Home Depot Kitchen and Bath Designer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 17, 2023
Home Depot Kitchen and Bath Designer Job Description
The kitchen and bath designer at Home Depot work closely with customers to get their design preferences and other things they need. Image source: homedepot.

This post explains what the kitchen and bath designer do at the Home Depot; you will understand the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that usually make up their job description.

It also provides major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired as a kitchen and bath designer at the Home Depot or other like companies.

It also gives information on the salary of a kitchen and bath designer at the Home Depot so you know what to expect to earn if hired for the role.

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What does a Home Depot Kitchen and Bath Designer do?

The kitchen and bath designer at Home Depot builds rapport with customers by asking questions about design preferences and listening closely for any additional needs and wants.

They design kitchens and baths by creating layouts, selecting materials and finishes, and determining appliances placement and other details.

The Home Depot kitchen and bath designer maintains a neat appearance, keeping work area and storage areas organized and clean and keeping up with daily cleaning duties such as sweeping floors or taking out trash.

They assist customers in the selection of products, offering advice on styles, colors, sizes and other details.

The kitchen and bath designer at Home Depot enter orders for material and equipment deliveries.
They greet customers to maintain sales floor traffic flow.

They provide information about storage cabinets, closet organizers, and kitchen dining, tops cabinets, etc. according to the needs of customers.

Home Depot kitchen and bath designers make follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction with installation and product quality.

They provide input on store layout, suggesting areas for increased traffic flow or where new products could be located.

They maintain knowledge of current styles, colors, selection of materials and other design details that are available in Home Depot stores.

The kitchen and bath designer at Home Depot maintains a sense of urgency to resolve customer concerns, ensuring their satisfaction with products and services.

They optimize store productivity by checking inventory levels and replenishing stock to ensure that shelves are stocked for customers purchase needs.

They also prepare diagrams or written instructions for products, detailing assembly procedures or other pertinent information.

They maintain current knowledge of major kitchen design concepts, styles, color schemes and materials, as well as knowledge of major appliances (e.g. refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges/ovens) used in kitchen areas.

Home Depot kitchen and Bath Designer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Home Depot kitchen and bath designer job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Develop floor plans, create electrical layouts and make material selections for the kitchens and baths
  • Formulate detailed cost estimates for products and services.
  • Present finished design to customers
  • Recommend products and services to customers in-line with their budget
  • Work closely with the head office manager, store manager and teams to make sure they are happy with the result of the design
  • Organize project schedule according to customer’s need
  • Provide feedback on any possible improvements to home depot service or product line
  • Follow up on projects to check whether the customer is happy with everything
  • Review product information in line with the latest design trends available in home depot stores
  • Troubleshoot project issues with the help of internal departments and suppliers
  • Make sure that all kitchen or bathroom materials are costing within budgeted amounts
  • Create costing plans for upcoming projects, which will determine savings opportunities if possible
  • Provide information to customers regarding what will be saved on installation costs by using certain design suggestions
  • Use design software to create an image of the kitchen or bathroom
  • Prepare a list of items required from Home Depot in order to complete their project. They also put together a detailed project proposal for the customer
  • Use email to communicate plans, questions and designs with the customer
  • Use phone to communicate with Home Depot’s head office manager, stores’ managers, and stores’ assistant managers.

Home Depot Kitchen and Bath Designer Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are major requirements you will need to meet if you are seeking the kitchen and bath designer job with the Home Depot or other similar retailers:

  • Strong ability to carry out duties individually and to work effectively with other employees as a team
  • High school diploma
  • Associates Degree or higher preferred
  • At least 3 years of experience as a Home Depot design center associate, home services designer or equivalent combination of education and experience. An advanced degree is not required for many design jobs, but it may be necessary. In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree is needed to work as a designer.
  • Ability to apply design principles
  • Ability to organize and coordinate
  • Ability to recognize human needs
  • Preference given to those with CAD experience (AutoCAD, Sketch-Up)
  • Ability to effectively communicate with customers, co-workers and management staff
  • Ability to read drawings/plans
  • Experience with one or more of the following CAD software programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit. Rhino is a plus.

Home Depot Kitchen and Bath Designer Salary

The typical kitchen and bath designer salary is $18 per hour ($37,440 per annum) at Home Depot.

Salaries at the company can range from $13 to 30, with a mean annual wage of about $25350 – 59280 according to data collected by Glassdoor.


If you are looking to work as a kitchen and bath designer at the Home Depot or other similar retailers, this post will be helpful to you to learn what the job entails.

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