McDonalds Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Macdonald Manager job description duties tasks and responsibilities
Macdonald Managers are responsible for hiring and training of staff and overseeing
activities in their units.

This post provides in-depth information on the job description of a McDonald manager, to help you understand the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

What Does a McDonalds Manager Do?

Macdonald is a leading fast food company with chains of outlets across the country. A McDonald manager is employed to oversee several operations in the company and to direct new employees in their day-to-day activities.

His/her job description usually entails overseeing activities in individual outlet, which means there would be several McDonald managers working within the company with each of them managing operations in each unit across the country.

He/she can work as store manager, assistant manager, swing or shift manager. McDonalds restaurants are not limited to the country; they are all across the universe. The manager is responsible for conducting interview for prospective employees along with other top managers and directors.

After successful conduction of such interviews, the manger is saddled with the responsibility of getting the new employees trained.

Aside the above, the McDonald manager has the duty of placing suppliers orders on behalf of the company.

He/she must also ensure customers are well satisfied. He/she should provide avenue through which customers communicate their satisfaction or lack of it to the management.

McDonalds swing manager may be employed to work either on full-time basis or on part-time; factors determining this include the specific needs of the unit or location of the outlet.

Assistant manager with McDonalds is mostly employed on full-time basis, same for the store manager. In most instances, full-time work schedule sums up to minimum of 40 hours of work per week.

Other roles McDonalds managers play include processing payroll of other members of staff in the global hamburger chain.

They may also update time sheets, demonstrate protocol, and properly track supply order.

He/she will oversee all shipments orders and ensure they are delivered timely and in standard quality.

The manager must be in constant communication with regional offices of the company.

Other duties in the work description of McDonalds restaurant managers also include supervising the activities of other staff members, like assistant managers, shift managers, and area managers. Other staff members needing supervision are the host, crew trainer, and crew members.

In short, the manager is in charge of all operations in the unit. Each McDonalds store has about 75 employees and they all fall under the control of the restaurant manager.

He/she is responsible for how profitable or otherwise the unit is and is expected to bring up ideas on how to optimize the restaurant’s delivery towards improving on profit-making and customer satisfaction.

The manager has the responsibility for team management and human resources, as well as sales and service provision. Everything he/she does must promote the reputation of the company.

While the manager at McDonalds is expected to always be available at the restaurant, one or two issues may prompt his/her absence.

At such times when he/she is absent from the outlet, the assistant manager takes up his/her role pending the time he/she will show up.

He/she must make customer satisfaction the top priority in all his/her daily activities.

McDonalds Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here is a job description example for the role of manager at McDonalds. It shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities the individual holding the position will likely carry out on daily basis.

  • Ensure top quality service provision via consistent supervision of team members
  • Oversee activities in the kitchen to ensure top quality foods are prepared
  • Schedule, train, and hire personnel for food service
  • Oversee complete cleanliness and tidiness of the outlet
  • Listen to clients in the event they have one complaint or the other regarding quality of service delivery
  • Resolve quickly any complaint or issue related to food quality
  • Ensure there is adequate stock of supplies and also consistently maintain inventory
  • Manage cash registers professionally
  • Welcome customers and also provide them with the menu
  • Carry every member of staff along and get them adequately informed on important issues as and when due
  • Pack orders by the client and get such delivered as requested
  • Prepare foods specifically requested by clients
  • Make information available to customers regarding new items and up-sells.

McDonalds Manager Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

To succeed on the job at McDonalds, a manager needs to have the following abilities, knowledge, and skills, which are also the major requirements from employers when hiring:

  • Education: High School Diploma or related qualification
  • Possess very strong problem solving skills
  • Possess good knowledge of fast food services
  • Ability to function quickly and precisely under pressure
  • Possess high level of interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Possess very good verbal and written communication skills
  • Possess managerial acumen, with the ability to effectively direct others
  • Ability to work on related computer software, like Microsoft Excel, Word processing, etc.
  • Pre-employment tests: To complete the hiring process for a manager at McDonalds may require taking certain tests to assess applicants’ skills, aptitude, leadership qualities, etc. to succeed on the job. Find out job assessment tests you may take for the position and what to do to beat other competitors for the job.