Kroger Front End Manager Job Description Example

Kroger Front End Manager job description duties and responsibilities

Kroger Front End Managers coordinate customer service team to ensure top-notch service delivery. Image source:

Kroger Front End Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Front End Manager Do?

Kroger front end managers are responsible for ensuring exceptional service to customers at the front desk of the outlet.

His/her job description entails overseeing how customers are treated from when they come into the store to leaving, as well as ensuring that customers have access to everything they need for a sweet shopping experience.

The front end manager’s role also involves keeping customers happy and ensuring that all customer service team members comply with Kroger’s standards on client satisfaction.

The manager is also to see to it that all complaints and queries from customers are resolved without any delay whatsoever. He/she needs to have full grasp and complete knowledge of operation at Kroger for him/her to serve this purpose right.

The front end manager’s duties also include providing training to new entrants to Kroger, managing, overseeing, and supervising all activities at the front desk.

He/she is also directly in charge of the Kroger front end associates who are supposed to report to him/her.

The front end manager must see to it that other members of staff on the customer service team comply with all procedures and policies obtainable at Kroger.

He/she should ensure everything in the company is done in line with laid down rules.

He/she is expected to bring up new ideas on how things are supposed to be done and to also maintain already attained success of the organization.

He/she should not just establish standards; he/she must also enforce such standards.

He/she equally has the task of assessing the condition of the store and also assessing the level and quality of customer service delivery at the store.

The Kroger front end manager must be very intelligent, since he/she will be required to model an acceptable standard of customer service delivery and to also communicate such standards to the front end associates to ensure improved customer service towards attaining profit goal of the outlet.

Additionally, the work description of a front end manager at Kroger also entails playing the role of the director when he/she is not available for any reason.

This means he/she must be well informed about the workings and operational procedures of the outlet and be able to assign duties and responsibilities to other staff in the most reliable manner.

The front end manager should also be a good communicator, who can relate with other members of staff in the most appropriate manner in order to motivate them and make them sit up to their assigned tasks.

Kroger Front End Manager Job Description Example

The front end desk is undoubtedly one of the most important areas in Kroger, and indeed many companies as it is the first contact a customer or visitor makes with the company.

Therefore, the impression a customer will get from the front end can either win them for the company or lose them, depending on how they are treated here.

The primary role of the front end manager at Kroger is therefore to ensure customer get the best of treatment from when they get into Kroger to when they complete their shopping.

To achieve this, the manager carries out various duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which have been listed in the job description example below:

  • Coordinate and supervise all retail sales workers at Kroger
  • Handle all requests of the customers
  • Provide required training for both old and new employees
  • Implement all the policies related to front end service provision
  • Assess how each member of staff at the front end is performing and report same to appropriate authority
  • Schedule shift for the employees.
  • Lead other members of staff at the front office
  • Participate in the sales of products to the customers when they step into Kroger
  • Participate in the commercial awareness programs of the company
  • Organize other members of staff at the front end and ensure they get assigned tasks done within stipulated time period
  • Oversee front end office operation
  • Assess book-keeping and accounting activities at the front end office
  • Provide top-notch customer service to both external and internal customers
  • Provide needed assistance to Kroger manager as assigned by the latter
  • Assist with overall store operation, including payroll and budgeting activities.

Kroger Front End Manager Resume Preparation

The work experience section is a key section you must have in a resume when preparing one for it to be effective to employers because it highlights the roles and responsibilities you have previously carried out when working on the same position you are vying for or one related to it.

This gives the employer an idea of your experience and competence to do the job on offer.

To complete your resume’s job experience section, you can apply the highlighted functions of the front end manager as shown in the sample job description above and you will be sure it will catch employers’ attention.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Kroger Front End Manager Role

To succeed as a front end manager at Kroger, the individual would need to have the following attributes, including skills, knowledge, and abilities, which have been acknowledged to boost efficiency on the job:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Management or related field
  • Previous managerial experience is added advantage
  • Must be 18 year old in the least
  • Possess top-notch knowledge of office clerkship, cash-handling and general mathematics
  • Possess sales orientation
  • Possess top-notch leadership quality
  • Ability to manage time
  • Ability to communicate perfectly, both in verbal and written forms
  • Possess excellent commercial awareness
  • Ability to organize
  • Ability to work and remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to multitask on various projects
  • Ability to work with a number of computer packages in MS Office, like MS Excel and MS Word.

Kroger Front End Manager Skills for Resume

The skills section of a resume for seeking the job of front end manager at Kroger can be enhanced by using the list of skills and other attributes given above.

The above stated qualities are what employers commonly expect that applicants for the front end manager job should possess to be effective on the role.

Therefore, by using them in your resume will surely make your skills section highly attractive to employers because it contains what they want to see.

Are you a front end manager at Kroger or at some other companies? We would be glad to hear of your job description and experience on the job. Please make your comment on the box below. We will also appreciate your comment if you’ve worked as a front end manager in the past and have left the position.