How to Become a Waiter

By | September 2, 2023
how to become a waiter
Becoming a waiter/waitress doesn’t require a formal education. Image source:

To become a waiter or waitress does not need a formal education, and employers don’t usually require previous work experience from applicants.

It is an occupation anyone can get into provided they have good personal qualities and people skills, and can follow a short term on-the-job training program that lasts only a few weeks.

Most restaurants usually organize in-house training sessions for their newly hired waiters and waitresses. The trainings are right on the job experience, where the individual learns as he/she is working following instructions from a supervisor.

In some full-service restaurants, the training can also include some form of classroom sessions.

The purpose for the training program is to familiarize the new waiters and waitresses with the company’s philosophy, and bond them with other staff so they can work effectively together as a team.

It is also an avenue to teach the new staff standard techniques in serving in restaurants, which they have not been exposed to, as well as to teach them how to handle customers, especially the difficult ones.

For restaurants that serve alcohol, the training will include teaching the new waiters and waitresses the state and local laws regarding the sale and serving of alcoholic drinks.

The job of a waiter or waitress is quite ideal to people looking for part-time job, such as high school and college students, as well as those working several jobs together, and those looking for additional source of income to supplement their current income.

Requirements for Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and waitresses need to develop certain qualities, which are required to excel on the job. These include:

Listening and spoken skills. Waiters and waitresses should be able to listen attentively and take customers orders correctly and pass them to the kitchen staff who prepares the order according to the customer’s request.

The inability of the waiter or waitress to pass on customers’ requests correctly to the kitchen staff can result to customer’s dissatisfaction.

Customer service skills. Since their work brings them in direct contact with customers, waiters and waitresses need to be able to develop friendship with customers and relate with them cordially.

Adherence to details. Waiters and waitresses must be able to note the details regarding customers’ orders and requests so as to provide them the exact food or drinks they requested for.

Ability to relate with people. Waiters and waitresses must be able to relate well with people and work effectively in a team. They must also be able to relate with customers in a friendly manner, and help to resolve whatever complaint they might have.

Physical strength and stamina. Working as a waiter or waitress involves long periods of standing, movement, carrying heavy items, including trays, drinks, and dishes. There is therefore need for waiters and waitresses to be physical sound to without the rigors of the job.

Career Prospect for Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and waitresses have a good chance of advancing their career up to becoming managers. After working for a few years and gaining some experience, you can move to another firm where vacancy exists to take up greater responsibilities as manager.

Some restaurants have a formal training program to develop managers from their waiters, while others simply promote their waiters and waitresses after some years of working to higher positions, and eventually to managers.

If you are dedicated to the job, and always do your best to provide great service to your guests, you can be sure of reaching the top of the profession.

Featured Video: How to Be a Good Waiter and Make Better Tips

If you have decided to become a waiter or waitress, it is profitable to also decide to be the best waiter or waitress available. Think of how you can give your guests a wonderful experience and you will go home with lots of tips.

In the video below, Patrick, a professional waiter of two years experience discusses how to give your guests valuable service they would appreciate and naturally give you good tips.

One of the things you must do to win the confidence of your guests to to ensure you are well dressed to any event. You should present a good and attractive physical appearance because that’s what people want to associate with.

Also, your mindset should always be on how to give a wow experience to your guests.