Industrial Psychologist Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Industrial Psychologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Industrial Psychologists resolve workplace problems, thereby ensuring conducive work environment for company staff.

Industrial Psychologist Job Description Example

What Does an Industrial Psychologist Do?

Industrial psychologists basically study the behavior exhibited by employees and employers when carrying out their management, sales and administrative duties in a work environment, and how such behavior affects productivity.

The industrial psychologist job description entails applying principles of psychology to resolve problems that may arise in a workplace, thus producing a conducive and efficient industrial environment.

They also collaborate with a company’s management to reorganize work conditions in order to improve employee performance.

Industrial psychologists in performing their tasks carry out analysis of manufacturing firms to determine their effectiveness and functionality.

They develop improved interview techniques, psychological tests and quality assessments useful in determining the interests and abilities of a potential employee.

They carry out a survey of product acceptance by consumers applying results of their findings in guiding the production decisions of a firm.

Industrial psychologists are responsible for carrying out research to identify reasons for lack of morale, poor output, and job dissatisfaction.

They design and implement employer development programs to improve the management and leadership of an industrial establishment in order to stimulate work efficiency and increase productivity.

Their role also involves educating a firm’s management on the effect of having a high employee turnover and steps they can take to retain their employees longer.

In fulfilling their work description, industrial psychologists participate in the resolution of disputes and mediation activities between parties.

They give presentations to clients on the results of a research finding and can also serve as expert witnesses in a court trial to provide legal testimony for or against a defendant.

As part of their duties, they carry out reviews on psychology literature to remain relevant and up-to-date with psychological trends.

They conduct employee assessments to provide results useful in the promotion or selection of a choice candidate.

They also produce technical and scientific reports that relate results of a research.

Industrial psychologists identify development and training requirements in an industry and designs strategy for training.

They proffer advice to workers on job-related issues and tips on how to manage possible work conflict.

Industrial psychologist job requires a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Statistics, or Research Design.

Working as an industrial psychologist requires various skills, among which include good people skills, research skills, exceptional communication skills, and in-depth problem-solving skills.

Industrial Psychologist Job Description Example

The following job description example highlights the various tasks, duties, and responsibilities industrial psychologists usually carry out:

  • Apply psychology principles in resolving workplace issues such as job dissatisfaction and low productivity
  • Analyze the effectiveness and functionality of a firm using statistical methods
  • Develop standards for the administration of selection and promotion assessments
  • Carry out survey of consumer reception to a new product or product design
  • Conduct research on a work environment to identify behavioral and psychological factors that contribute to poor productivity and efficiency
  • Design and implement employer-development programs to improve management and leadership of an industry
  • Participate in mediation activities, as well as resolution of disputes
  • Serve as expert witnesses in a court trial to provide legal testimony
  • Carry out reviews of psychology literature to stay up-to-date with developments in psychology
  • Perform employee assessments to help determine who is most qualified for a task or job promotion
  • Produce technical and scientific reports on the findings of a research on industry structure and processes
  • Develop and implement training programs to educate workers on the basics of group interaction, work motivation, and respect for individual differences
  • Design new techniques for assessment of applicants to evaluate abilities, skills, and interests
  • Proffer advice to clients on appropriate industrial practices, business, and operational strategy
  • Optimize the quality of work life to produce an efficient and conducive corporate environment.

Industrial Psychologist Resume Preparation

In writing a resume for the job of industrial psychologist, important information to add to it is your work experience.

You can source this information by using the sample industrial psychologist job description provided above, which lists the common functions of the position.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Industrial Psychologist Role

The following are vital industrial psychologist requirements, including skills and qualities you will be expected to satisfy by most employers if you are vying for the job:

  • Education and Training: Industrial psychologists require an undergraduate degree study in preferably psychology. They are also expected to obtain a Master’s degree in Industrial-organization Psychology, Research Design, or Statistics to secure the job position
  • People Skills: Industrial psychologists relate with individuals of different behavioral and emotional disposition and thus require a lot of people skills to obtain information regarding reasons behind low morale and productivity at a workplace
  • Research Skills: Industrial psychologists are well-versed in carrying out surveys and research to identify factors that contribute to poor workplace efficiency
  • Communication Skills: Industrial psychologists are articulate professionals effective in speech and in writing
  • Problem-solving Skills: They are able to analyze a firm’s functionality to proffer solutions on ways to improve quality of work life.

Industrial Psychologist Skills for Resume

In making an industrial psychologist resume, another kind of information to include is your skills and qualities that can allow you to perform optimally on the job.

The above industrial psychologist qualities can serve as a source of information in preparing the skills section of your resume, which assures hirers of your ability to excel as a psychologist in the workplace.


The industrial psychologist job description shows the typical duties and responsibilities individuals who hold the position normally perform.

This information is useful to people aspiring to start a career in that aspect of psychology, as well as to employers needing the right information to recruit the best person for the position.