Top 15 Sales Manager Skills to be best on the Job

Sales manager skills and qualities

The sales manager must have excellent skills at working with members of his/her sales team.

Top 15 Sales Manager Skills to be best on the Job

The job of a sales manager requires a great deal of skills and certain level of education to be best at it.

If you are currently working as a manager responsible for sales in your company or are aspiring to hold the position someday, this post shows you the skills and qualities to have to be good on the job.

You will become the envy of your colleagues and get commendations from your management when you are able to meet and exceed company goals for your department, which you require certain skills to achieve.

Before looking at the qualities you need to be a great sales manager, let’s look at what the job entails:

Who is a Sales Manager?

The sales manager is the link between an organization and its clients, offering advice, answering queries, and introducing new products.

Sales managers perform various duties such as selling a company’s products, recruiting sales representatives, setting sales targets, client feedback, monitoring achievements, and analyzing sales data.

They work in different environments, helping companies to reach their clients and to make sales.

15 Sales Manager Skills and Qualities to be Best on the Job

1. The Big Picture. Sales managers must sit back and make analysis of the big picture before making decisions. The decisions they make will affect the entire team either positively or negatively.

2. Management Skills. Managers must understand modern management techniques and skills, and be able to develop them. The management skills are very essential, and so sales managers need them in order to succeed in their job.

3. Business Acumen. Sales mangers have to understand complex business issues and help their sales reps with strategic view about business. The critical business thinking skills will help them to achieve their sales objectives, and they have to teach their sales people, as the business environment demands that both sales reps and managers have strong business skills.

4. Negotiation Skills. Managers responsible for sales have to possess some excellent persuasive and negotiation skills if they want to attain greater heights in their career, and these have to be displayed in both verbal and non verbal forms.

5. Listening Skills. Both sales managers and sales persons should know how to listen attentively to their team. This will make them become aware of any problems the team might encounter, and try to look for possible solution.

6. Monitoring. Sales managers should assess their performance and that of their colleagues or organizations in order to improve or take action necessary for corrections.

7. Leadership. Sales managers ought to endeavor to be great sales leaders for them to be able to create and share ideas with their team. Great sales leaders have the quality needed for helping their team adopt ideas and keep them focused on working towards achieving them.

8. Self Motivation. The manager has to be highly self motivated with a well developed sense of drive. They should be able to motivate others and create room for a move ahead. They need to possess a can-do attitude and be able to use it to make a headway.

9. Continuous Learning. Just like other professionals, such as doctors, attorneys, accountants, and lawyers, sales managers need to continue learning and acquiring more knowledge.

10. Change Awareness. Sales managers have to become aware of constant changes in the marketplace and prepare their sales team for the big challenge. The ugly side of business might show up in a firm anytime, but the manager should be the first to notice this change and he/she would then get the sales team ready.

11. Customer Service Skills. Sales managers need to be skillful in dealing with customers. The pattern they use in answering customers’ questions and condoning inquiries maters a lot because this could make or mar a relationship in business, depending on the level of skills of the manager.

12. Sales Recording. Sales and order information are to be recorded, and copies sent to the sales office. Most times, figures are entered into the computer system for future use.

13. Team Work. Both the sales manager and sales reps are to work together to achieve greater sales outcome. Some times, the sales person’s idea may be the best to be used to resolve an issue. Therefore, the manager should be able to work effectively with his/her team and encourage everyone to bring ideas to the table. The team needs collective efforts in order to survive the competition.

14. Innovation. Getting the best out of the sales team should always be the manager’s major concern. Sales managers have to individually handle some difficult situations without involving the team, and they need to constantly assess their team for better ways to sell.

15. Integrity. Managers in charge of sales should know that those under them will always act and perform the same way they do. Therefore, they have to be careful about what they say or do, as this can easily reflect on the rest of the team.

Sales Manager Skills for Resume

If you are making a sales manager resume, you can write a captivating core competence or skills section by applying the above skills and qualities if you have them.

by displaying the above skills and qualities in your resume, you will be able to convince the recruiter that you will be effective as a sales manager in their company.


If you are a sales manager or someone seeking to work as one in the future, you can work towards developing the skills presented in this post to be best on the job and succeed in your career.

Employers who are looking to hire a good sales manager will find this post also useful.

They can make the above qualities standard requirements that candidates for the sales manager position should possess to access the job.

Did you find this post helpful in becoming a great sales manager? Please leave a comment in the box below. You can also share additional sales manager skills you that you have found useful.