Entry Level Accounting Associate Job Description Sample

Entry Level Accounting Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Entry Level Accounting Associates help in maintaining accounting operations in most organizations.

Entry Level Accounting Associate Job Description Sample

The entry level accounting associate position is a good opportunity for a student undergoing a degree program, or a recent graduate to start off their accounting career.

The specific duties an accounting associate will perform at the entry level may vary and will depend on the nature of the organization they work for.

However, their job description usually entails being a vital part of the team that maintains the accounting operations for a department within the organization.

In some establishments, this accounting associate is accountable to the Financial Service Manager, and is responsible for providing financial analysis and administration, as well as oversight of the organization’s projects.

Other tasks they may perform also include checking and verifying records, preparing invoices and vouchers, filing, typing, posting ledgers and general journal entries, as well as balancing all records relating to accounts receivable and accounts payable.

This position offers a great opportunity to get a foot-hold in an organization that you are interested in building a career with.

It also provides the young accounting professional an opportunity for training and for getting the necessary hand-on experience from working with a team of experienced professionals.

To make the most of this position, the fresh graduate should keep a positive attitude, be a good team player, and be prepared to provide whatever assistance that may be required of them from all levels of managements in the organization.

Sample Job Description for the Post of Entry Level Accounting Associate

Below is a sample job description showing important activities holders of the entry level accounting associate position may be required to perform working in an academic setting.

  • Plan for projects, and carry out financial data analysis and forecasting
  • Observe financial activities of projects, and generate reports, monthly and periodically, of all expenditures
  • Evaluate transactions to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of projects
  • Assist the Financial Services Manager with accounting and administrative duties as may be requested
  • Responsible for providing ad hoc financial reporting and assistance with accounting functions
  • Deliver accounting requests, including early and extended requests, produce journals and perform financial transactions
  • Perform labor scheduling and modification
  • Initiate sub-award and adjustments, and ensure subcontractors comply with invoicing
  • Responsible for reviewing and assisting PIs in quarterly payments and yearly payroll certifications
  • Evaluate and pass financial transactions
  • Perform month end and close out assessment of contracts and grants
  • Advice staff on procedures, policies, and systems relating to University projects or sponsored projects, including cost, reimbursements, and procurement policies and procedures.

Making a resume for the entry level accounting associate job

The listed tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the above job description example can be utilized in writing certain sections of a resume for the position of entry level accounting associate, such as the job experience section.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Entry Level Accounting Associate Position

The following are usually key attributes, including skills and abilities that aspirants for the position of accounting associates at the entry level are normally expected to possess, which aid their effectiveness on the job.

  • Possession of AA/AS degree in fields such as Accounting, Business or Finance; one to three years experience with financial analysis and reporting, in addition to the educational background is also welcome
  • Possession of advanced knowledge of computers and application software, including Excel in creating financial reports
  • Knowledge of various office procedures, and the ability to operate office equipment
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills, in addition to sound organizational skills
  • Proficient in planning and organizing tasks, managing priorities, and utilizing available resources to completing tasks within the deadline
  • Possession of exceptional interpersonal skills needed to effectively interact with different groups of people, including students, academic staff, and faculty.

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