Obgyn Medical Assistant Career

By | July 14, 2023
Obgyn Medical Assistant Career
The Obgyn medical assistant career can open up opportunities for jobs like registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, and nurse midwife.

This post provides detailed information on the obgyn medical assistant career, including how to become one, the various opportunities available, and the benefits of being an obgyn medical assistant.

How to become an Obgyn Medical Assistant

There are several steps you must take to work as a professional medical assistant in a specialized industry such as Obstetrics and Gynecology.

First and foremost, you must enroll in and complete a medical assistant program.

This can be obtained through a trade or vocational school in the form of a diploma, certificate, or Associate’s degree.

However, because you want to specialize, you should apply for a two-year Associate’s degree and get the most education possible.

After completing this step, you can take a licensing exam, which will allow you to work as a professional medical assistant if you pass.

It will be tempting to continue and immediately specialize at this point, but it is best to work for a while and gain a few years of experience first.

This will not only make obtaining a specialty certificate easier, but it will also allow you to gain experience in the medical assistant field and determine whether working in an obstetrics setting is truly what you want.

Obgyn Medical Assistant Career Opportunities

Here are various career opportunities open to obgyn medical assistant:

  1. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a healthcare worker who has graduated from the Registered Nursing (RN) program and passed the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.

They assist doctors in providing quality medical service to patients. After completing an approved nursing program, nurses are required to complete clinical practice hours and pass a certification exam, including a criminal background check.

2. Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, is a registered nurse who has passed the NCLEX-PN licensure exam and is permitted to practice independently under a supervising physician.

LPNs work in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics or any other place that requires their services.

3. Nurse Midwife

A nurse midwife is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has completed an accredited nursing program and the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) designation.

Nurse midwives work in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities as well as in the home.

They provide prenatal care to women and may also provide care during post-partum pregnancies.

4. Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner, or NP, is a Registered Nurse who has completed an accredited nursing program and is eligible to take the Certification of Nurse Practitioner (CNP) exam.

Nurse practitioners are trained to take a comprehensive patient history and order lab tests and x-rays when appropriate.

They are also responsible for preventative and preventive care as well as care of patients who have symptoms that require additional attention.

5. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is a Registered Nurse who has completed an accredited nursing program and has received state licensure to practice through the Nurse Anesthesia Board of Nurse Anesthetists or ANBON.

Nurse anesthetists specialize in the administering of anesthesia and other drugs used during procedures.

More Obgyn Medical Assistant Career Opportunities

6. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are advanced practice registered nurses that have completed an accredited nurse anesthesia program and passed the National Certification Examination.

They administer anesthesia and monitor patient vital signs during surgery.

7. Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labor and delivery nurse provides care to laboring mothers, and also new mothers, who have fresh deliveries in a hospital setting or in the comfort of their own home.

They are responsible for monitoring their patient’s health, administering any medications to help with labor pains, and providing assistance during delivery.

8. Gynecologist

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the medical treatment of female reproductive organs.

Physicians in this field may also receive training in treating children up to age 18 and perform surgery on males with urological issues.

9. Registered Nurse Case Manager

A registered nurse case manager is a Registered Nurse who has received specialized education on how to administer quality care while keeping costs down.

Case managers are responsible for keeping an eye on the vital signs of patients, filling residents’ prescriptions and coordinating their care with doctors and family.

10. Registered Nurse Supervisor

A registered nurse supervisor is a Registered Nurse who supervises other nurses in the performance of duties and patient care.

Their main responsibility is to evaluate nursing staff, monitor their performance and develop programs to improve their skill set.

Challenges faced by Obgyn Medical Assistants on the Job

Some of the challenges faced by obgyn medical assistants in their jobs include:

  1. Physical Demands

The physical demands that come with the Obgyn medical assistant role can be laborious as there are many tasks required from the position.

Some of the physical tasks required by nurses from Obgyn medical assistants may include:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Frequently moving heavy objects
  • Conveying medications to patients
  • Handling samples in a sterile environment
  • Standing for long periods of time.

2. Work Environment

The work environment for the obgyn medical assistant role can be stressful as it may sometimes require them to work nights, weekends, and overtime hours in order to complete their tasks.

3. Attitude of Co-workers

Some co-workers can have negative attitudes toward the obgyn medical assistants, which can lead to an unfavorable work environment and job dissatisfaction.

Major Benefits of Obgyn Medical Assistant Career

Here are some of the major benefits of a career as an obstetrician medical assistant:

  1. Growth Prospects

There is plenty of growth potential for a medical assistants working in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

With more people becoming educated about preventative care and women living longer than previously thought, the demand for obstetricians is growing as well.

This creates room for advancement within the medical field, and there may even be a possibility to move into a nurse practitioner role down the road.

2. Decent Salary

As with any medical assistants, those in the field of obgyn make a decent amount of money.

While the exact salary will vary, it is generally around $35-65K depending on where you work and the type of practice you work in.

3. Job Security

Obstetrics and Gynecology is a growing field and there are always more people than ever looking for medical care in this area.

This means that as long as you perform your job well, you should have job security and feel comfortable moving forward in your career.

4. Employee Benefit

Medical assistants working in the field of obstetrics and gynecology are usually covered by one or more insurance plans.

This means that you and your family will be covered if anything were to happen to you while you are at work or after hours.

5. Industry Demand

There is a constant need for qualified medical assistants to fill positions within Obstetrics and Gynecology practices.

Also, as stated previously, the field of Obstetrics is growing. The field is sure to offer plenty of growth potential for someone who shows an interest in the field and completes the necessary training.

More Benefits of Obgyn Medical Assistant Career

6. Job Satisfaction

An Obstetrics and Gynecology medical assistant will be able to feel a sense of job satisfaction knowing they are helping others while they work.

They will be working with people who need medical care, and they are helping by performing duties such as assisting in surgery, administering medications and making sure patients receive quality care.

7. Make a Difference

Obstetricians treat more than just the female reproductive system. In fact, they specialize in pregnancy, birth, and post-partum care.

The medical assistants behind them help with lab work, exams, and other duties to ensure that all patients receive top quality care.

The obgyn medical assistant career choice can be very rewarding both personally and professionally.


The obgyn medical assistant career is one that provides satisfaction, good pay, and opportunities for career advancement.

If you are interested in this career, then you must be prepared to complete a degree program, pass licensing exams, and continue to gain experience.