Firefighter Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 23, 2023
Firefighter Job Description
Firefighters help rescue life and properties during flood, fire outbreaks, and other emergencies.

This post provides detailed information on the firefighter job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to perform to be hired for the firefighter role.

What Does a Firefighter Do?

Firefighters are emergency response experts who specialize in quelling fire outbreaks at accident scenes.

The firefighter job description involves helping to protect the public during emergency situations such as chemical spill, flooding, or inferno.

Firefighters in performing their duties, respond quickly to emergency callouts to rescue man and animal from life threatening situations.

They utilize a range of rescue and firefighting equipment such as aerial ladder, hose, and extinguisher for job operations.

They also maintain knowledge of first aid administration in order to assist accident victims in the absence of an ambulance.

Usually, firefighters operate fire trucks during emergency situations.
They play a vital role in finding and rescuing victims trapped in burning buildings or in other emergency conditions.

They also assist accident victims by calming them and ensuring they receive proper medical attention.

As part of their responsibilities, firefighters organize educational programs to provide the public with useful information on fire prevention methods.

They usually conduct drills to evaluate possible response to an emergency situation.

They also proffer recommendations to businesses on appropriate fire safety procedures as well as identifying fire hazard around work premises.

Firefighter work description also entails overseeing the maintenance and inspection of firefighting equipment.

It also involves testing fire hydrants and ensuring availability of emergency water supply.

The duties of firefighters also involve maintaining a level of fitness necessary to carry out the onerous task of firefighting, as well as producing written report of emergency incidents.

They usually undertake physical and technical training to update job skill and knowledge.

They also study a municipal area to familiarize with the streets and buildings so as to respond quickly in an emergency.

Firefighters in fulfilling their role ensure proper clean-up of an incident scene after fire extinguishing.

To work as a firefighter doesn’t require much formal education, with at least a high school diploma and proper training, you can secure a firefighting position.

The qualities you will need to succeed on this job include physical training, judgment, and safety management skills.

Firefighter Job Description Example/Template

The job of a firefighter is crucial to having a society well protected from fire and other emergency situations.

Here is an example of a firefighter job description, showing the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up their work activities:

  • Promote fire safety by organizing training sessions, talks, and seminars
  • Review and implement safety policies and procedures at residential and commercial properties
  • Provide company staff with demonstrations on how to effectively operate firefighting equipment
  • Conduct practice drills to acquaint company personnel with emergency response procedures
  • Ensure availability of water supply at emergency scene by testing fire hydrants to confirm they are operational
  • Respond to emergency callouts by driving to fire scenes, operating firefighting equipment to extinguish fire, and rescuing people
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions to complete preventive maintenance requirements to ensure equipment are in working order
  • Liaise with the police and ambulance service personnel to respond to emergency situations
  • Undertake physical training in order to maintain fitness level required for the job
  • Assess situations quickly to decide the best course of action
  • Produce written reports of emergency incidents
  • Participate in educational workshops, seminars, and programs to update job skill and knowledge
  • Ensure fire scenes are cleaned up after an inferno by removing burnt items and debris
  • Conduct inspection of fire scenes to identify the cause of an incident
  • Provide emergency medical services to fire casualties in the absence of an ambulance.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Firefighter Job

If you are looking to work as a firefighter, the following are major requirements you may need to meet to qualify for hiring by most employers:

  • Education and Training: To become a firefighter, you require at least a high school diploma. Having a degree in fire science on the other hand increases job prospects. You also require certification as an emergency medical technician
  • Physical Strength: Firefighters maintain a level of fitness necessary for lifting and handling firefighting equipment
  • Judgment: They are able to make sound decisions on best ways to tackle an emergency situation
  • Safety Management Skills: They are able to recommend appropriate safety procedures to prevent fire outbreak in an organization
  • Pre-employment tests: This position usually requires taking one or two tests before being hired. Find out about the assessment tests you may be asked to take for the firefighter position, and how to make top scores in them.


The sample firefighter job description provided in this post is useful to recruiters in designing a suitable work description for attracting and hiring the best candidates for the position.

This post also shows the duties and responsibilities you may be assigned if hired for the role.

This information is helpful to job seekers in learning about the functions of the position, and to prepare for success as a firefighter.