Personal Financial Advisor Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 12, 2023
Personal Financial Advisor Job Description
Personal financial advisors provide effective investment strategies that generate good profits for their clients.

This post provides detailed information on the personal financial advisor job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the personal financial advisor role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Personal Financial Advisor Do?

Personal financial advisors provide clients with investment and financial advice.

The personal financial advisor job description entails employing knowledge of insurance, securities, and investment strategies to guide the financial decisions of clients.

In performing their duties, personal financial advisors evaluate clients’ financial objectives, assets, and liabilities in order to make appropriate recommendations.

They highlight risks associated with client choice of investment and possible ways to overcome them.

They also provide solutions to client financial inquiries or problem.

Financial advisors review and interpret financial documents for clients; they provide in-depth explanation of financial records such as insurance statements, pension plan information, bank account records, and tax returns.

They also meet with clients occasionally to identify changes in financial status and make adjustments where necessary.

As part of their responsibilities, personal financial advisors develop debt liquidation plans which comprise of payoff deadline and priority of settlement.

They carry out research to identify investment opportunities that match client financial plans.

Their role also involves conducting market survey to monitor trends and ensure they support established plans.

Usually, personal advisors analyze information obtained from financial records to determine strategies appropriate in meeting clients’ financial goals.

They assist clients in implementing financial plans; they may recommend a professional to help with plan implementation.

Part of their work description also includes sales of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial products/services.

Personal financial advisors in fulfilling their role explain to individuals or groups the details of available financial assistance such as loans, grants, or scholarship.

They obtain information from students to determine if they meet the requirements of a financial aid program.

They also contact client creditors to set up a repayment plan agreeable to both client and creditor, as well as assist clients in making financial adjustments to accommodate life changes such as marriage and job layoff.

Conferring with other client advisors such as accountants, investment bankers, and attorneys to gain full knowledge of client financial condition is also part of the description of a personal financial advisor.

To get into the personal financial advisor career requires a Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or accounting.

The major qualities needed for success in this career include problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making skills.

Personal Financial Advisor Job Description Example/Template

Personal financial advisors perform various functions as they guide their clients to making the best financial decisions.

Here is a job description example that gives the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities usually carried out by personal advisors on financial issues:

  • Recommend to clients environmentally friendly investment necessary to achieve financial goals
  • Organize seminars and workshops to educate clients on financial topics such as retirement plans
  • Develop debt repayment plan to include payoff priorities and deadline
  • Act as agents to disburse funds to creditors from client accounts
  • Conduct assessments to determine client current income, expenditure, insurance coverage, and financial objectives
  • Carry out market research to identify trends useful in proffering recommendations to clients
  • Recommend and conduct sales of financial products such as bonds, stocks, and mutual funds
  • Review client accounts to determine the need for changes in financial strategy
  • Evaluate the assets, liabilities, and revenue stream of an organization to determine their net worth
  • Contact client creditors to arrange a repayment plan agreeable to both parties
  • Gather and analyze financial records such as insurance, pension, and bank account information
  • Evaluate student information to determine if they are eligible for a financial aid program
  • Proffer solutions to client financial issues or challenges
  • Present investment reports and summary of financial documents to clients
  • Help client make financial adjustments to economic, life, and environmental changes.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Personal Financial Advisor Job

If you are thinking of applying as a personal financial advisor, the following are major requirements you may have to meet before getting an interview appointment with most employers:

  • Education and Training: To become a personal financial advisor, you require a Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or accounting. Up to 4 years of experience is required in a financial planning field. Certifications from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards are also an added advantage. License is required to sell financial services such as insurance policies
  • Problem-solving Skill: Personal financial advisors are able to proffer solutions effective in addressing client financial issues
  • Analytical Skill: They are skilled in conducting research to identify trends useful in giving financial recommendations
  • Decision-making Skill: They assist clients in taking key financial decisions.


If you need a personal financial advisor job description for use in recruiting new people for the role, the sample work description given in this post can help you to quickly make one.

You will be able to make a detailed description for the position, which will enable you to attract the best candidates to apply for the job.

Also, if you are interested in working as a personal financial advisor, you can learn a lot about the duties and responsibilities of the role from information provided in this post.

With this information, you can adequately prepare yourself for success in the career.