Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Manufacturing Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Manufacturing Maintenance Technicians perform regular maintenance work on equipment used in manufacturing process to ensure they work effectively.

Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

What Does A Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Do?

A manufacturing maintenance technician is someone who performs regular preventive maintenance on equipment used in manufacturing process to ensure the successful execution of production activities.

The manufacturing maintenance technician job description entails making use of equipment blueprints to diagnose manufacturing equipment problems and taking necessary actions to rectify them.

The manufacturing maintenance technician plays a key role in the production chain due to the fact that core production activities are performed with heavy equipment.

To keep a company’s manufacturing process running at all times, the maintenance technician must be available to ensure that the machines for production are in good condition.

Their duties also include carrying out general maintenance on machines, including cleaning, greasing, and servicing of the manufacturing equipment.

They are also responsible for ensuring factory workers and other users of tools used in manufacturing adhere to manufacturers’ guidelines on equipment. Such adherence is necessary to enable the tools to function to their maximum capacity.

The technician in charge of maintenance will also teach and instruct other workers on how to effectively operate machines in carrying out production tasks.

He/she will carry out regular inspection on equipment to determine their level of productivity, and when worn-out equipment, which slow down production, are detected, he/she will initiate a replacement, taking away bad parts and replacing them with new and strong ones.

He/she will implement installations with the best parts obtainable, paying attention to size and fitting to make equipment function better.

Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The job description example shown below represents the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities individuals who work as maintenance technicians in most manufacturing firms usually perform.

  • Carefully read manuals of equipment and interpret them to understand how to operate and maintain them properly
  • Inspect newly acquired equipment upon arrival, checking every part to be sure that they are working and meet up with industry standards before they are put to use in the factory
  • Read work orders to confirm the production task is within the capacity of the factory’s equipment in order to abide by manufacturers’ guidelines; make provision for alternate equipment to handle big production tasks to prevent wearing out
  • Strictly abide by safety regulations during manufacturing activities, keeping equipment in check to avoid mechanical hazards that could cause harm to operators and workers
  • Teach workers how to operate equipment to avoid pressing the wrong buttons that could trigger accidents, which could lead to casualties
  • Enroll for continuous training and education on technical maintenance practices so as to be updated with the latest maintenance techniques and be able to keep equipment in the best possible conditions
  • Supervise the purchase of new equipment, utilizing the knowledge of machine operation in choosing good quality machines for purchase; test machines to determine their durability; return low performing machines in exchange for better ones whenever necessary
  • Carry out routine servicing of equipment as part of measures to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions, which could thwart production activities
  • Keep record of maintenance activities to track the lifespan of equipment. When equipment breakdown continues too frequently after repeated fixing, it will need to be replaced
  • Troubleshoot equipment to determine specific malfunctioning issues and tackle them accordingly
  • Communicate with management or clients to inform them about equipment faults and best maintenance techniques to implement for maximum performance
  • Prioritize daily work orders according to their level of importance

Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Resume Preparation

If you are hunting for a job as a maintenance technician in a manufacturing company, you will be expected to present a resume from which the employer can assess your qualification and experience for the job.

The sample job description given above has relevant information about the functions of the position that you can use in preparing the work experience section of the resume, which convinces the employer that you have the right expertise for the job.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Job

The following are key skills, knowledge, and abilities which maintenance technicians are required to have to be effective on the position:

  • Knowledge of mechanical maintenance process
  • Critical thinking ability to troubleshoot and detect malfunctioning
  • Possess the discipline to execute tasks without procrastination
  • Good time management to work at a good pace, executing word orders and demands
  • Ability to handle basic tools
  • Knowledge of safety precaution
  • Good human relations to relate cordially with team members and workers

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