Internal Affairs Investigator Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Internal affairs investigator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Internal affairs investigators ensure complaints against police officers are investigated.

Internal Affairs Investigator Job Description Example

What Does an Internal Affairs Investigator Do?

Internal affairs investigators are responsible for detecting and addressing crimes or offense committed by police officers.

The internal affairs investigator job description entails conducting investigations to verify the authenticity of complaints as filed against the police by the public.

They work to ensure a trustworthy and compliant system that operates within set boundaries.

In performing their duties, internal affairs investigators establish communication channels through which they obtain information regarding the conduct of police officers.

They schedule interview sessions with complainants to obtain the facts of the issue as well as the identity of an offending officer.

They also question concerned officers to obtain their response to an accusation.

To establish the facts of a case, internal affairs investigators interview witnesses to elicit information or evidence useful in making logical deductions.

Usually, internal affairs investigators utilize recording devices to keep account of the testimonies or statements of witnesses and suspects.

They also administer polygraph tests to ensure accurate response during investigative probes.

As part of their work description, internal affairs investigators interpret the results of polygraph tests to produce reports of findings.

They visit the scene of a crime to obtain useful evidence such as hairs and blood samples that can provide leads in an investigation.

They also liaise with the forensic department to analyze and test recovered evidence.

In fulfilling their role, internal affairs investigators run background checks on suspects to obtain information regarding their personal and history.

They present reports and regular updates to superior officers on the progress of an investigation.

They also produce evidence and testify during court hearing.

Internal affairs investigators may take photographs of a crime scene to secure visual evidence useful in a crime investigation.

They evaluate financial records and documents to obtain information useful in assessing the involvement of a suspect in a crime.

They also work with the autopsy department to determine the cause of a victim’s death as well as obtain relevant evidence from the remains of the deceased.

They are also responsible for producing extensive reports to commanding officers on the results of an investigation.

The internal affairs investigator job requires a high school diploma or college education as well as experience in the law enforcement field.

To excel on the job, the major qualities you need to have include analytical, ethical, and communication skills.

Internal Affairs Investigator Job Description Example/Template

Are you looking for an example of internal affairs investigator job description that you can use in hiring the right candidate for the position? If so, then you can apply the one below.

Here is a work description that shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of an internal affairs investigator:

  • Interview complainants and suspects to obtain information regarding a case
  • Conduct investigations by interviewing witnesses, visiting crime scenes to obtain evidence, and analyzing obtained evidence and statements
  • Utilize electronic devices to obtain audio or video recording of a suspect or witness interview
  • Conduct polygraph tests to verify the accuracy of suspects’ responses during a probe
  • Oversee the interpretation and presentation of polygraph test results to senior officers
  • Visit crime scenes to obtain evidence such as bullet shells and footprints which can provide leads in an investigation
  • Liaise with forensic unit to analyze recovered evidence in order to obtain clues as to the nature and identity of the suspect
  • Evaluate relevant documents and financial records to determine the possible culprits and their degree of involvement
  • Produce evidence for legal proceedings and may testify during a court hearing
  • Travel to various locations to assist with the investigation of policy violation in an agency or public office
  • Collaborate with autopsy department to procure evidence from the remains of a victim
  • Ensure the preservation of all relevant evidence by storing them under appropriate conditions
  • Secure and serve search warrants in order to gain entrance into restricted areas
  • Proffer recommendations to commanding officers on best line of action to address violations of policies.

Internal Affairs Investigator Resume Preparation

Are you looking to prepare an internal affairs investigator resume? If so, then you will need information about the activities of the position to make the job experience part of the resume.

This can easily and conveniently be done by using the sample job description for the role.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities highlighted above aptly describe what internal affairs investigators do, which you would have carried out if you have worked in the position.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Internal Affairs Investigator Role

If you are looking to work as an internal affairs investigator, here are major requirements you will need to fulfill to be allowed to access the job by most hirers:

  • Education and Training: To become an internal affairs investigator, you require at least a high school diploma. A college education and prior experience in a law enforcement field on the other hand increases job prospects. Certifications from recognized internal affairs institutions are also essential for the job position
  • Analytical Skills: Internal affairs investigators are well versed in conducting research and analysis to obtain information useful in resolving cases
  • Ethical Quality: Internal affairs investigators maintain a high level of integrity and decency in carrying out job duties
  • Communication Skills: They are adept at interacting with complainants and offending officers to address a situation.

Internal Affairs Investigator Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a resume for the job of internal affairs investigator, you can apply the required qualities given above in creating the skills section of the resume.

The skills section shows employers that you have the capacity needed to be effective on the job.

So, go ahead to get the right skills for the job as provided above and highlight them in your resume; it will certainly give it the needed attention from employers.


The internal affairs investigator job description provides the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities you should expect to perform if hired for the role.

This will help you to prepare well for the career and to succeed in it if you are thinking of becoming an internal affairs investigator.

The sample job description also given in this post is useful to employers in creating a work description for hiring an effective internal affairs investigator and assigning tasks to them.

Did you learn more about what internal affairs investigators do from this post? Please, make your comment in the box below. And if you have some experience working as an internal affairs investigator, you can also share it.