Logistics Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 16, 2023
Logistics Assistant Job Description
Logistics Assistants provide administrative support to logistics managers.

Logistics Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post covers the job description of a logistics assistant in great detail. It presents the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that define the logistics assistant work description in most organizations.

It also covers the major requirements recruiters for the logistics assistant position commonly ask applicants to meet to qualify for hiring.

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What Does a Logistics Assistant Do?

A logistics assistant is responsible for providing administrative support in a logistics unit or organization.

The tasks that they handle may include clerical, warehouse, and customer service, and housekeeping in their area of assignment.

The logistics assistant job description also entails providing administrative support to the logistics manager. Therefore, they will be responsible for arranging staff meetings and maintaining the logistics manager’s calendar and travel details.

It also involves compiling reports, assisting with creating presentations with co-workers, and organizing and maintaining records, as well as performing housekeeping duties.

In addition to assisting with office operations, the logistics assistant also provides support to the logistics manager in all aspects of warehouse operations.

They supervise incoming shipment to ensure that they are intact and accurate. They also review shipment documentation such as invoices and packing lists in preparation for outgoing shipment, and maintain inventory of shipping supplies.

The logistics assistant work description also involves working with vendors, coordinating returns of merchandise, and managing electronic shipping files.

It also includes managing inbound and outbound docks; ensuring items are properly scanned and accounted for in an organized manner.

Logistics assistants also supervise and partake in loading/unloading trucks when shipments are received or going out.

They are also responsible for working with drivers to ensure that they have the required training and licenses to operate their specific vehicles.

They also help to guarantee that all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations are adhered to and relate with all customers they contact in a professional and friendly manner.

To work as a logistics assistant, a minimum of a High School diploma combined with three to five years of administrative support experience in a professional office environment is required.

However, an Associate degree is often preferred for this position. It is also crucial that they have proficient skills with Microsoft Office suite and must be flexible and adaptable to constantly changing priorities.

Logistics Assistant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Logistics assistants perform various functions, which primarily involves providing administrative and warehouse support to the logistics manager and the team.

They handle job tasks such as shipping documentation and updates and any other logistics related clerical and administrative duties.

The core duties and responsibilities that majorly make up the logistics assistant job description in most organizations are listed below:

  • Responsible for monitoring material transported and delivered for timeliness and legality
  • Assist in loading/unloading, sorting, and stocking, and packaging merchandise and orders
  • Responsible for the review, verification, and reconciliation of shipping documents
  • Provide support in completing paperwork and documentation
  • Carry out clerical work, including typing, proofreading, and editing documents, correspondence, and reports for the logistics department or assigned
  • Support with developing and preparing complex databases, reports, and/or presentation material for the logistics unit
  • Responsible for preparing shipping documents such as Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, and Shipyard Material Receivers, etc., for ongoing shipments and projects
  • Responsible for entering data into spreadsheets from multiple sources, as well as verifying input and calculations
  • Provide support in the maintenance of electronic filing system for administrative documentation that guarantees swift retrieval of requested documents.

Logistics Assistant Job Description for Resume

When preparing a resume, the logistics assistant job description sample provided above can be applied in making the professional or work experience part of the resume.

If you have worked previously as a logistics assistant or are presently holding the job and want to write a resume for a new job, you will need to include the professional experience section to your resume.

This part of the resume shows the recruiter the duties and responsibilities you carried out successfully while working as a logistics assistant.

This helps you to convince the recruiter that you have the experience and competence to succeed as a logistics assistant in their organization.

You can use the logistics assistant duties and responsibilities provided in the sample work description above in writing your resume’s professional experience section and increase your chances of being selected for the job.

Logistics Assistant Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the logistics assistant position with a company, you will be expected to meet certain requirements to prove to the recruiter that you will be effective in performing the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the logistics assistant role in their organization.

Shown below are major requirements recruiters may want you to fulfill to be qualified to access the logistics assistant position:

  • Education: Logistics assistants are required to have at least a High School diploma or equivalent academic qualification plus additional specialized courses or Associates degree in related field. But employers often prefer to hire those with an Associate degree
  • Knowledge: Recruiters look out for individuals with practical knowledge of logistics and warehouse operations; customer service background is also valuable. It is also useful to have good understanding or experience of managing drivers and warehouse employees
  • Logistics assistants must have knowledge of DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations and requirements and familiarity with excel based analytical tools
  • Communication skills: Logistic assistants must be able to communicative effectively and maintain rapport with customers, managers, and colleagues. Their job also requires them to prepare shipping documents, so it is essential that they have good oral and written communication skills
  • Computer skills: They are also required to have advanced PC skills and working knowledge of software packages, especially in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Interpersonal skills: Their job also involves a measure of inter-departmental and external company interaction. So, it is crucial for logistics assistants to have solid interpersonal skills to interact effectively with the various parties they contact in the course of work
  • Multi-tasking skills: To be successful as a logistics assistant, you must be able to prioritize assignments to manage many diverse tasks simultaneously
  • Flexibility: Logistics assistants must be able to adapt to changing priorities, and also work overtime on nights and weekends on a semi-frequent basis.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager needing to hire for the logistics assistant position in your organization, you will need to inform prospective candidates of the kind of duties and responsibilities associated with the job, which they will be assigned if hired.

To do this, you will need to publish a detailed description of the available logistics assistant position in your company, which you can easily and conveniently write by adopting the sample job description presented above.

This post is equally helpful to individuals interested in the logistics assistant career to increase their knowledge of the duties typically associated with the role.

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