pharmacist; $121,605
  • CVS Health Pharmacist; $143,000
  • Walgreens Pharmacist; $115,500
  • Long Term Care Pharmacist; $108,058
  • Retail Pharmacist; $138,363
  • Hospital Pharmacist; $121,903
  • Pediatric Pharmacist; $99,817.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Wyoming

In Wyoming, employers may also offer the following benefits to pharmacists:

  • Bonuses

Bonuses are available to pharmacists from some companies.

They are given for excellent performance and can include performance-based bonuses, product-based bonuses and sales commission.

  • Benefits plans

Pharmacy technicians plan their benefits package around what they are looking for when planning a family and their future.

Some companies offer commuter assistance, adoption assistance, and other similar programs.

  • 401K

A 401k is an employer sponsored retirement savings plan that allows employees to contribute a portion of their salary into a tax-deferred account.

Employer matching funds are also available through this program. This way, employees can save for their future outside of Social Security.

They’ll be able to take advantage of the money they’ve invested when they retire.

This can be a valuable option for employees who save up a lot of money and don’t know what they want to do when they’re done working.

  • PTO (vacation)

Vacation is important in order to take care of personal needs, as well as take time off to visit family or go on vacation with your spouse.

The days for vacation are usually paid off by the company, but you may have to request it or ask permission from your employer.

  • Flex Pay

Flex pay allows employees to find a schedule that is convenient for them.

Some companies have flexible schedules so that employee pharmacists can work when they want and need to.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacists Earn in Wyoming

Here are salaries for job titles that are related to pharmacist in Wyoming: 

  • Medical Assistant; $34,680
  • Senior Microbiologist; $66,400
  • Phlebotomists; $33,000
  • Hospital Paramedic; $52,703
  • Biomedical Engineer; $75,071.

Pharmacists Salary and Job Outlook in Wyoming

There were 590 pharmacists employed in Wyoming as of May 2020.

The hiring of pharmacists is necessary for both new and replacement positions due to retirement and career changes.

The BLS projects a 5.0% increase in employment between 2020 and 2030.

There will be 30 openings per year for pharmacists from 2020 to 2030. Fox Farm-College, North Rock Springs and Thermopolis are among the top paying cities.

How to Increase Your Pay as a Pharmacist in Wyoming

Here are some ways to increase your pay as a pharmacist in Wyoming:

  1. Get Certified

If you already work towards a degree but don’t have the certification, it may be possible to gain that from one of the many colleges or universities in Wyoming.

You may also find that a certification can help you land other job opportunities.

2. Boost your Skills

If you are skilled in an area, you can increase your pay and value by showing that to employers and by using the skills in all aspects of your job.

3. Get Experience

 If you are seeking to increase your pay and value, you can do so by increasing your experience in the industry.

You may be able to move up to a higher position or start working in a different company.

4. Start your own Business

 If you already have a pharmacy degree and business experience, you could start your own business.

This will give you more freedom to set your own pay and hours, as well as make a profit.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Wyoming

If you are seeking more career opportunities in Wyoming as a pharmacist, you will have a lot of options to work in different settings. Here are some of them:

  1. Work in Research

Research is what allows a pharmacist to create new medications and find out more about how different drugs interact with one another.

This is an exciting opportunity and a great way to help people stay healthy.

The pay isn’t quite as good as other opportunities, but the benefits are worth it.

2. Work in Higher Education

Many pharmacists opt to work in higher education when they have a degree or certificate and are looking for more job opportunities, better pay or both.

The good news is that you not only get to work in a college or university setting, but it also increases your pay.

3. Work in Corporate Pharmacy

If you are seeking a high-paying job, working in a corporate setting may be the right fit for you.

This will allow you to use your skills and earn more while doing so in a high-pressure environment.

One of the benefits of this job is that most companies offer employee benefits like 401K, health insurance, and vacation days.

4. Work in your own Store

If you have a license and are looking to start your own business, you can open a pharmacy and run it by yourself.

This may be the most lucrative option for pharmacists in Wyoming who already have experience and simply want to go at their own pace.

You may decide to work at other pharmacies or do nothing at all.


Pharmacists in Wyoming have many job opportunities and may earn a high salary for their talents.

They are the ones that create the medications that we need to stay healthy, and they do so with the highest level of attention to detail.

This is one of the reasons why pharmacists are one of the most sought-after careers in medicine today.

This post has provided detailed information about the salary a pharmacist in Wyoming is expected to earn across the cities of the state and in major companies.

If you are looking to live and work in the state of Wyoming as a pharmacist, then this post will be useful to you in making the decision on whether to do so or not.

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