InfoCision Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
InfoCision Hiring Process
The InfoCision hiring process consists of an interview stage that helps to pick the best candidate for a position.

This post provides detailed information on the InfoCision hiring process, including the job application, interview, and other stages individuals will have to complete to be employed by InfoCision.

The InfoCision Hiring Process

The recruitment process at InfoCision consists of several phases, including:

InfoCision Job Application Process

Applicants who are interested in working in InfoCision must first apply on the company’s website to complete the online application.

There is no specific job code that you can click on or use to search for available jobs at InfoCision, however, there are a number of open positions listed.

Applicants without a career account may be given limited access to select job openings.

If you are eligible for full access, then you may browse all available positions and submit an application for each position of interest to you.

Once you apply, you will be asked to create a user name and password.

You are expected to use the same details on each computer or device with which you will be communicating.

If you forget your login information, it is possible to recover it. This can be done by creating a new account through the same login system.

Jobs at InfoCision

InfoCision employs between 1000 – 5000 personnel. The positions available at the company include Customer Service Agent, Data Entry Clerk, Systems Analyst, and Database Administrator.

InfoCision Interview Process

After all applications are submitted, candidates who are selected will be invited for an interview.

This is the step where recruiters are selecting the best fit of qualified candidates for the InfoCision company.

For those who are recruited at InfoCision, they will likely be sent to a training center or possibly a client site for on-the-job training prior to being put into regular employee status.

Phone Screening

A key part of InfoCision hiring process is Phone Screening.

InfoCision conducts phone screening to determine the capabilities of applicants during the interview process.

The Company follows the standard recruitment steps to conduct a Phone Screening.

Video Interview

Except for current openings and those available in the career portal, most InfoCision jobs are filled through referrals.

InfoCision also allows you to complete an online Video Interview if you would like to be considered for a position that is not listed on the company’s career page.

If a recruiter is interested in you, they will typically request that you schedule an interview directly with the client.

The video recorded interviewing takes place at InfoCision offices.

Tips for Passing InfoCision Interview

These are some useful tips for those who are looking forward to do interview at InfoCision:

  1. Know the company and its policies.
  2. Prepare for the interview by taking notes on the phone screening questions you are asked.
  3. Do not be nervous during an interview at InfoCision since the interviewer is trying to evaluate your communication skills, motivation, and communication techniques.
  4. Remember that you can refer to know-how in your resume which will help you be more competitive for your interviews.
  5. Practice your winning performance skills by using these to work in the InfoCision job market.
  6. You can have a winning interview in less than 15 minutes if you know what to do.

InfoCision Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some common interview questions and answers to help you prepare effectively for an interview at InfoCision:

  1. Why do you want to work at InfoCision?

I would like to work in InfoCision because I really enjoy helping the company achieve its goals to earn profit.

My skills and abilities are a good fit for this organization since I will be able to help you reach your objectives.

2. What have you learned from your previous job experiences?

I have learned many things from my previous job experiences.

First is that it is important to learn more about other people in order to get along with others smoothly and easily.

It also helps to be creative and learn new things.

Lastly, I have learned that it is essential to keep learning and developing skills in order to be a good employee.

3. What would you say if a customer asked you why they should buy an InfoCision product?

If a customer asked me this question, I would recommend them to refer the product to other people, so they can be able to sell it as well and earn money in the process.

I would also recommend them not to focus on the profit side, but on the benefits of using these products.

More Interview Questions and Answers

4. What are your strengths?

My strengths are my qualities such as dedication, patience, and persistence.

I really like to work hard and always try to do my best at all times.

5. What is your greatest achievement in school?

My greatest achievement in school is when I was able to get the highest grade.

Despite the fact that I had a lot of trouble in my studies, I always try to perfect my skills and always seek for knowledge to improve on things that are different from me.

How long does InfoCision Hiring Process Take?

The InfoCision recruiting process might take up to two weeks to complete.

Major InfoCision Careers and Jobs

Some of the major positions available at InfoCision include:

  • Customer Service Agent

Description: A customer service agent is responsible for taking inbound and outbound calls, sending e-mails, and answering questions via the internet.

  • Data Entry Clerk

Description: A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for entering and updating information such as customer information and tracking of sales, as well as entering data into the computer.

  • Systems Analyst

Description: Systems Analysts are responsible for analyzing computer systems, troubleshooting problems, as well as configuring automated systems.

  • Database Administrator

Description: A Database Administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining databases in an organization.

They will also be required to develop new databases to store data.

  • Technical Support Representative

Description: Technical Support Representatives are responsible for helping customers with technical support issues by assisting them in resolving problems.

What to Expect Working at InfoCision

InfoCision offers great benefits to its employees, including:

  • Full medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Comprehensive training program. InfoCision offers training for all candidate levels
  • Paid vacation, sick pay
  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO) Paid Holidays, bonus
  • Referral Bonus (50.00 per referral)
  • Matching 401 k (100% up to 6%, 50% for level 1, 2, and 3)
  • Employee of the Month (1st shift wins a $200 visa gift card plus a day at a spa).

What some Employees dislike about Working at InfoCision

Employees complain about InfoCision’s poor compensation for its hardest working employees.

They also feel that InfoCision could improve its hiring process and also complain about InfoCision’s lack of training opportunities.

Employees also feel that they should be able to make much more on the job.

InfoCision Company Profile

InfoCision Management Corporation, IMC,  is a call center operator. It is the second-largest teleservice corporation in the United States, with headquarters in Bath Township, Ohio, just outside of Akron.

It employs over 4,000 employees and runs 30 contact centers in 12 sites across Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

It specializes in fundraising for political, Christian, and charitable causes, as well as sales and customer service.

Gary Taylor created InfoCision in 1982 in his suburban Akron home. For the first three years, IMC served as a marketing consultant for its clients’ telefundraising efforts, while a separate contact center firm handled the phone calls.

InfoCision created its first call center in 1985. Since then, InfoCision has grown to become one of the world’s largest privately held call center firms.

The Company now raises more funds for charitable organizations than any other outbound teleservices provider.


InfoCision ‘s business model aims to make the best use of telemarketing and outbound call center resources.

Many of the Company’s clients are charities that benefit many causes.

The Company’s customer service agents help raise money for charitable organizations.

InfoCision has a varied client base that includes hospitals, universities, and banks to name a few.

If you are interested in working for the InfoCision Management Corporation, this post has provided detailed hiring process you will be expected to complete to gain employment with the Company.