Network Operations Center Technician Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 11, 2023
Network Operations Center Technician Job Description
Network Operations Center Technicians help provide support and solution to customers’ service issues.

This post provides detailed information on the network operations center technician job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the network operations center technician role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does a Network Operations Center Technician Do?

The network operations center technician is responsible for providing support to basic network operations functions, including troubleshooting and providing solution to customer service problems; full-time managed services; Radio Frequency (RF) interference events; and Ocassional Use (OU).

The network operations center technician job description entails responding to emails to schedule and coordinate services for customers applying occasional-use resources; replying to incoming calls, and monitoring information on all sites, backhaul, and network infrastructure.

It also involves providing the highest degrees of technical support and customer service, analysing and resolving problems relating to service and reducing service disruptions.

The NOC technician’s role participates in 24 by 7 rotating shift coverage and on-call support as may be required.

He/she is responsible for checking network events, initiating incident, carrying out high level triage, and managing notifications and escalations 24/7.

He/she is expected to communicate directly with customers when necessary and collaborate with Tier2 organizations, and be able to diagnose issues affecting software, hardware, and systems.

The duties of the network operations technician involve monitoring of all critical systems every hour of the day and attending to calls for support from customers.

He/she is responsible for answering customer calls, monitoring network alarms, creating tickets, and carrying out initial triage to resolve issues.

He/she strives to resolve problems as much as possible by running books and applying documented processes.

The NOC technician work description also entails escalating tickets or assign them to the right internal support teams to handle if solutions cannot be found for the problem within define guidelines.

He/she is expected to follow up on incident ticket progression and ensure it is acted upon by the appropriate staff until the ticket if effectively closed.

He/she is also expected to communicate directly with customers when necessary to perform updates, as well as send all incident notifications and updates to management, internal engineers, external customers or other appropriate defined recipient as necessary following established notification procedure.

The network operations technician will verify and close tickets once an incident has been confirmed resolved, and ensure tickets are properly handed over in accordance to operations guidelines during shift changes.

Network Operations Center Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Network operations technicians perform various functions in assisting customers to resolve issues relating to basic network operations functions, etc.

To have an understanding of the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities NOC technicians perform, given below is a job description example that captures their role:

  • Timely respond to emails and phone call through the triage process, providing operational support on issues including activations and issues/ OU service bookings, internal/external customer notifications, carrier measurements, peak/pols, and customer accesses
  • Coordinate and interface OU and RF service to resolve service interruption issues with in the company, as well as with partner and other company facilities
  • Apply relevant tools to troubleshoot and interpret audio IP, digital video, and basic RF signals
  • Identify service issues in a timely manner, update and escalation them as required to determine emergency restoral procedures and alternate routing, and to resolve discrepancies in service
  • Handle incoming customer emails and calls in a timely and professional manner
  • Perform daily routine alarm monitoring and operational activities to reduce or eliminate any operational hitch to customers
  • Perform monitoring of teleport RF/IF equipment, associated ground systems, and full-time services
  • Adhere consistently to established procedures and processes and perform troubleshooting for all full-time services
  • Assist in monitoring and implementing IP routing, troubleshooting, and other maintenance coordination activities as necessary
  • Collaborate with customers to provide solution to any managed service, RF, and teleport trouble issues, and to maintain all service level agreements
  • Ensure all follow up activities are completed and correct documentation is maintained by creating and reviewing trouble tickets for RF interference issues, full-time services, or circuit events
  • Escalate issues as necessary and provide report to the management team and supervisor on corrective measure applied to service issues
  • Provide assistance with activities relating to satellite transition and take part in the on-boarding of new systems
  • Participate in adding new services to company’s existing operational product line by working closely with support groups
  • Create emergency restoral procedures under supervision and discover Teleport Operations alternate routing services for company owned teleports, as well as for third party partner teleports.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Network Operations Center Technician

If you are looking to work as a network operations technician, you will need to have certain skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, etc. to meet the requirements of most employers for the role.

Here are some of the major ones:

  • Strong work ethic in addition to the ability to multi-task effectively
  • Strong ability to work without supervision and also to follow instructions, training, and supervision effectively
  • Excellent decision-making and analytical problem solving abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • One to two years working experience in the telecommunications or related fields
  • Strong understanding of standard practices, procedures, and concepts within the telecommunications industry
  • Strong knowledge, experience, and understanding of all or some of the following fields: dark fiber services, IP subnetting and layer 2/3 routing, SONET, and DWDM
  • Strong experience working with certain equipment platforms, including Cisco Optical platforms, Ciena Optical platforms, Infinera, MRV switches, Juniper MX and EX series, Cisco routers and switches
  • Strong understanding of EMS and NMS systems to effectively troubleshoot and navigate
  • Strong ability to work 24/7 in a fast-paced environment and on weekends.


The information in this post and the sample job description provided is useful in making a network operations center technician job description.

Employers looking to hire for the NOC technician position can create a detailed description of the role for use in the hiring process; this can improve their chances of attracting the right people for the job.

Individuals interested in the network operations technician career can improve their knowledge of the job by using the content of this post.