Health and Safety Coordinator Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 18, 2023
Health and Safety Coordinator Job Description
Health and Safety Coordinators ensure a safe workplace for both employees and employers.

This post presents detailed information on the health and safety coordinator job description, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to satisfy to be hired for the health and safety coordinator role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Health and Safety Coordinator Do?

A health and safety coordinator works with the top management team of an organization and is responsible for making sure that policies that protect the employer’s properties and keep employees safe are created or formulated.

The health and safety coordinator job description entails drawing up or formulating safety policies, making sure that such policies cover basic safety rules/regulations, accident investigation/evaluation and/or reporting procedures.

In the event of an accident taking place within a particular workplace, it is the duty of a health and safety coordinator to carry out an evaluation or investigation.

This is usually done in a bid to find out the cause(s) of the accident. Also, investigations that are carried out by health and safety coordinators are used to determine whether employees actually adhered to already established safety policies or not.

After investigations have been carried out by the safety coordinator, he/she drafts a report based on his/her findings.

He/she then works closely with the top management and supervisors to make sure that particular type of accident doesn’t happen again.

The health and safety coordinator plays a very important role in the implementation of safety plans and or policies. He/she also monitors and evaluates the outcome and effect of such policies.

When it comes to necessary safety training, the coordinator is usually in charge of organizing such training and also putting in place documents that show that employees have undergone such training (which is basically for the safety inspection and/or reference purposes).

The work description of a health and safety coordinator also entails carrying out inspections on a routine basis.

This is mainly done in a bid to identify workplace hazards (which include wet floors, blocked exits, etc) and to also embark on corrective and or preventive measures as the case may be.

In carrying out inspection exercises, he/she may do so alone or in the company of the organization’s managers and/or supervisors.

The health and safety coordinator makes sure that work-related injuries and/or accidents are well-documented and properly kept.

Health and Safety Coordinator Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Health and safety coordinators carry out a vast range of functions in a bid to ensure the safety of both employers and employees within a particular work environment.

The job description below serves as an example of the sort of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that health and safety coordinators carry out in most companies/organizations:

  • Intervenes in correcting unsafe work practices that may be going on in an organization
  • Monitors employees’ and employer’s adherence to safety policies and/or guidelines
  • Organizes accident investigation processes
  • Carry out development of safety policies for organizations
  • Keeps record of all safety-related issues within the organization and makes sure that corrective measures are taken
  • Organizes routine training on health and safety matters for the staff of the organization.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the role of Health and Safety Coordinator

When recruiting for the role of a health and safety coordinator, most employers commonly expect candidates to meet the following requirements, including qualities/attributes and qualification:

  • Possession of excellent communication skills
  • Must have good interpersonal skills to be able to get along with other workers within the organization
  • Good leadership qualities are necessary to succeed in this position
  • Must be able to prioritize and multi-task in the face of many responsibilities/duties
  • Must have basic knowledge of computer applications
  • Must possess a high level of problem-solving abilities at all times
  • Must be someone that pays keen attention to tiny details
  • Must have vast experience in policy drafting/formulation and administration of safety policies
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of general safety guidelines (like Occupational Safety and Health guidelines) is a must
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field
  • Must possess necessary certification as a safety officer or coordinator
  • A minimum of 3 years relevant work experience in a similar role.


Are you an employer needing to hire for the role of health and safety coordinator in your organization? If you are, then you can apply the sample job description and information in this post in making a suitable description for the position in your company.

Creating and publishing a good health and safety coordinator job description together with the job advert will help prospective applicants to assess themselves if they qualify for the job, and so will enable you to attract the best candidates for the job.

Again, information in this article will help individuals who are interested in the health and safety management career to learn all they need to about the duties and responsibilities of coordinators in the industry.

With this information, they will not only be able to make the best decision about the career, but also to prepare themselves adequately for the health and safety coordinator job.