Marketing Communications Specialist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Marketing Communications Specialist Job Description
Marketing Communications Specialists are also responsible for creating content for company website and social media platforms.

This post provides detailed information on the marketing communications specialist job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the marketing communications specialist role.

What Does a Marketing Communications Specialist Do?

Marketing communications specialists are responsible for leading the development and implementation of a company’s marketing, social media, branding, and communication activities.

His/her job description involves creating all marketing materials and organizing all marketing events to expose company products and offerings to its target audience.

He/she is responsible for coming up with strategies for effective production and implementation of niche-based marketing efforts that enhances engagement and exposure, and that moves potential clients through the sales cycle.

His/her role also entails writing blog articles; curate articles for electronic and printed collateral such as flyers, case studies, and white paper.

Marketing and communications specialists also carry out execution of promotional and educational videos, organization of communications for industry-specific events and trade shows, and production of targeted email campaigns.

His/her work description also involves upholding company brand across various channels such as the social media and websites by working with the marketing communications team to create the relevant content.

He/she ensures the maintenance of brand integrity in collateral design, and applies effective marketing techniques and company brand standards in email campaigns.

He/she collaborates with team members in the marketing communications department in carrying out campaigns, communicating marketing trends and intelligence, and producing reports.

The marketing and communications specialist applies marketing automation tools in performing his/her duties effectively like in executing campaigns and reporting results.

He/she has the skills to produce search engine friendly content that apply relevant metadata, backlinks, and keywords.

He/she also has a good understanding of sales/CRM platforms, as well as the ability to use various social media platforms to promote and deliver company messages effectively to the public.

The marketing communications specialist job also involves managing projects from the beginning, including the approval stage, to completion, and working with various internal teams, including graphic designers.

He/she is responsible for creating strategies to promote company projects and ensuring that projects are completed within the fixed deadline.

Marketing Communications Specialist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Marketing communications specialists perform various functions in ensuring company brand and products are effectively promoted.

The marketing communications specialist job description commonly consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities in most organizations:

  • Assist in marketing plan preparation, including budget and short and long-term strategy
  • Create and maintain consistent corporate brand/image voice cross product lines, events, and promotional materials, and throughout company departments
  • Supervise operations of company’s email program and website on a daily basis, and also perform analytics reviews
  • Spot new marketing opportunities for company and carry out marketing initiatives
  • Responsible for planning of company promotional and advertising communications projects such as electronic, print, and special events to execute parts of the marketing plan
  • Work with relevant personnel on events/programs to have a firm understanding of their purpose
  • Create relevant reports on marketing programs, including post-event reports, regular status reports, and analysis
  • Supervise the design, production, and distribution of collateral and promotional materials to aid company’s sales and marketing programs
  • Ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of company’s marketing budget and application
  • Assist in hiring contractors, including copywriters, advertising and marketing agencies, and external consultants; and also serve as a liaison with contractors
  • Plan and supervise the production of training programs for both customers and for in-house use
  • Responsible for all company interactions on the social media, including responding to messages, creating messages, and uploading photos
  • Apply various social media tactics in creating brand awareness and generating inbound traffic that strengthens company’s social media presence
  • Apply various digital analytics and media tracking tools to generate reports on progress of work on the social media
  • Coordinate company’s involvement in the activities of community organizations
  • Create original, error free, clear, and concise copy for website content, promotional materials, blog entry, and newsletter that ensures compelling and effective communication
  • Put in place measures for recording success in marketing and communication efforts; gather result data and produce reports for the management team.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Marketing Communications Specialist Role

If you are seeking to work as a marketing communications specialist, here are typical requirements, including skills, abilities, and qualifications most employers are likely to demand from applicants:

  • Bachelor’s degree and four years experience working in related field
  • Excellent communications skills both written and verbal
  • Experience with various advertising campaigns, including B2B and B2C
  • Experience working with WordPress and other web content management tools
  • Good knowledge of SEO and Google Analytics tools
  • Expertise in the use of Constant Contact and other email marketing software
  • Ability to work effectively with MS Office package
  • Strong experience with social media marketing campaign
  • Excellent presentation skills.


If you are an employer, the sample marketing communications specialist job description provided in this post will assist you to make effective description for the role in your company if you are hiring for the position.

A detailed job description will help guide prospective candidates on what the marketing communications specialist role entails in your organization for them to know if they qualified for the position or not.

This post is also helpful to individuals interested in becoming a marketing and communications specialist, to learn about what the career entails, and to prepare for the expected duties and responsibilities of the role.