Office Staff Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 29, 2023
Office Staff job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Office Staff perform clerical and other duties for managers.

This post presents complete information on the job description of an office staff, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does an Office Staff Do?

An office staff is an individual employed as a clerical worker in an office.

The office staff job description entails providing assistance to his/her superior officers on assigned duties.

The office staff should be well groomed in clerical occupations with good understanding of office management practices.

He/she will perform various office tasks and should be disposed to carrying out any clerical duties assigned in accordance with the particular office procedures.

The role of the office staff also includes filing document and performing office machine operations.

Other duties and responsibilities include stenography, word processing and typing, bookkeeping, and answering of telephones.

He/she is expected to be knowledgeable in as many of these skills as possible.

The work description of most office staff also involves maintaining all operations in the office.

He/she is involved in distributing and receiving communication on behalf of the superior officer who might be the office manager.

He/she should maintain all the equipment and the supplies in the office.

He/she is equally required to pick up and also deliver items related to the assigned office.

Additionally, the office staff is the one customers would likely meet first when they walk into the office, therefore, he/she is expected to serve the customers in line with laid down regulations.

The office staff receives and mails correspondence on behalf of the superior officer. He/she also maintains all office supplies to ensure the office is well provided with all required equipment.

Other duties and responsibilities in the office staff’s job description include checking office stock as well as all expediting orders.

He/she verifies receipts and also delivers all required supplies to the appropriate work stations.

The office staff is also saddled with the responsibility of completing all preventive maintenance procedures, and also troubleshooting any failure experienced in equipment.

They are required to monitor operations of equipment too and also purchase meter fund.

They provide necessary back up for receptionists and help to answer questions related to operation of the office.

They also help in forwarding messages and confirming orders made by customers.

They help in enhancing the reputation of the organization they work with; they do this by executing various tasks and requests.

They also explore various opportunities in order to add more value to the results of the jobs they do.

Office staff are involved in planning meetings for their superiors, and will need to have good attention to details, as well as strong knowledge of various office-related tasks, including the use of information technology.

He/she should have good knowledge of both the hardware and software components of computers.

The office staff is also the one to make all travel arrangements for the personnel in the office.

He/she is expected to prepare the agenda for any official meeting. Aside this, he/she should also be in attendance at such meetings.

He/she should oversee the transcription and recording of the minutes in such meetings.

Office Staff Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The work of an office staff entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities and is well described by the job description example provided below:

  • Disburse, count, and collect money on behalf of the office
  • Complete all banking transactions and also carry out basic bookkeeping
  • Communicate with individuals related to his/her work, like the employees and customers
  • Explain or disseminate information to other office personnel
  • Address all complains and also take orders from superiors
  • Take messages, direct calls, and answer telephone calls
  • File, sort, copy, and compile records on various activities, like business transactions and office activities
  • Mail and complete checks, invoices, policies, contracts, and bills
  • Operate and maintain machines in the office, like personal computers, voice mail systems, facsimile machines, scanners, and photocopiers
  • Proofread, record, and compute various information
  • Update and maintain database, mailing, inventory, and filing systems, either by using computers or manually
  • Route, sort, and open incoming mails
  • Prepare outgoing mails and also answer correspondence
  • Run errands and also deliver messages
  • Order services, supplies, and materials
  • Arrange appointments, manage calendars, and complete work schedules.

Office Staff Job Description for Resume

To be considered for hiring as an office staff, you will need to prepare and present a resume to employers. Your resume must have a section for work experience to show employers you have worked in that capacity before or in a similar role.

The sample job description provided above contains the necessary functions of most office staff that can enable you to create the professional experience section of the resume easily.

Office Staff Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you need to know what you need to succeed on the job as an office staff, here are the major skills, knowledge, and other qualities you should have:

  • Possess high school diploma or relevant qualifications
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional ability to relate friendly with customers and visitors
  • Possess computer skills in various areas, like desktop publishing, email, word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications
  • Possess general office skills, like filing, photocopying, posting outgoing mails, and distributing and sorting incoming mails
  • Ability to transcribe notes and take dictations
  • Ability to manage payroll
  • Possess familiarity with payroll software.

Office Staff Skills for Resume

To make your office staff resume more attractive to employers, it also needs to have a skills section, which can be made with the skills and other attributes for office staff success given above.