Jewelry Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 6, 2023
Jewelry Sales Associate Job Description
Jewelry Sales Associates must have deep knowledge of jewelry products to be able to guide customers in making the right purchasing decision.

This post provides detailed information on the jewelry sales associate job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the jewelry sales associate role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Jewelry Sales Associate Do?

A jewelry sales associate works both as an entertainer and as a salesperson in a jewelry shop.

The jewelry sales associate job description entails entertaining jewelry customers and ensuring that they have a wonderful experience while purchasing expensive pieces of jewelry.

Working under the supervision of a manager, the sales associate performs certain tasks, including presenting jewelry, making sales, and inspecting jewelry.

He/she greets and welcomes customers with a warm smile as they enter the jewelry shop, and inquire from them how he/she may assist them.

He/she makes sure to listen to customers’ comments to know exactly what their requirements are and to know the kind of available jewelry sets and pieces that will meet the specific needs of the customer.

He/she is expected to present to customers the jewelry piece that they are looking for and provide them relevant information about the jewelry, including stones, cuts, and setting types.

The jewelry sales associate work description also involves providing information about prices and available deals or discounts to customers to enable them save money on their purchases.

It also involves providing relevant information to customers to enable them make the best buying decision for jewelry pieces or sets, in addition to suggesting complimenting pieces and equally good alternatives.

The role of the sales associate at most jewelry shops also entails leading the customer through the buying process by assisting with wrapping, boxing, and bagging of the items they have purchased.

Jewelry sales associates also perform cashiering duties such as providing the cashier information relating to the weight of a piece or set of jewelry purchased by a customer (this usually involves silver and gold jewelry), and processing credit card and cash transactions.

He/she is also responsible for ensuring that all documentation concerning a piece or set of jewelry are included with the bagged item for delivery to the customer after being purchased, as well as educating customers about guarantees and warrantees of sold items.

To complete the sales process, the associate sends out thank you notes to customers to seek to gain and retain their loyalty, and also send them information about new product arrival regularly.

Sales associates at jewelry shops are also responsible for organizing product window displays regularly and ensuring the security of all displays.

They are also responsible for ensuring that at the close of work for the day, all jewelry products are securely locked up in the assigned storage areas.

To be successful in the jewelry sales career, the associate must possesses sales skills and a deep understanding of gemstones, to be able to effectively inform and suggest jewelry products to customers.

Depending on the employer, a jewelry sales associate is either paid based on commission or on salary.

Jewelry Sales Associate Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A jewelry sales associate performs different functions to ensure customers are happy with their purchases.

The job description example below shows major jewelry sales associate duties, tasks, obligations, and responsibilities commonly assigned to them by most store managers:

  • Greets and meets customers on arrival at the shop
  • Listens attentively to a customer’s needs and gives explicit explanation to satisfy such a customer
  • Presents the customer with the needed jewelry and provides information, such as pricing; and gives a discount if need be
  • Helps customers to wrap and bag their purchases
  • Provides pricing information to the cashier alongside the weight of the items purchased
  • Helps to facilitate payments after every purchase
  • Takes charge of all the inventories in the shop or kiosk by entering them into the computer system
  • Helps in the daily display of all items that are available for sale in the shop
  • Entertains customers and answers questions respectfully
  • Ensures regular increase in sales of jewelry products
  • Achieves goals set by the employer
  • Introduces sales promotion to customers so as to entice them to make purchases
  • Ensures that products are well arranged in orderly manner
  • Properly operates a cash register and maintains all financial transaction effectively and efficiently too
  • Strictly adheres to company policies
  • Helps customers to make the right decisions so they can make the right jewelry purchases
  • Explains warrantees and guarantees on each piece purchased by a customer
  • Ensures all documents relating to the purchase of any jewelry are also bagged with the goods purchased
  • Sends appreciation messages to customers and keeps them informed concerning latest arrivals
  • Ensures that all pieces of jewelry are returned to their secured places after the day’s business
  • Ensures the proper display of company signage in order for customers to easily locate the jewelry shop or kiosk.

Jewelry Sales Associate Requirements – Skills, Abilities and Knowledge to Succeed on the Job

To be hired for the position of jewelry sales associate, most employers will expect you to possess certain skills, abilities, experience, to prove that you will be able to deliver on the objectives, responsibilities, purpose, and obligations of the role in their company.

Shown below are typical jewelry sales associate requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the position at most jewelry retail stores:

  • Possession of a High School Diploma
  • Excellent 3 years experience in retail sales
  • Must have excellent knowledge of jewelry products
  • Must be able to dress professionally at all times
  • Possess excellent communication skills in both spoken and written forms
  • Must be able to stand for a long period of time during business hours
  • Must be able to take initiatives without being prodded
  • Must be very enterprising
  • Must have the ability to satisfy customers
  • Excellent computer skills, especially in Microsoft Word, will be key
  • Must be able to perform basic financial calculations
  • Excellent organizational skills will be required
  • Possess great interpersonal skills with the ability to work under intense pressure to achieve set goals
  • Exceptional sales skills will be an added advantage
  • Excellent customer service skills will be of great importance
  • Must be able to maintain a high level of decorum when handling customers
  • Excellent attention to detail will be a key requirement
  • Must have a persistent attitude to be able to convince hesitant customers to make purchases.


The content of this article, including the sample jewelry sales associate job description provided will be useful to employers, recruiters, or HR managers needing to fill the position of sales associate in their jewelry store.

They will be able to write a good description that perfectly captures the duties and responsibilities of the role in their company.

This will help them attract applications from only the best suited people for the job.

This post is equally helpful to job seekers and those interested in starting a career as a sales associate at a jewelry shop, to learn about the job and what it entails, as well as what most employers’ requirements for hiring are.