Dispatch Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 16, 2023
Dispatch Manager Job Description
Dispatch managers provide leadership to the team members to be effective in their roles.

This article focuses on the dispatch manager job description, to help you learn the kind of work they do.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly define the dispatch manager work description.

It also presents the major requirements to fulfill to be considered for hiring for a dispatch manager role, as well as the expected salary for the position.

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What Does a Dispatch Manager Do?

The dispatch manager job description entails managing the activities of all members of the dispatch team.

It involves hiring and training new employees, as well as managing and leading them to be effective in their roles.

Dispatch managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees are trained in work activities, as well as in basic customer service skills if applicable, before they can function on a daily basis within their specific department(s).

They train employees in a thorough manner on work related policy and procedures.

It is also the duties of a dispatch manager to take customer service calls both in person and via a telephone.

Furthermore, they are responsible for creating sales reports on daily sales goals and double-checking employees’ completed tasks before each shift begins.

A dispatch manager is responsible for making sure that all sales achieved during the day have been entered into the system.

Their tasks also include managing daily employee schedules with the customers, as well as ensuring that there are no conflicts so employees can focus on their jobs effectively.

More on Dispatch Manager Job Description

Dispatch managers are also responsible for filing receipts and sales tax reports to make sure customers are charged correctly for their purchases.

They interact with customers and make sure they are happy with their purchases.

Dispatch managers stay on the phone while employees in their department finish tasks and report to their shift supervisor.

They create customer service survey forms and use them to measure the satisfaction of each customer on a daily basis.

It is also their duty to ensure that customers are satisfied with their service provider and have a sense of loyalty to that specific outlet.

Dispatch managers’ duties also entail measuring the quality of customer service provided by their employees by compiling customer service surveys to ensure accurate information.

They are responsible for ensuring that daily goals are achieved during each shift and employees are not slacking off but working effectively.

Dispatch managers report to upper management on a weekly basis, discussing sales performance and employee progress.

In addition, they work with the upper management team to create a plan to meet activity targets both in store and in vault.

Dispatch Manager Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The dispatch manager job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership and guidance to the dispatch team
  • Monitor and report dispatch department performance statistics.
  • Provide oversight for carrier scheduling and routing software implementation, including managing any necessary updates to ensure compliance with contract requirements
  • Develop new programs as needed, such as shipment tracking solutions in coordination with accounting, analysis of system performance metrics, etc.
  • Evaluate systems vendors, equipment providers (common carrier phone line providers), or other suppliers to assess potential impact on service level agreements
  • Ensure that all dispatchers receive adequate training
  • Maintain optimum use of the department’s system equipment, including replacing or upgrading as appropriate
  • Establish, monitor, and implement procedures for evaluating performance of employees
  • Mediate problems and disputes between dispatch/route service personnel and customers as needed
  • Ensure that department personnel adhere to all company policies concerning ethics, legal compliance, safety, customer service and environmental protection standards.
  • Coordinate any necessary disciplinary action with the company’s human resources department
  • Ensure that the routing team has adequate hazard insurance to cover liability claims related to negligence or wrongful acts
  • Oversee the routing team to resolve problems that may arise and ensure proper operation of the equipment used to schedule automotive carriers
  • Ensure that all equipment is properly maintained and operational at all times, including workstation computers, printers, telephones and mobile communications devices
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management.

Dispatch Manager Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously in the role of a dispatch manager or are presently working in that position and are writing a resume or CV for a new job, then you can apply the above job description example in expressing your work experience in your resume.

You can show the duties and responsibilities you have carried out or are currently performing as a dispatch manager in your resume’s Professional Experience section by applying the content in the job description sample above.

This will tell the recruiter/employer that you have been successful working as a dispatch manager, which can greatly help to influence them to give you an interview, especially if the new job that you are seeking requires someone with some dispatch management work experience.

Dispatch Manager Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a dispatch manager, here are major requirements you may have to meet to be hired; these are the minimum job requirements needed to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of a dispatch manager:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in business, communications, or computer science
  • Must have superior written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with the public and coworkers
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Knowledge of computer technology is desirable; knowledge of Microsoft Excel is highly desired

Experience with:

  • dispatch-tracking software is desirable
  • transportation scheduling, routing and safety regulations
  • customer service and personnel procedures related to managing a team of employees

Ability to:

  • effectively lead a team of employees while providing oversight and guidance, as well as resolving problems that may occur
  • communicate effectively with customers, other levels of management, dispatchers and team members
  • perform outside plant installation, service and repair procedures
  • be cross-trained as a dispatcher
  • sit or stand for up to 8 hours a day during dispatch operations
  • work nights and weekends, including overtime and off-site work assignments, as necessary
  • frequently lift items of 50 to 75 pounds
  • climb inside vehicles and use ladders occasionally during repair procedures; may require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when using certain chemicals.

Dispatch Manager Salary

The average wage for a dispatch manager is $51177, according to Payscale.


The dispatch manager is more than just a job title; it is a position of responsibility, oversight, and organization.

It requires management skills and the ability to provide guidance through leadership.

A dispatch manager must be able to handle conflicts, enforce policies and procedures while also providing customer service, training and leadership skills.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in the dispatch manager career who want to learn what the role does.