Developmental Psychologist Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Developmental Psychologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Developmental Psychologists are concerned with the growing process in humans from childhood to adulthood.

Developmental Psychologist Job Description Example

What Does a Developmental Psychologist Do?

The roles of developmental psychologists revolve around the study of social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development in humans during different life stages.

The developmental psychologist job description entails analyzing the changes that occur in humans as they grow through childhood and into adulthood.

They examine how the body and brain develop through different life phases, as well as the physiological and psychological changes that occur in man.

They also provide solutions that mitigate human development problems.

As part of their duties, developmental psychologists carry out research on developmental issues specific to a certain age group to gain better understanding of how to apply knowledge of psychology in resolving such issues.

They carry out assessment on the acquisition of various qualities, such as language, problem-solving skills, motor skills, and morals.

They may work in an academic setting where they teach and mentor students as an instructor or counselor.

Development psychologists can perform in a consultative capacity proffering professional recommendations to medical doctors or other psychologists.

Their areas of focus usually encompass studies in social development, relationship with peers, aging and mind theories.

In performing their work description, they evaluate and treat patients suffering various kinds of developmental disorder.

They specialized in the subfield of development in aged people and may provide psychological services to elderly people in assisted living homes.

They employ their knowledge of cognitive development to address learning disabilities in children and even in the aged.

They are also responsible for treating abnormal teen social behaviors that hinder social maturity and development; behaviors such as bullying.

Developmental psychologists may work with child protection services to investigate child abuse/neglect cases.

They also educate parents and young mothers on the fundamentals of providing a proper home to foster child growth and development.

They may work in an academic field where they assess educational programs for young ones and suggest improvements where necessary.

As part of their tasks, developmental psychologists provide counseling associated with old age.

They also provide recommendation to businesses on the manufacture of age appropriate products.

Developmental psychologists typically require a doctoral degree in developmental psychology and a state license to practice.

Qualities necessary for a job as a developmental psychologist include empathy, research skills, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Developmental Psychologist Job Description Example

The various duties, tasks, and responsibilities normally carried out by developmental psychologists are shown in the job description example below:

  • Analyze the social, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes that occur throughout the lifespan of an individual
  • Proffer solutions and recommendations to various developmental issues in man
  • Provide tips for the management and treatment of developmental issues such as Down’s syndrome, social development disorder, aging challenges in the elderly, and learning disabilities in children
  • Conduct research on developmental issues specific to an age group to obtain information useful in resolving such disorder
  • Provide consultancy services to aged people to help them manage senile problems
  • Teach the principles of developmental psychology to psychology majors in colleges and universities
  • Carry out investigations on child/elderly persons abuse and neglect
  • Educate the family of an aged one on how to manage the problems associated with old age
  • Evaluate the educational programs of students to make improvements that promote social and emotional development
  • Provide expert advice to firms on goods/services that are appropriate and safe for a particular age group
  • Treat learning disabilities in children, such as social communication disorder and ADHD
  • Specialize in the treatment of memory loss issues in old people, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Educate young parents on pregnancy and childbirth; and provide suitable home for proper child development
  • Work with a speech-language pathologist to develop a special speech-language plan for a child with language learning impairments.

Developmental Psychologist Resume Preparation

When writing a developmental psychologist resume, the job experience section is an part to have in the document.

It can be created using the functions of a developmental psychologist contained in the sample job description shown above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Developmental Psychologist Role

Are you interested in working as a developmental psychologist? If you are, the following are the key requirements, including sills and qualities most employers would want you to satisfy:

  • Education and Training: Developmental psychologists need to complete an undergraduate degree study in psychology and then proceed for a Master’s degree study in psychology. They are also required to obtain a terminal degree i.e. a doctorate in developmental psychology (for those who wish to specialize in research) or a doctoral degree in developmental psychology (for those who intend to provide psychological service to clients). Developmental psychologists are also required to complete a year’s supervised internship and pass the state exams for professional practice in psychology in order to obtain license for practice
  • Empathic Skills: Developmental psychologists are able to address the emotional needs of patients as a result of their sensitivity towards individuals with developmental disability
  • Research Skills: They are able to carry out research and survey to come up with results that address various cognitive, emotional, and social developmental impairment
  • Patience: They exercise lots of patience during the treatment process of a patient
  • Problem-solving skills: As one of their key qualities, developmental psychologists are able to draw conclusions from a research/observation and provide solutions to a psychological disorder.

Development Psychologist Skills for Resume

Another important part of a resume is the skills and qualities section where you highlight your competence for the job.

To easily make a compelling skills section for your resume, the above developmental psychologist qualities provides relevant information to use.


The developmental psychologist job description provided above helps you to gain in-depth knowledge of the position, and this is especially important to you if you are looking to start a career as a developmental psychologist.

Employers needing to recruit new developmental psychologists will also find the given job description and qualities useful in finding the best person for the job.

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