How to become a Certified Bicycle Mechanic

By | August 26, 2023
How to become a certified bicycle mechanic
Interested in being a certified bicycle mechanic? You will need to develop certain skills through completing some training and certification courses.

How to become a Certified Bicycle Mechanic

To become a certified bicycle mechanic opens opportunities to access better jobs and advance in your career.

This post shows you how to become a bicycle mechanic, including the training and certification courses you need to complete.

But first let’s see…

Who is a bicycle mechanic?

Bicycle mechanics are experts who can repair bicycles for sale, or carry out similar bicycle tasks.

They can advise customers concerning bike purchases, repairs, servicing, and accessories.

Bicycle inspection, repair, servicing, road test, stock control, and component fabrication can be done by bicycle mechanics.

Educational Requirements and Career Pathway

There are no specific educational or entry requirements for bicycle mechanics, but they can possess at least a High School Diploma or GED.

High School Diploma is never compulsory in bicycle mechanic profession, but a pathway to achieving a dream.

Furthermore, taking a course in bicycle mechanic can be helpful for anyone who wishes to get into this career.

These classes are usually made available by continuing education done through education department.

They commonly teach brake-tire replacement and seat-handlebar positions.

Apprentices have better chances of learning hands-on skills bicycle mechanic on-the-job training. With time, they can start assembling bicycles without the instructor’s guide.

Training for Bicycle Mechanics

Training will help you achieve a lot in your bicycle mechanic career. There are many websites that teach courses on bicycle repairs.

Training will motivate you to handle serious bicycle tasks without fear. You can confidently control difficult cases in bicycle mechanic after you have undergone training.

The experience will be vast and effectual if given a serious and meaningful cogitation.

Places you can get training to become a bicycle mechanic include:

Bike New York

Bike New York offers a bike training class for people who are in the bicycle mechanic career.

The $65 registration fee covers all necessary tools the profession entails, including tire levers, patch kit, and multi-tools basically needed during the training sessions for fixing flats, adjusting brakes, cleaning, and lubing a chain and other minor adjustments.

The fee is also for a tax-deductible charitable donation to Recycle-A-Bicycle. The class lasts for four hours and there are only eight adults and children over the age of fourteen. Only one instructor teaches the class.

How to Obtain Certification as a Bicycle Mechanic

Certification is a way of displaying written evidence of one’s qualification. It helps to solidify claims and provide better job opportunities.

A certified bicycle mechanic has a better chance of getting a job than a non-certified one.

Some of the places you can get certification include:

United Bicycle Institute (UBI)

UBI has the best training in the bicycle industry, that’s the reason many graduates from UBI have more job opportunities than any other national mechanics school.

The UBI Certified Bicycle Technician program is made available through UBI’s Professional Repair and Shop Operation class and Advanced Mechanics Seminars.

UBI also offers a special certificate to successful graduates of UBI, collaborating with DT Swiss and DT Swiss Certified Advanced Wheel Building Seminar.

Registration Process:

For required registration fee which guarantees a position in class, submission might be through fax, mail, or electronic when you enroll in the UBI classes.

You can make payments with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover, when registering by fax or electronic. The cost is $950.00.

Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI)

Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI) was founded by John Barnett for offering classes in bicycle mechanics and bicycle parts for repair shops.

BBI specializes in wheel construction, suspension service, and wheel truing techniques, and it has a repair manual called Barnett’s Manual DX – the most comprehensive guide to bicycle repair and maintenance.

BBI 5-day-40-hour introductory course Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance is about $999.00

Discounts are offered if you are to combine programs.

  • BAM, BRO and SST combined – $150 tuition discount
  • BAM and BRO combined – $100 tuition discount
  • BRO and SST combined – $75 tuition discount

The BAM, BRO, and SST programs require Barnett’s Manual DX, and it is recommended to make a purchase before you can attend the class.

There will be provision of laptop computer for class use. There is an addition of Level 2 Exam.

Whistler Adventure School (WAS) Certification

It costs $250 to enroll in Whistler Adventure School (WAS) certification program. The advantage of being a WAS student is the employment opportunity given to WAS students when they graduate.

WAS has a private bicycle mechanic lab which includes wheel alignment, Park Tools Complete Kit, Shimano Certified, and different bikes provided.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of Bicycle Mechanics

Bicycle mechanics must know their duties and responsibilities as they advance into their chosen career. This will help them towards becoming good mechanics.

The job duties and responsibilities of bicycle mechanics include:

  • Assembling new bikes
  • Checking bicycles before they are sold
  • Answering phone calls
  • Attending to customers
  • Involvement in sales
  • Maintaining and keeping up to date bicycle parts and accessories.

Employment Opportunities for Bicycle Mechanics

Bicycle mechanics can find employment opportunities in cycling teams, bicycle manufacturing firms, and bike shops.

You can find numerous bicycle mechanic jobs on job sites for interested applicants, and Bike School website offers various bicycle mechanic jobs too.

The Average Income of Bicycle Mechanics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2012 bicycle mechanics made a mean wage of $12.25 per hour and $25,250 per year.

The states that employ the largest number of bicycle mechanics include New York, California, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Michigan mechanics are paid the lowest annual wage of $22,700, while Colorado bicycle mechanics make the highest average yearly wage of $29,700.


If you are interested in becoming a certified bicycle mechanic, you will need to complete certain training programs and certification courses. You will find the above guide useful in accomplishing your goal.

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