Medical Technologist Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Medical Technologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Medical Technologists makes the doctor’s work easier by providing results for
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Medical Technologist Job Description Example

What Does A Medical Technologist Do?

A medical technologist is responsible for conducting laboratory tests and experiments on patients’ specimens to provide results for diagnosis and proper treatment.

The job description of a medical technologist involves carrying out chemical analysis of human body fluids, including urine, saliva, and blood to detect any abnormality in them.

Technologists work with samples collected from patients and check them for the presence of microbes like viruses, bacteria, and fungi in them.

They will observe specimens for changes or signs indicating the presence or absence of microbes to ensure authentic diagnosis, which is important for effective treatment of patients.

The medical technologist’s role also involves examining properties of blood cells with the use of microscopic devices to determine their numbers and morphology.

He/she is well knowledgeable of medical laboratory practice and will exercise his/her expertise in trying out different test techniques to confirm diagnosis.

The services of a technologist will be needed when patients need blood transfusion, to test the blood to be given to them; they will examine blood group types, their compatibility and condition to ensure that such blood is not contaminated, to prevent transmission of diseases.

Medical technologists are required to engage in scientific research, as part of measures to improve their expertise on the job, to find out cause and effect of certain illnesses, with the aim of procuring both preventive and treatment techniques to tackle such conditions.

Medical Technologist Job Description Example

Shown below is an example of the medical technologist’s job description.

It is composed of duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by most people who work as medical technologists.

  • Collect specimen, such as body fluids from patients and carry out test on them to determine normal and abnormal components; examine blood chemical analysis and prepare paper results of laboratory findings
  • Sterilize laboratory testing tools before and after use to avoid the spread of diseases
  • Keep record of laboratory supplies and check stock constantly to know which item is available and which is not; identify items in shortage and liaise with accounts department to place order for them; check supplied items for durability upon delivery; and verify receipts after transaction
  • Keep work environment clean; dispose wastes properly and observe pest control measures
  • Practice safety measures by obeying safety rules and manufacturer’s guidelines, and fire prevention guidelines to avoid explosions and fire accidents
  • Work with physicians, doctors, and other medical staff in diagnosing patients’ conditions and carrying out experiments to identify the gravity of infection as this is important in creating effective treatment plans for combating severe cases of ill health
  • Enter details of tests conducted in the lab in a computer system for record keeping and future reference
  • Interpret lab test results to the receiver; explain lab codes and terms which ordinary people wouldn’t normally understand to them
  • Create, set, and monitor testing machines during procedures to prevent inaccuracy in results due to malfunctioning equipment
  • Send out test results to the right person, such as the patient, doctor, or a researcher
  • Ensure the safety of lab results; keep them away from third parties who have no business with them to ensure confidentiality and privacy
  • Prepare tissue sample cultures and cross-match blood for transfusion
  • Ensure judicious use of laboratory materials by applying the right quantities of substances to avoid wastage
  • Analyze several results from lab tests to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis to obtain a direction for treatment

Medical Technologist Resume Preparation

When seeking a new job as medical technologist, you will need a good resume to present to prospective employers.

The sample job description presented above contains information relating to the duties and responsibilities of the medical technologist position, which can be applied in writing the work experience section of its resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Medical Technologist Position

To be considered for employment as medical technologist, you will be required by majority of employers to possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities, which have been found to be instrumental to achieving success on the job:

  • Possess information analytical skills to be able to analyze information contained in patients’ test results to determine the main cause of their condition
  • Strong documentation skills: You must have the ability to make use of computer programs to document work activities
  • Strong ability to operate medical technologies: You need to be able to operate advanced medical technologies which are used in the lab to fasten work processes and obtain more accurate results
  • Strong knowledge of chemistry: Having excellent knowledge of chemicals and their reactions is important in performing the tasks of the position competently