Kindergarten Teacher Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Kindergarten Teacher job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Kindergarten Teachers create enabling learning environment for their students.

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a kindergarten teacher, to increase your knowledge of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

What Does a Kindergarten Teacher Do?

Kindergarten teachers are responsible for advancing the academic and social development of pupils in the early stage of their elementary school participation.

The kindergarten teacher job description includes providing the materials and the enabling environment for the students to progress into responsible adults and eventually advance to higher education.

Kindergarten teachers tutor children in a classroom setting at a public or private elementary school at the kindergarten stage.

It is imperative for the teacher to train students in recognition of letters, numbers, phonics, as well as offer enlightenment on nature and general science.

Their role in the school also involves performing a combination of curriculum teaching and child care responsibility which at most times continue after the school hours.

He/she will offer direct instructions and then look after the pupils as they carry out individual or group projects.

In the process of giving instructions, a kindergarten teacher must closely observe the young pupils to ascertain their understanding of the subject matter and carry out repeated teaching where necessary.

It is an essential aspect of their duty to develop the pupils’ social skills by providing regular play time within the curriculum.

Although the teacher is expected to adhere to state or federal teaching standards, they are often required to develop programs involving their own curriculum.

This will necessitate discussing with school administrators, other teachers and staff as well as working beyond the school period.

Kindergarten students, often between the ages of five to six years old, will require regular supervision to ensure they are not involved in dangerous activities.

Apart from ensuring physical safety, the teacher must provide a friendly and welcoming environment where the young pupils will have a sense of emotional safety.

In this wise, he/she should be patient, and display sufficient attributes of kindness.

Kindergarten Teacher Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The sample job description below shows key duties, tasks, and responsibilities kindergarten teachers usually perform in the course of doing their work:

  • Engage in teaching basic skills in aspects such as letter recognition, shapes, color, number, personal hygiene, and social skills.
  • Organize students’ conduct in the classroom by making use of authorized disciplinary measures.
  • Assess and make necessary corrections on students’ work and supervise their learning progress.
  • Be observant and accountable for the safety of pupils during the school period. This may warrant assessing assignments outside school hours.
  • Liaise with parents of pupils and communicate with them more often than a quarterly progress report.
  • Order, select, utilize, and store inventory materials, classroom equipment and supplies.
  • Enable disabled students have access to supportive technology; assist them in using certain devices, and in making use of facilities such as restrooms.

Kindergarten Teacher Job Description for Resume

In writing a resume for the post of Kindergarten teacher, you will need information on the work activities of the role in creating sections like the employment history of the resume.

The job description example given above provides the information you need in making the section.

Kindergarten Teacher Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Applicants for the post of kindergarten teacher are usually expected to have the following qualities and qualification, including skills, knowledge, and abilities to be able to succeed on the job:

  • An approved certificate in Early Childhood Education (from birth to Grade 3) or Elementary K-8 Certificate with Early childhood validation.
  • Display of proficiency in related subjects and the use of resource materials for the subjects taught.
  • Sufficient instructional skills in securing a well organized classroom which encourages independent learning and choice among students.
  • Is not found engaging in discrimination based gender, origin, disability, race, socio-economic status and religion or political beliefs.
  • Sufficient knowledge and ability to apply suitable teaching procedures and systems.
  • Outstanding skills in setting up and sustaining efficient working relations with students, parents, colleagues, and other people having transactions with the school.