Medical Research Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Medical Research Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Medical Research Assistants perform various duties including collecting, compiling,
and analyzing scientific data relating to the treatment of specific medical condition.

Medical Research Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Medical Research Assistant Do?

A medical research assistant is a junior practitioner who collects, compiles, reports, and analyzes data of scientific studies by examining subjects related to treatment of specific medical condition.

The medical research assistant job description involves managing clinical researches by generating and reconciling inquiries for investigative processes.

The medical research assistant will also render clinical support for the execution of projects in accordance with standard operating procedures.

He/she will create, maintain, and update study and trial management documents.

As part of experimental measures, the research assistant will collect specimens like blood, stool, urine, and other body fluids for examination. He/she will be looking out for specific signs that are important to the research.

Their role in the medical field also includes conducting tests under special conditions and monitoring research participants closely.

It is the responsibility of the research assistant to ensure that ethical procedures are strictly followed in the course of executing clinical trials.

They are also required to pay attention to empirical knowledge to enhance originality of results and findings when performing clinical tests.

Other duties medical research assistants perform include offering consultancy services and attending to patients suffering from specific medical conditions they are specialized in, giving them counsel and guidance on how to overcome or manage such conditions effectively.

Medical Research Assistant Job Description Example

The job description of most individuals who work as research assistants in the medical field usually consists of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities highlighted in the following example:

  • Create research plan and budget, outlining places, areas, time, and expenses involved in carrying out a particular research, identifying challenges and suggesting ways to tackle them beforehand to avoid hindrances
  • Identify relevant potential participants, educate them on research procedures and possible dangers to get them psychologically ready for the project, and to enable them make informed decisions about their participation
  • Design tools and models for clinical trials, observing professional standards, and following step by step procedures without cutting corners, to obtain valid results
  • Interact with research team members, brainstorming on ideas on research procedures to ensure successful findings
  • Maintain research sites in line with regulatory binders, monitoring associate shadow binders
  • Ensure that research tools and materials are available even before the commencement of the research, to ensure smooth flow of operations
  • Guarantee the safety of team members and participants during procedures by taking effective safety measures and putting machinery in place to handle crises and emergencies that may arise
  • Supervise research activities and provide support to team members by sending them reminders of vital information, facilitating communications between members of the team to ensure uniformity in execution of procedures
  • Inform relevant authorities of need to carry out procedures in certain areas to avoid issues of trespassing; and obtain legal authorization for the procedure as backing in case of suits arising from research causalities
  • Evaluate research’s observation methods for efficiency and make recommendations for improvement to ensure reliability and generalization of results
  • Prepare documents for participants’ consent and authorization and ensure they are signed and delivered to the right channels for proper documentation. Also ensure that all research files are properly secured
  • Execute diagnostic aspects of medical treatment to ascertain the cause and effect of patients’ health condition as such findings are instrumental to effective treatment
  • Keep records of clinical researches in files and computer systems; take note of successful procedures; observe any side affect; and treat research programs with confidentiality
  • Comply with procedures for infection control in the clinic to avoid destroying research materials unknowingly
  • Enforce preventive maintenance techniques to preserve specimens and tools

Medical Research Assistant Resume Preparation:

To secure a job as medical research assistant you will need to present a resume to show your experience and capability for the position.
The sample job description given above provides the right information you can use, with some modification, to write the work experience section of the resume, which tells the employer that you have the relevant experience for the job.

Requirements – Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills – for the Job of Medical Research Assistant

Candidates vying for the post of research assistant in a medical setting need to develop the following skills, knowledge, and abilities to enhance their chances of getting hired as these are what most employers usually look out for when hiring:

  • A degree in a health related field and/or medical technician certification is necessary for qualification
  • High thinking capacity to brainstorm and identify most effective solutions to clinical issues
  • Good organizational skills to maintain orderliness in compiling research data for testing and presentation
  • Must be goal oriented to work tirelessly towards achieving research goals in the midst of challenges
  • Time management skills to produce research results within a given time frame, to enhance productivity