Medco Health Solutions Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Medco Health Solutions Hiring Process
You can gain employment at Medco Health Solutions by completing the company’s hiring process. Image source: nj.

Medco Health Solutions Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The hiring process at Medco Health Solutions involves various stages, including job application and interview where you will be expected to successfully answer certain questions to be hired.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at Medco Health Solutions, to help you learn about the company and how best to make your application for a job.

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Medco Health Solutions Company Overview

Medco is one of the household names in the pharmaceutical industry. It was founded as National Pharmacies in 1983.

In 2003, Medco Health Solutions, Inc., became an independent business organization but was later acquired by Express Scripts in the year 2012.

Medco is a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) company founded in America, which serves well over 65 million people before it was acquired by Express Scripts in 2012.

This company provides pharmaceutical services for private and public employers, health plans, labor unions, government agencies etc.

Medco Health Solutions has its headquarters situated at Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

It has about 24,000 employees in active service.

Medco Health Solutions Hiring Process

This section is where you will know the steps you need to take to get hired in Medco Health Solutions.

Here you learn about the application, interview and any other process deemed necessary by the company.

1. Medco Health Solutions Job Application

Before you can think of getting employed at Medco Health Solutions, the first thing to do is to submit your application online via the company’s website at

This application will be reviewed and the company will get back to you through the recruitment manager.

Don’t forget to attach the necessary credentials like your resume, CV, and your cover letter. They matter so much.

2. Medco Health Solutions Interview

This is the most important stage of the hiring process. It is a stage where the company gets to know you and ask you some questions pertaining to the job you applied for.

It will be ideal for you to prepare yourself for the interview by going through some questions and reviews by people who might have worked in Medco Health Solutions.

Medco Health Solutions Interview Questions

The questions given come in oral form, so demands your ability to answer questions as they come.

Here are examples of some questions you could face and what is expected of you.

  1. Tell us about yourself

How to answer
This could be a tricky question; however with the right understanding of the question, you shouldn’t struggle to answer it.

What the interviewer expects you to do is to tell them about your academic life and some of your achievements.

Also another thing you could say should be your strengths and how they could help you succeed if hired.

2. What goals have you set to achieve in the next five years?

How to answer

This is clearly a question that demands that you share your dreams and ambitions that are realizable within that speculated time.

Also, it could test your vision with the company in the long term.

3. Why should we employ you

This is the question you need to market your abilities. Your answer should be simple.

Tell the interviewer what you can help the company achieve through your skills if hired.

4. Tell us about the most difficult situation you have faced and how you were able to handle it?

How to answer

The interviewer is not necessarily interested in the whole story rather your problem solving skills and your ability to work independently.

These are the two basic skills the interviewer is looking out for in this question.

5. What is your greatest strength in your career so far?

How to answer

The interviewer is expecting you to tell them your strengths which could be beneficial to the company.

6. Tell me weaknesses

How to answer

While you tell the interviewer about your weaknesses, also ensure that you sound convincing in the steps you have taken to address those weaknesses.

7. How is your day at work like?

How to answer

The interviewer wants to know your likely behavior and mood when you come to the place of work.

Never give the interviewer a hint that you are likely to hit out at your coworkers simply because you don’t like how they behave or how they do their things in the workplace.

The above questions are some of the typical questions you may likely face during your interview with Medco Health Solutions.

You may find tougher or more technical questions but with adequate preparation, you have nothing to worry about.

Medco Health Solutions Careers and Jobs

So, here major jobs and careers available at Medco Health Solutions:

  • Warehouse Associate – for different shifts
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Associate Relations Specialist
  • Medication Coordinator
  • Quality Control Reviewer
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing publication Coordinator
  • Case Manager
  • Decision Support Consultant
  • Information Security Manager
  • Office Assistant

It is important to note that some of the vacancies above are shifts and types. Meaning that you need to find out the shifts and the types before you submit your application to the company’s website.

What to Expect Working with Medco Health Solutions

When working with Medco Health Solutions, there are basically three benefits to derive in the whole process: career benefits, healthcare benefits and financial benefits:

  • Career benefits: This is one benefit you can expect while working with Medco. These come in the following form: career planning, coaching and mentoring, development research etc.
  • Healthcare benefits: These come in the following ways: counseling, dental plan, health insurance, health plan incentives, maternity support program, TeleHealth, vision plan, etc.
  • Financial benefits: These come in the form of: 401(K) plan, bonus pay, commuter benefit, daycare flexible spending account, disability, paid time off, paid volunteer time off, and parental leave.

All these are the benefits you should expect if you get hired in this prestigious company.


Working with Medco Health Solutions goes beyond your pay. There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy when you work in this company.

That is why a lot of former staff of the company can attest to the fact that working in Medco Health solutions was quite an amazing experience.

You too can find employment at Medco Health Solutions by applying the information about the company’s hiring process provided on this page.